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I tried to get an action shot of Scooter last week but he was not going for it. He follows me around like an overgrown dog wherever I go. I just feel it is wrong for me to be swinging a whip at him to run for a silly picture. His 28th birthday is just around the corner. Maybe Ill bake him a carrot cake.


On Friday afternoon, I went outside despite the 21 degree temperature. The sun was out.

I walked around Scooter’s pasture and then went out the North Gate and down the county road a bit which led me to my driveway.  At the edge of some trees across the road, Elvis found this deer skull. I pounced on it before Elvis hiked his leg on it. I brought it back to the barn. 

Elvis had so much fun on our last walk. He scared up a rabbit, chased a squirrel, ran off all of his energy he had stored up from having to stay indoors because of the cold/snowy weather.

 Anyhow, I hope you enjoyed my cold weather photos from last week. Yesterday, it was over 70 degrees and sunny in Oklahoma. A beautiful day.

Today it is back to the cold and freezing temperatures….oh well, it is still winter isint it?



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17 responses to “Insert Attention Grabbing Title Here

  1. We got into the 50s yesterday; it was like a gift, in spite of the mud. That last picture is breathtaking!

  2. We’ve had a few days of beautiful weather here but the weatherman says the jig is up, more cold is coming.

  3. Rebecca

    YOU really have an eye for photography. 28, I wish I were turning 28…right now I feel like I am turning 58. I spelt only to be awakened by Whisper attempting to scare off a neighbor hood kitty at my doorstep. They could see each other through the glass and made sure I cknew about it. Hence, I am now up.

    How are the boys?

  4. Our weather has been forever changing this year but one thing—if you don’t like just wait because it will not be staying around—I guess in many ways that can be a blessing.

    Thank you for sharing such beautiful pictures with us.

  5. another round of pictures that seize my breath

  6. Yes, it’s still winter, but the pictures!!! The beautiful pictures you astound us with every day is something to look forward to, let me tell you.

  7. hey love the pic’s ,and the one of the Eagle is great I love seeing them like that they are so free ,and pure .

  8. SailorMoon

    Is 28 old for horses or a normal “old”age? He has been around a while!! And yes, you do have an eye & knack for taking great pics. I’ve decided I’m too ignorant to try to use my daughters xmas present digital anymore! Took it w/me when I took the boys to see WWE Raw last Monday, hoping to get some good pics of John Cena – naaahhh! I just don’t quite get it. Guessing I should read the manual, you think? Had excellent seats too. Oh well, I have the memories! It was 70 here yesterday & today too & into the 50s again tomorrow. Before long we’ll be back into that wretched 108 nonstop heat again.

  9. I love that last picture! Stay warm 🙂

  10. Hello friend!


    Your photos are magnificent! You have a wonderful eye. The eagle is super.

    Scooter? 28?? My, he is an old guy! Doesn’t look it, though.

    Glad your walk with Elvis was memorable.

    Yea, it’s still winter. Yuck. Can’t wait for spring.

    Brian wants to take a week’s vacation somewhere this spring and another week this fall. The way he’s feeling right now, it ain’t happening! Poor love is so sick still. He sends his love.

    Hope all is peaceful at the reservation tonight. D 🙂

  11. donna-if mud were money Id be rich

    jenny-nice while it lasted huh?

    rebecca-do your cats go outside?

    vickie-your welcome

    pamela-get your handsome fireman hubby to give your CPR 😉

    paval-your too nice to me

    hope-they are special

    sailormoon-yes, 28 is OLD for a horse but they can live 10 years more if taken care of properly

    rude1-wow! stranger amongst us

    FF-Im ready for spring as well!

  12. Love the photos, they are so, so pretty! I know I’m showing my city raising here, but how long do horsies live? Scooter sure is “purdy”!!

  13. Quasar9

    Insert awesome pics above – lol!
    Awesome post BanGoddess
    could have gone untitled, but let me see …
    how about

    Golden Eagle
    “Behold its domain, as far as the eye can see”

    Four legged Scooter
    “28 years young and still going strong”

    Snow Mirrored in Sky
    “from white & blue to red & yellow light”

  14. Ooh I especially love that last one.
    I feel I could slip right into that sky..

  15. rachel-horses can live to their late 30’s if taken well care of 🙂

    quasar9-your titles are MUCH better than mine

    lael-pretty isint it?

  16. Slow on commenting here.
    The pictures are great. So glad that Scooter can live out his life happy and with you.

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