Oklahoma Or Not?

I told Scooter it is not polite to stick his tongue out at others. But, he was annoyed with me, he smelled a strange horse on my coveralls.

The sorrel I rode on Tuesday was about as Spooky as chickens when the fox visits the hen house. This gelding jumped and started at so many imaginary ghosts, I nicknamed him “The Ghost Whisperer.” (TGW)

It did not help that it was about 33 degrees all day. I was like an icecube by the end of the day..no my fat *ss probably resembled an ice berg instead of a tiny ice cube now that I think about it.

It took all of my patience to not get frustrated. TGW most likely had not been ridden much out of a round pen, so he knows nothing about being ridden on the trail. I kept repeating that mantra to myself. Also, he had on brand new shoes and seemed a bit awkward at first.

We eventually fell into a good rhythm and about halfway finished with our fence markings, TGW started to get tired and that helped with his jumpiness.

Honestly, he is a good little horse, he just needs experienced. He has a soft mouth and listened to most of my leg cues. Not at all cranky acting. I had anticipated a bit of broncy behavior from him but TGW showed none of that, not once gave me the inkling he might buck.

The first time I took out the tape to mark the fence where it needed the wire tightened so a calf or small sized steer wouldnt slip through, TGW jumped backwards, snorting and wide eyed. I allowed him to check it out(we went thru this with the little notebook and pen I wrote down the fence markings on-I was afraid the tape might blow off or get removed somehow, so I covered my *ss by writing them down). TGW was not too impressed with any of it after a couple of loud sniffs but seemed to accept that the tape and strange stuff was going to be with us along for the day.

Suprisingly, TGW did not do much dancing around when I mounted and dismounted. By the time the day was over, he accepted me mounting from both sides without so much as a taking a step.

All in all it was a good day. Something about riding out in the wide open prairie made me feel like the only human on this planet. It was refreshing and calming (despite my spooky horse and the bone numbing cold).

It is not supposed to snow all winter in Oklahoma. I think I have woken up in the wrong state. I am going to check my address again.

Tuesday evening, I told my 13 yo to stack the rest of wood on the wood pile at the back yard fence because we do not need it up here close to the house. He only did 1/2 of it. He left to go check a gas compressor with hubby about dark. I asked son #1 this morning why he did not finish stacking the wood out back and he informed me his father told him he did not have to because he was going to have another fire in the fireplace again soon. Oh no he is NOT .




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19 responses to “Oklahoma Or Not?

  1. Aniin BG.

    I love the last line. LOL Err, who wears the tight jeans in this family? 😉

    Speaking of weather, it’s supposed to be 76 degrees today, and then rain and thunderstorms overnight. The next week is going to be cold again though.

    Still feeling like crap, my cough has gotten worse every day this week.

    How many miles did you ride yesterday? And just why did they want the fences marked and not fixed?

    Love you.

    P.S. Dewy wanted to say hi, and she has a poem today that you might like.

  2. BG!

    Hello, my friend! Sounds like a great ride, despite the weather. Glad TGW worked out as well as he did for you.

    Ha! Overruled! NOT! Doesn’t son#1 know that MOM has the final say-so??? Ah, youth! LOL

    Stay warm! Talk with you soon! D 🙂

  3. Rebecca

    I loved the scooter pic! Sorry about the bad breathe~
    It sounds like TGW worked out for you. He seems to respond pretty well to you. I hope you have thawed out by now. It’s rainy and cold here….a good day to stay in bed with a warm sensual man…ok “I can DREAM” or as Feb is Black History Months should I say “I HAVE A DREAM” ?

    Stop by today I need feedback. Thanks for that yesterday!!!

  4. brian-I hope you feel better, cold and snowy here 😦

    FF-yes, the ignorance of youth, I miss it.

    rebecca-Scooter does NOT have bad breath!

  5. My daughter loved the pic she thought it was funny. We have a fire going but it is easy because we have the gas logs, I loved the idea of wood burning fire place but where we live and with allergies it wasnt and I hear they are a mess to clean so I will stick with the gas logs I guess.

  6. LOL never smelled a horse with bad breath!
    Sounds like the horse will turn out to be a good one!
    Stay warm today.

  7. we haven’t had snow… but it’s been staying cold with freezing rain. Freezing rain is a pain.

    every night we have a fireplace fire. love it.

    your day on the horse sounds so peaceful — even if he was a little antsy…

  8. Aren’t you glad we are not at Bl***** anymore? What a joke!

    We are sorry, but we cannot seem to get our heads out of our asses. Please send money.

  9. Awesome pic BarnGoddess
    Poking the tongue out at me
    or lapping up the fresh snow
    whichever, happy face it seems to be
    that pokes its tongue right out at me

  10. I think this is the longest I’ve gone without a horseback ride for a couple of years. It’s just too darned cold! Plus, Blue slips and slides around on ice and snow.

  11. I enjoyed your post. I especially like the pic with the tongue and the drop of water forming on the end. Wish I could get out to ride (although mine sound about as broke as yours), I’m having withdrawals, severe withdrawals.

  12. Haa,I love the tongue pic!
    I’m glad you had a good time out,even though your buns froze. Why is it always the buns that freeze like that?? I should knit some Alpaca undies;p

  13. kelli-gas logs are THE only way to go! Id have a fire every cold day if Ihad gas logs 🙂

    celeste-me either, nothing about horses smell

    pamela- YOU are married to a fireman, I am married to a pyromaniac


    quasar9-yes, I think my old horse is happy

    donna-better safe than sorry in the snow! have you ever tried rubber boots on your horse?

    mikael-oh no, Ive had the DT’s from not riding, not pleasant at all….I hope you get to ride SOON

    lael-freezing my buns was good, but since I have enough insulation there (fat) why does it get cold?

  14. You make me want a horse so bad I may just have to saddle up Scout.

    bad joke.

    But I do want a horse.

  15. What a great post! It was nice catching up and snow in OK? WEIRD! We have a lot up here today and it is -4* right now…a bit nippy!

    Hugs to you!

  16. My comment just disappeared! Ugh! Oh, well, I was commenting that snow is OK is WEIRD! It is -4* here and very nippy.

    It is nice to get caught up with all your doings. You are busy as ever!


  17. I’m glad TGW worked out, even though you were freezing your ass off! You’re a braver woman than me to be riding in that cold weather!

  18. Hey BG,
    Love the pic 🙂
    We are playing catch up with the snow. Sounds like Kathleen Marie lives down the road from me with *4 degree weather. Highs maybe of 0-5 next 4 or 5 days.
    My sister down home had her fireplace converted so she uses gas logs now…just doesn’t sound like it would produce as much heat as wood, tho.
    Stay warm, dry and safe !

  19. I love the frozen little whiskers. It doesn’t snow in Oklahoma, so where are you? Another fire? Do I hear an alarm? Do I smell smoke. Nope, you’re home and it does snow in Oklahoma.

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