Heaven’s On Fire II

Heaven. Is there such a thing? Does it truly exist?

I have Lost Faith in many things. Heaven being one of them.

After living for nearly 38 years. I think Heaven is a nice ‘thought‘.

I teach my two sons that there is a Heaven and  God.

Does this make me a hypocrite?




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6 responses to “Heaven’s On Fire II

  1. Love the photos, they are so pretty. Hope you’ve had a good weekend. It has been so cold in Alabama, it isn’t even funny!! Spring time (echo echo echo) where are you (echo)?

  2. rachel-its cold in Oklahoma too, but its supposed to warm up tomorrow w/ severe t-storms then freezing rain after that.

  3. I went back to your linked post, and it seems to me that you have lost faith in the church.
    Being an aboriginal woman, the Catholiic church was one that your ancestors were assimilated to.
    I’d encourage you to pick up some of those resources you’ve quoted (beautiful native poems and prayers) and spent some time with them.
    Native spirituality is one of belief in God, the creator, honouring Mother Earth.And I see so much of this in your posts.

  4. Beautiful picture. I don’t think you’re a hypocrite. I truly believe, deep down inside of you, somewhere, you still believe. If you didn’t have at least one shred of faith left, you wouldn’t teach them a belief in God, and Heaven. It’s there, deep down inside of you. You will find what your personal faith is, in your own time. *hugs*

  5. BG…wonderful,soul searching photo’s.
    I hope #1 son let’s you post a pic. There’s something about seeing your son “all grown up”…tho at his wedding when he was 33, all duded up in the tux, he still loooked like my baby boy.
    It’s hard to keep faith some days, in light of all that’s happening in the world…but I agree with the poster that suggested deep down, you know the answer. You have been through a lot , lately.
    Things will get better. Honest, they will.

  6. I don’t think it is actually heaven you have lost faith in but the church or religion. If you truyely did not believe you would not teach it to your sons.

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