Sunday evening, I watched Scarface again. The movie is one of my favorites. It was on Cinemax. Everyone went to bed and I was wide awake after finishing my book.

I really like Al Pacino. I do not necessarily like the Tony Montana character but Al Pacino looks damn good.

Short, dark, brooding men have never been my thing, but Pacino is a hottie.

As Pacino ages, he seems to be getting more attractive. Old guys have never been my thing, either. Well, except for that one time I had a SugarDaddy…..oops got off track….

Anyhow, I would take Pacino over Brad Pitt, George Clooney, or McDreamy anyday ( like I would ever get to choose such a thing!) But that is my preference. I still do not see all the hooplala over Brad Pitt anyhow……


So, tell me which one celebrity do you think is super hot?


and DONT say, “I never think about celebrities, blah blah blah.” I KNOW you do. There’s gotta be one out there that caught yer fancy…



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17 responses to “Scarface

  1. Aniin BG,

    Slow steps today and this week. I’ll update you as soon as I know something definite.

  2. Rebecca

    Matthew M
    Ronnie Dunn
    Chris Noth
    Vincent D’ofrino

  3. I’m not so sure I see what the big deal is about Dr. McDreamy. I love Grey’s Anatomy, though.

  4. Oooo…..Stephen Segal and George Clooney.

  5. brian-ok

    jenny-oh yeah, Antonio has those gorgeous brown eyes, and the accent is definately nice

    rebecca-matthew m. is HOT. especially without his shirt

    donna-Greys Anatomy is an excellent, my husband likes it. Ive watched bits and pieces and have also liked it.

    rachel-do you think Clooney will stay a bachelor forever? I think so.

  6. Hey BG..Happy Valentines Day!! hugs..m
    btw I think Clooney is a hottie but my all time fave..LL Cool J..those arms..and lets not go there about the abs…yummie…lol

  7. I’m with you…… have loved Al since Serpico……
    Dustin Hoffman as well.
    I tend to fall for musicans over actors.

  8. oh yeah Madd, and those dimples too!

  9. Al Pacino doesn’t do a thing for me, but my mom thinks he’s hot!

  10. madd-clooney doesnt do it for me but Id take him in a pinch.

    hope-The GodFather was a good one


    pavel-I bet your mom likes Pacino

  11. Lu

    I am with you, however I do like Clooney..Pacino has always been special…and I will surely always love Newman and Redford if they reach 100…I loved Pacino in early godfather movies and Scarface, but he was oh so good in Scent of a Woman..I could watch it over and over and learn something every time..he is just so intense!!!

  12. I was referring to LL Cool J’s dimples, BG, they’re yummy.

  13. I guess it’s comparing Sugar Daddy’s to Sugar Babies.. when it comes right down to those MEN.


  14. Brad Pitt, no way! YUCK!!

    My fav hotties: Matthew McConaughey , Hugh Jackman, Christian Bale and “Cool Hand Luke” Paul Newman (not now, he’s getting crusty)

    Happy Valentine’s Day!!

  15. OH! I’m with madd on L.L.!! That mutha is smokin’!!

  16. Oh my…Treat Williams ( Brothers and Sisters ) James Spader (BostonLegal ), Al P, of course….and Dustin Hoffman.
    I don’t care for any of these new ( younger ) guys.

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