In The Company Of Geniuses

Saturday, Son #1 and I left early in the morning for his Math Club competitions that were held out of town. We had a great time.

Our School ranked 4th but did not get a trophy. I was proud of our students. They competed against some big schools and did excellent.

Son #1 was disappointed in his personal rank amongst the 7th and 8th graders at the competition. There were around 50 or so students at the competition. Son #1 scored in the top 20. Not bad at all in my opinion, especially since there were 8th graders and he is in the 7th grade. I have promised I would not give out his exact rank. Son #1 said he will tell the people he wants to know his exact score. (like its top secret or something).

The mathematical problems they worked on were hard. I was amazed watching these 13 and 14 year olds whip out the correct answers like it was nothing but simple arithmetic to them. 

I was in the company of some truly gifted students on Saturday. To give you an idea of who is behind the MathCounts Program, here are 4 of the Sponsors (there are a lot more):

The National Society of Professional Engineers, 3M Foundation, General Motors Foundation, The National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

More cockleburrs. Why? why? why?

The neighbor has a beautiful new brown and white faced calf this morning. I took this picture before it was born though.

My early Saturday morning moon picture did not quite turn out like I wanted it. I took some good pictures last Friday when I went for a walk in the cold but gorgeous sunny afternoon. I never imagined it was the last walk Elvis and I would take together. Maybe I’ll post them later in the week.




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15 responses to “In The Company Of Geniuses

  1. Aniin BG.


    How are you doing today? How is Wee One?

    Son #1 is very smart, I hope he continues to grow and challenge himself in productive ways.

    Love you my friend.

  2. Rebecca

    Again, I am so sorry about Elvis.

    I always hated math. How I managed to get through Calculus, Accounting (3 of them), statistics amazes me. I say bravo for the mathmaticians out there.

    I am miserable. I called sub finder which is supposed to find us a substitute ..I called at 5 am. I tossed and turned in between chills and fever…I think I lost 5 pounds with my sweating…but I couldn’t get comfy, hot or cold. My head hurts, I’m deaf, I throat is killing me. I am at school long enough to get who ever shows up to prepared for the kids to be busy.

    I managed to get an appt with the PA, my doc was booked. I had 102 fever last night. I feel like SHIT.

  3. BG… I can never look at a full moon without humming a few bars of ” Somewhere out there beneath the pale moonlight……” and feel an amazing sense of unity with the world. Beneath that beautiful moon, stand each one of us.
    I get shivers.
    I do not have the left brained thinking to do anything but basic math. I was able to get thru university entrance math by memory only. The minute I got my credit, I didn’t remember a thing.
    Sounds like you got a well rounded boy, active physically and mentally.
    Rebecca, I just got over the flu, so I feel your pain.
    I parked myself in bed for two days, hope you can go home and do the same.

  4. I’m right brained too, I admire anyone with math skills since I lack them. Congrats to #1 son for doing so well.

    My internet has been down this morning. I was just fixing to call the provider when I saw the light on the modem come on.

  5. You’d think since I can write with both hands, I’d be an artsy genius who could do complicated math problems. NOT. Algebra gives me a headache – the headache started in 5th grade and I still HAVE it.

    I am sorry to hear about Elvis. I hope you can get an E2 and make new memories.

  6. Math is not my thing……I wish it was….it’s great that your son is good at it and strives to be better. I think being in the top 20 is Amazing! Beautiful pics as always! Hugs and Love!

  7. I am so sorry to hear about elvis……I know how much you loved him.

  8. brian-he loves math

    rebecca-I hope you feel better

    hope-I wondered where you’d been

    jenny-my internets been slow today

    rachel-I hate math too


  9. Sounds like he did really well! Math, ugh, I’ve got the basics down, and that’s it! I have a great respect and admiration for anyone who’s able to excel in it!

    Love the pics– as always, can’t wait to see the brand new baby moo!

  10. Congratulations to your son—Math has never been something I excelled in and those who do I consider to be special.

    I am very sorry to hear about your little baby and I call him your baby because our animals are part of our families and when something happens we are devastated.

    Sending you special thoughts and love.

  11. Congratulations to # 1 son. I have an allergy to math…matter of fact, I think I just got hives spelling it.
    How are you and family, BG ?
    I am so very sorry about Elvis.

  12. christy-Ill never understand why math has to be so hard

    vickie-thnx, he is special

    magz-you and I both suffer the same allergy. we’ll be okay. thnx

  13. Congratulations to your son! How exciting, and intimidating, to be around such kids.

    Very sorry about your loss of Elvis. My hugs to you all.

  14. I got the giggles when you said the neighbors had a new beautiful calf… but you took the picture before it got there…

    wow wow wow – for the smart kid (s)

    and still sad for your loss, too

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