Snarling Reviews

 Vices, I have more than a few. One of my biggest is reading. I am a read-a-holic. I have suspicions that some of my blogging buddies are as well.



When The Lovely Bones: by Alice Sebold  first came out in paperback, I remember scanning over the back cover that gave a small snapshot explanation of the book. At that moment in time, it did not interest me to buy the book.

Fellow blogger Pamela stated in a comment a while ago that she was reading this book. So when I happened upon the book again, I bought it.

It is an excellent book. I read it in less than a day and a half, staying up late into the early morning hours turning pages and reading.

“On her way home from school on a snowy December day in 1973, 14-year-old Susie Salmon (“like the fish”) is lured into a makeshift underground den in a cornfield and brutally raped and murdered, the latest victim of a serial killer–the man she knew as her neighbor, Mr. Harvey. Alice Sebold’s haunting and heartbreaking debut novel, The Lovely Bones, unfolds from heaven, where “life is a perpetual yesterday” and where Susie narrates and keeps watch over her grieving family and friends, as well as her brazen killer and the sad detective working on her case. The Lovely Bones works as an odd yet affecting coming-of-age story. Susie struggles to accept her death while still clinging to the lost world of the living, following her family’s dramas over the years like an episode of My So-Called Afterlife.”

It isint a suspenseful page turning Greg Isles or John Sandord novel, but in its own unique way indeed a page turner. I highly recommend this book. Thanks Pamela!!


Broken Prey by John Sanford is the 16th book in the Prey series.

Sanford is one of my favorite authors and has been on the favorite list since I first read Winter Prey years ago.

His writing isn’t for the faint hearted. If you like a psychological thriller/murder/ crime/mystery, then I recommend this book. Broken Prey is another classic Sanford read, just as addictive and just as thrilling and bone chilling.

“The first body is of a young woman, found on a Minneapolis riverbank, her throat cut, her body scourged and put on display. Whoever did this, Lucas knows, is pushed by brain chemistry, there is something wrong with him. This isn’t a bad love affair.

The second body is found a week later, in a farmhouse six miles south. Same condition, same display – except this time it is a man. Nothing to link the two murders, nothing to indicate that the killings end here.

“This guy…” Lucas said. He took a deep breath, let it out as a sigh. “This guy is gonna bust our chops.”

And soon he is going to do far, far worse than that.”

If this is your kind of reading, I recommend it with high reviews. A page turner until the last word is read. This novel caused me 2 midnight reading sessions but I enjoyed the sleep loss!



This picture would accurately describe me the last day or so.

 I have been in a cranky state of mind, it is causing me to snarl and lay my ears back in warning to others in the near physical vicinity of my person.(except Wee One of course, he is stuck with me by no choice of his own).


I think the first opportunity I get, I am putting in my Def Leppard Hysteria CD cranking the volume to LOUD and then dance like a crazy woman thru my house……..

Nothing like some 80’s Hair Metal from the good old days to make me feel better.

I hope no one sees me acting like a nut and calls the cops.


I need a break.




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15 responses to “Snarling Reviews

  1. Rebecca

    Oh how I know what a hair glam band can do for your ‘bang your body ” moments around the house. I need to feel like that again. Having the energy or pent up frustration to want to hear Joe Elliot “Pour some sugar on me” (I always wanted him to in the last 80’s and early 90’s. ) I tried and tried to meet that man, he was NEVER available. *sigh*
    I saw on a VH1 classic show that the guitar player from RATT has HIV. I was shocked. I can’t say surprised, but a bit in awe. Guess, I figured all those fella invincible~ know what I mean?

    I’m with Rach, I am feeling a bit of the winter blues. For me, being in the house for a few days had helped me catch up on sleep, but I would have rathered snuggled up with Joe Elliot.

  2. I’m gonna have to get Lovely Bones– that sounds like a great book. I’m a HUGE John Sanford fan. The first Sanford book I read was Chosen Prey, and I was hooked. I’m more of a writer than a reader, but I must say, that I really enjoyed that book.

  3. I think you and I like the same type of thrillers. Jonathon Kellerman is one of my favs, along with those you mentioned.
    I’m feeling a little rough these days, too much winter… I’m feeling boxed in.

  4. I only recently discovered John Sandford. Love the man! I’m going to wait until “The Lovely Bones” goes to paperback before I buy it. One thing about it, there are lots of John Sandford books to read; I’ve only read one!

  5. I liked Lovely Bones too, Alice Sebold’s other book, Lucky, is pretty good also. I don’t know that I’ve ever read any of John Sandford’s books, I’ll have to check him out.

  6. rebecca-hair metal just has that ability to ‘rock’ me back into the days when life was simple. I was single, I lived to ride, I partied myself silly, and then I went to work.

    christy-isint Chosen Prey the computer freak with a penchant for blondes? all the Prey novels are excellent

    hope-Alex Cross never fails to impress. Im ready for spring…

    donna-The Lovely Bones is in paperback now 🙂 thats why I bought it. Sanford is a good writer, I enjoy his books. The Kidd novels he wrote are also clever books.

    jenny-there are 16 books in the Prey series, Ive read them all out of order but they are great crime novels. I think you’d like them since your a fan of Isles. I think Ill look for Sebolds ‘Lucky’ to read next…

  7. I’ve picked up Lovely Bones a few times at the book store too, but always put it back because it didn’t really grab me. On your recommendation, I may have to check it out.

  8. SailorMoon

    I wish I could find time to read a book. Haven’t read one in years, but I used to read non-stop until I graduated from HS. My 15 yo daughter reads constantly, but doesn’t share my love of crime/murder stories. We have to go to used book stores because she can’t get into the school library as often as she needs. Maybe if I were to cut down on my crime message board reading, I might have time for a real book! there “books” online? LOL! Maybe books on tape would be more for me, as much running as I do.

    I need a break from early morning practices.Basketball is over, thought I’d get a break from the 6:30am practices at the Jr. High, OH NO…it gets worse, track practice begins at 6am every morning! Oh me. Soon will be soccer for both boys. Maybe I’ll bring a book with me and get to read while they practice. I’ll start with the 2 you mentioned.

  9. heather-they need to change the back of that cover!

    SailorMoon-you sound busy. Id go nuts without books, well…crazier than I normally am.

  10. Aniin BG,

    Off to see the doctor soon. Wish me luck.

  11. BG, check your spam folder; I think my comment from last night went in there because it had a link.

  12. I am so frigging cranky today, I may go buy one of these books, curl up in bed and tell everyone to go to hell. Except for you, BG, because you suggested cool things.

  13. brian-good luck

    defrostindoors-Im off to check


  14. You go, girl! Maybe TT cam dance with you?

    I am headed off to bed, drugs kicking in. D 🙂

  15. would the cops come because you were so … uh.. arresting ??? (:

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