Weekend Recap

Son #1 had a good time at his formal Valentines Day Dance at the Elks Lodge Saturday night. When Son #1 returned home after the dance I tried to get the details. The only answers I got were 1 syllable answers or as close as he could get to it.

Me, “how was the dance?”

Son #1, “fun.”

Me, ” Who else did you dance with besides Tiff?”

Son #1, “everybody.”

Me, “I bet Tiff didnt like that.”

Son #1, “nope.”

Me, ” were the other boys dressed up in tuxes too?

Son #1, “yep

Me, “did all the girls wear formals, you know long dresses?”

Son #1, “nope”

Me, “what? I thought everyone had to wear formal dress?”

Son #1, “some dresses were short.”


Parents were invited to attend the dance as well. I didnt feel like getting all fancied up. Lately, I havent been all that great of company. Plus, its not like I have a closet full of formal dresses. Suits, yes from when I was once gainfully employed. Skirts, yep. I bought many when I had my knee surgeries and also had to look professional at work in a cumbersome metal knee brace. I have one chiffon dress that is dressy enough to pass as a formal and when I tried it on the other day, I didnt feel very pretty in it…


Me, “were there a lot of parents there?”

Son #1, “yes.”

Me, “a lot?”

Son #1, “yes, a lot.”

Me, “I knew I should have went!”

Son #1, “thank you for not going, the kids who’s parents went were embarrassed.”

Me, “Im embarrassing?”

Son #1, “no, not like some parents!”


Okay, that answer made me feel better.


Me, “was the food good?”

Son #1, “yep”

Me, “did you dance many slow dances w/ Tiff?”

Son #1 “nope

Me, “why not?”

Son #1,”they only played 2 slow dance songs.”

Me, “are you glad you went?”

Son #1, “yes, gosh mom, you always sound like a cop. Im going to bed. G’nite.”


It was like pulling teeth to get that little bit of info.



Wee One was full of mischief this weekend.


 Both boys and I ran out to best friend L.’s Sunday afternoon. I swapped her some books she hasnt read of mine for some of hers. She was happy to get John Sanfords “Broken Prey”. I bet she already has it half read.

Wee One didnt have a nap and was a handful. L. has Elvis’s full brother and when I saw him when she came outside to greet us, I heard Son #1 catch his breath. I know he was thinking about Elvis just like me. L. has graciously offered us another puppy out of her next litter. I know that most of them are spoken for at $400-$500 a pup. Elvis is irreplaceable and I am just not ready for a pup…. 

Sunday late morning, Wee One and I were driving into town on an open range road. I topped a hill and caught 5 deer in the middle of the road. They were all gathered around a can of Dr. Pepper some litterbug had tossed out. The deer were fussing over it and taking licks of the sweet soda. That was something I had never seen before, deer drinking Dr. Pepper. I stopped my car and retrieved my camera out of the case that was stashed in Wee One’s duffle bag. When I did this, Wee One took the opportunity to escape from his car seat and then procede to jump around in the back seat squealing like one of those caged monkeys that are at the Zoo. If he had not done this I might have gotten some good pictures…..

After Wee One’s back seat stunt, all we saw were flags………………



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20 responses to “Weekend Recap

  1. Boys never seem to want to share their lives with good ole mom. By the time my son was driving, a lot of times I’d ask, “What did you do last night?” and he’d answer, “You don’t want to know, Mom.”

    Just what I wanted to hear.

    I love Wee One’s hair. As a curly-top myself, I’m partial to kids with curly hair.

  2. donna-lol, your comment gave me a chuckle “you dont want to know mom.”

    Wee One has the cutest ringlets, he has never had a hair cut (except of me trimming, scary). He needs one. Hes got his daddy’s hair, mine is straight and heavy, hard to do anything with.

  3. Son#1 looked very handsome in his tux! And WeeOne had such an ornery grin in that photo I had to giggle.

  4. jenny-ornery describes him perfect!

  5. OH, your son is sooo handsome! And it’s not just boys that are like that! Baby Pinky is a pain to get info out of!! We go through the same thing everyday and she always ends up asking me why I want to know what she did all day. Because I wasn’t THERE!!


    It sounds like you had a pretty good weekend. HUGS!!

  6. WOW…….you oldest looks so handsome and the wee one is adorable! I love the convo between you and son #1…….good to know your not embarrassing…..lol My son is interested in taking karate and I suggested that I take it too…….he said that he didn’t think so…….he said I am too fat and I might embarrass him……I cried….lol Gotta love being a parent 🙂

  7. Good looking boys you’ve got there! Hey, you think the short answers are bad? The alternative can be harsh too. My big boy, he will tell you everything and I mean EVERYTHING!

    Grass is always greener…

    ps: It’s good to know you’re not embarrassing! lol

  8. pinky-Im guilty of asking who,what,where,when, why,how and all that other stuff…I think its a parents duty!

    RNG-kids are honest! after my car accident, son #1 was sitting in the bathtub having a bath(before he became modest and I was allowed in his naked presence) I was standing in the bathroom, he was eye level w/ my left knee and he said,”ewww mom, your knee is really gross! it even has those frankenstiens staple marks too.”

    paval-yep, the grass is always greener! Id like to sample it once in more ways than one too. lol, I am glad Im not embarrassing too 😉

  9. SailorMoon

    What a good looking young man! My 13yo son (N.) has his 1st 7th V-day dance this Fri. It’s a 50’s theme, yuck. There’s a girl involved because he’s suddenly got an interest in showering everyday & was blow drying his hair this morning @ 5:45 b4 track practice for pete’s sakes!! Funny, my daughter didn’t really have a boy interest at that age. Your wee one has that grin like mine does some days. Hang on!!

  10. Lu

    Awwwww…what good looking boys and # 1 sure sounds normal enough with his answers…growing up is hard—– on the mothers!

  11. I have already explained to S he stands no chance – my best friend is a cop, my nephew is a cop, his “Uncle Belbo” is a cop – I told him he might as well learn to tell me stuff now cuz if I found out from of those cops…..hee hee. So far, it has worked like a charm.

    BG – this made me sad when I read it…

    McCalla, Ala. — A fire broke out at the Tannehill Trails a little before 5 p.m. today. Tannehill State Park tells NBC13 that fire crews have been at the horse stables. Only 2 horses were in the stables at the time of the fire. One horse, a 6 month old named Shelby, was killed in the fire. The other horse escaped the fire. No cause of the fire has been reported.

  12. sailormoon-thnx! isint it amazing when a girl is involved all of a sudden our boys smell good and dont have to be nagged to shower and dress nice?

    lu-yes, hard on mothers is right on

    rachel-on top of my policing abilities, I once was a wild girl myself, not much getting past me ( I hope!) that story was SAD 😦

  13. Quasar9

    Gosh you do sound like a cop
    When have boys ever wanted to tell mum about the valentine’s dance.

    Oddly enough you’d think ‘girls’ would be one subject sons & fathers can confide in, but no it seems not – mums and dads can be a son’s best mates in many ways – but when it comes to girls, it is only to other boys they confide

    C’est la vie!

  14. Oh BG…want me to send you a baseball bat to fend off the girls? What a darling charmer son #1 is ! His answers sounds healthy, too.
    Wee One..OMGosh…hang on for the ride of your life ! That grin says more than anything you’ll ever read ! Your children are precious.
    Re Elvis….animals, like people , can never be replaced…but maybe Elvis would want you to love another pup the way you love him…(animals ain’t selfish either…annoying at times,but not selfish ,and they know instinctively how to share love.)
    Thanks for sharing the photos !

  15. You have beautiful kids—don’t tell your oldest I said he was beautiful, he is too old for that so handsome he is and your little one—is so cute.

    The pictures you shared over the weekend are just beautiful. I love them—as for the issue with your faith, I believe many of us have and or are struggling with that now. I often feel the hypocrite.

    Take care of you—I am enjoying visiting here more and more. You are a beautiful person and I enjoy the sharing you do.

  16. That dialogue just slammed me… so typical kid that age. Where you going? Out. What are you doing? nothing… ha ha ha

    Deer drinking Dr. Pepper… what do you make of that? the sweet? the moisture? curious?

  17. Does that boy have shoulder pads under that tux…. he’s huge!!!

  18. LOL! You know, I remember having conversations like that with my mom. I wonder why it is mothers always sound like cops interrogating you when you’re young? I guess we’ll never know 😉

  19. woohoo look how handsome that boy is

  20. Good answer on the last question! Shows that you are A-OK!

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