Soggy Review

Monday dawned with pounding rain. Then it slacked off to drizzle and fog.This morning its about 30 degrees. We’ve reached our high temperature for the day. The winds are howling out of the North, soon our wind chills will be in the single digits and it is not even 7am yet.

Would someone light a fire under spring? it is not supposed to be this cold in Oklahoma.


Wet, dirty horse.

Wet, dirty horse again. This time he’s getting inside his shelter. I brushed him dry and removed more cockleburs last night.

I read this book; Blood Memory by Greg Iles over the weekend. Excellent book. Very addictive and definitely a graphic page turner.

You know how I hate people who prey on children…..well in this book a few of them get just what they deserve.

Iles writing hooked me as a reader. I am looking forward to reading more of his novels. I’ve read many more of them than I thought, I looked at his list of books and realized Ive read: Dead Sleep , Mortal Fear , and 24 Hours  . I first suspected I’d read more of his writing when I read Turning Angel a few weeks ago.



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12 responses to “Soggy Review

  1. I do hope it warms up soon!

  2. Good morning. Your blog is a fun read. Great pictures.

  3. Hi there! Just catching up on your blog. Your oldest son looked so handsome all dressed up for the dance!

    I hope you all stay warm. Sounds like our cold weather is heading your way.

    Haven’t read Greg Iles. Will have to look him up.

  4. rebekah-me too!


    momto3cubs-Iles is worth a look

  5. That book looks really good. I love it when people
    truly get what they deserve too:)

  6. You are a quick reader, I can’t keep up.
    We are suppose to get “spring like ‘” weather this weekend. Considering it’s been snowing for a week, it means mud, mud and more mud coming our way.
    I say, bring it on.

  7. lael-it was a great book. heheh I loveit when people get what they deserve too 😉

    hope-yep, I am a fast reader. Mud, I dont even want to talk about that-ack!

  8. any book that gives it good to those who prey on children is a good book in my mind! We’re with you, spring can’t get her too soon!!


  9. Glad you found a page turner to keep you occupied under such yucky weather conditions.

    Be back around tomorrow.

    Feeling a tad bit better, just keeping on, keeping on. D 🙂

  10. Glad you found a good book to keep you all settled in and occupied. Nothing like a good book for comfort. 🙂

  11. I’m telling you, just about everyone around is getting some nasty weather, although, it’s not that cold around here– single digits, brrrrrrrrrrr!!!

    *trying to send some warm weather your way*

  12. I will have to look into these next time I get to the library

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