Heaven’s On Fire

Tonite is Son #1’s formal Valentine’s Day Dance. I must say, he looks mighty handsome in his tux. Ill be sure to take pictures. Upon his approval, maybe I’ll post one.


I’m hoping to get in a short ride today. Scooter and I havent been on the trail much and his hooves are itching to cover some ground.


Since I really do not have much to say, y’all have a super weekend.



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9 responses to “Heaven’s On Fire

  1. One thing a person can say about the plains states is we have magnificent sunrises and sunsets! Love the picture. Have a great weekend too!

  2. jenny-yep, it may be wild, barren, and tough as nails in the plains but our sunsets rival even the ocean and great lake coasts.

  3. It’s a lovely, sunny day here. Still cold, but they say 40 later. I hope!

  4. Lu

    Wow!!! Gorgeous picture, as usual!!

  5. donna-there promising high 30’s here, I hope we reach there


  6. Q9

    Awesome! Beautiful! Majestic
    Warm Light Glows … colours bright

  7. A tux?
    oh my.
    My son has not yet matured enough to understand why he would put on something other than jeans or pj pants, and purposely go where there are girls.

    Beautiful pic.

  8. how I love that photo… let me count the ways

    Thats one for painting – BUT, I don’t think I could capture the sun’s reflection

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