Random Water

I love this water…..so does Wee One. He and I can easily drink  3 bottles each a day. No one else around here likes it so it is safe in the fridge whenever we get a thirst.

Grrr I hate having to sign into everything online with a password. Of course I have a different password for each of the 10-20 sites I use daily. I always click the little remember me box but I am never remembered.

 I am not suprised that more and more Oklahomans choosing to carry concealed weapons . 

I have a concealed weapons permit. When I go for road trips I am safely armed. I do not go strutting around with my colt .44 slung low on my hips, but I do have a sweet little .38 that is tucked away in a safe spot. Not a big gun but big enough to do the job if need be. 

My friend E.T. is going next weekend to concealed weapons classes to get her permit. She is all excited and has called me 2X today to chat about it. She has not called me that much in the last 4 months.

Tomorrow I am up early to go ride fences. The high is going to be a frosty 34 degrees. The rest of the week is cold with snow-ack!

I have my warm clothes set out and ready for the morning. I also have my saddle loaded. I only have 1 horse to ride now, the 2nd horse has been taken by someone to ride today somewhere else. The horses belong to the landowner or his son. I know neither very well. The landowner is best friend D.’s brother’s father-in-law. 

I’ll work the 3 yo on a line for a bit to get a feel for him and work off his extra energy before I start out. I have no idea what this gelding looks like or rides like. I think I am getting too old for this………nah maybe not.

If the green gelding does not know how to stand still while mounting/dismounting, I bet he does when I call it a day.

That is one of my pet peeves regarding horses; a horse that dances around while the rider is mounting.

I had origonally thought that it would be an all day job, at least 6 hours but the more I think about it I may be able to get the fences rode and marked in half that time. It just depends on how many times I have to mount and dismount marking the fence.

Speaking of which, I just dont get it. Why do the people leasing the land only want the bad fencing marked and not fixed? Normally, the fence would be repaired immediately when it is rode or driven or walked.

I figure their cattle are extra special so they do not trust their stocks lives in any other hands but theirs.


they are Mormons.

I’ll be around to visit y’all later.




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16 responses to “Random Water

  1. rebecca

    I’m number 1…it’s about damn time!

    The FRUIT 2 0 water, i LIVE on!!! I but it by the case at Sam’s. You MUST try the peach flavor! It is definately the best! Strawberry, rasberry and cherry are good too. I must drink 4 of them a day…One on the way to work…another during the day…one at lunch and one for dinner if i am at home. I can sometimes find a 6 pack of the peach at Walmart alone…2.50 …I pay 9 bucks for a 12 pack assorted at Sams.

    Ok so can you tell I really am a fan????

    You are a wild woman, mounting and dismounting.

    GOD let us both get through Tuesday without hurting others or ourselves……

  2. I don’t ride unless it’s above 40 degrees. Looks like it’ll be awhile before I ride, which makes me rather depressed.

    Blue stands perfectly still while I climb on my upside-down five-gallon bucket and mount. He’s a tall horse and I have bad knees. It’s necessary.

  3. I love the fruity water! I live on it all summer. Given what you’ve said about guns, though, I don’t think I’ll try to steal any of yours. 😉

    Dismounting in the cold can be tricky. I once rode in a lesson when it was about -20C out. We were in an arena but all that did was stop the wind, and those metal English stirrups do your feet no favours. When I dismounted, I couldn’t feel my feet. I landed on them and somehow managed to sort of pogo up in the air and land flat on my back. Thank God for seen-it-all schoolies; the horse just looked at me like “You dumbass.” LOL!

  4. I like that fruity water too. take care:)

  5. The water is something I better try if you and rebecca are such fans.

    Enjoy the ride = p

  6. wish I knew more about horses. I enjoy hearing what you have to say — the jargon.

    My uncle had shetland ponys when I was young.
    One bit me, so he named it Pamela — I was quite upset.

  7. Braden loves that water too. Me not so much I like plain water better so does Brittney. But anyway I can get water down Braden is a good thing!

  8. Aniin BG,

    Hope you enjoyed the riding today and were warm enough and the horses behaved themselves.

    Love you.

  9. Hope you don’t freeze your tatas off, it’d be a shame since you already froze your ass off over the weekend! 😀

    I’ll have to try that water.

  10. Brrr!!! Too cold for outsoor activity for me! ACK!!

    Glad you’re looking forward to it though. Fresh air and a horse should cure those house jitters! LOL

    Have a great day! See ya later, my friend! D 🙂

  11. Rebecca

    Just wondering where you are today???? Riding?

  12. kt

    the fruity water is yummy! ever try mineral water? i’m addicted.

  13. I love peach flavored water

  14. That is silly to just mark the fence Be careful.

  15. I thought I commented earlier. But, I’m losing my mind so maybe not. Hell, I don’t know!!

    Either way, bundle up, stay warm, hug the handy hubby, drink the fruity water, mark the fence and don’t let the green gelding get you.

    WHEW! I think I got it all. 🙂

  16. You know, my daddy has had a concealed weapons permit for years, I really need to get mine, it’s not a bad thing to have. It’s gonna get really cold down here, too, bundle up tomorrow! :0)

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