The Long Road

I took these photos driving into town Wednesday to pick up Son #1 from school. 

Each one taken from the safety and comfort of the drivers seat of my automobile.

Well, Im still here.

 I was not carted off by Mental Health professionals yesterday.

Spring needs to get here, in a hurry.





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13 responses to “The Long Road

  1. Rebecca

    Yippie! I’m first~ Isn’t it amazing how we can have the small things seem to be so much??? Or from another point of view…OH WHAT A LIFE I HAVE!

    Loved the pics, I always do.
    I’m still taking meds…hoping Brian gets some relief soon. He’s been sick way to long. It sucks.

    Yeah! It’s Friday!!!! I am glad you are not locked up, tied down and staring at 4 white walls. See life has some promise.

  2. Aniin BG,

    Hope spring comes soon for you. Beautiful pictures.

    No fever today, just had my blood drawn, won’t know anything until midweek.

  3. rebecca-have a good friday 🙂


    bri-thnx, the pics were not much effort from the drivers seat.

  4. I’m so sick of winter!!!! That one hill looks like it might be an Indian mound.

  5. donna-it is! you are right on. sorry about starting at debate over at your place but that person…..geesh! I KNOW you know what I mean 😉

  6. Well, you can’t have the white padded walled room just yet, I am still using it. I’d share but I’m the youngest in my family and I just don’t like to share:) But, I will be courteous and let you know when I get out!

    Those pics are pretty. It is miserably cold here today. I am going to the Y next week and start working out. Time I got busy and did some things for me?

  7. I am loving how dry and brown it looks there.
    I can’t wait for those days again.
    Only 40 more days til Spring!

  8. Funny, when I posted my winter picture the other day as I was driving, I thought, are you nuts, it’s blizzarding and you are snapping away while driving. That would have been great to have to call my husband and say, I’m in the ditch, but I was taking a picture for my blog, so I have a good reason.
    I also await spring.I was looking for a spring countdown when i found my new toys.
    I came across a toy you might like for your blog, a horsemood meter…. you can get it by clicking on my new toys and looking for it.

  9. rachel-Im the youngest too, so I can understand where your coming from.

    lael-I love Oklahoma, where you hail from tho, has got to be one of the most beautiful places on Earth

    hope-ha, Ive perfected the art of driving while taking pics. Yours looked very COLD and snowy when I saw them. Horsemood meter, guess I better check it out.

  10. TGIF!! you got that damn right!

    Great pictures. 🙂

  11. I do this too.. but often at 70 mph down the freeway. They don’t turn out as well

  12. I love the pictures. So ready for spring here too.

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