Wee One and I have been lucky the last couple of days. The local nesting Eagles have been allowing themselves to be seen more. 

If your close enough when the Eagle takes flight, shut your eyes… can actually hear their graceful wings.


The cold weather has the deer in our area out and about looking for food.

We had snow flurries yesterday morning. It is still awfully cold.

One good thing about the frigid temperatures is that the mud is frozen solid….

I want to kidnap horsenap this sad looking draft. He needs to come live with me and The Old Guy. He would be happier….



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17 responses to “CCCold…..

  1. BG..good always you have the most amazing pictures..and if you want help ‘horsenapping’ this sad looking guy..I’m in…take care..stay warm..m

  2. Wow, that horse really DOES look sad. I wish I could ever get as close to eagles as you do.

  3. I love the pics! It is cold here today here too yuck.

  4. Aniin BG,

    It’s supposed to get below freezing tomorrow morning. I’ll have to cover the flowers again tonight.

    Stay warm.

  5. madd-okay, Ill be sure to call you when I get a plan!

    donna-one of the ranchers has laid out a carcass for the local Eagles to feast on. As gross as it may sound, when they are eating, the Eagles dont seem as spooked. I guess they are getting used to people-which may not necessarily be a good thing.

    kelli-cold AND snow


  6. Wow, the eagle pic is amazing!

  7. That old boy looks as though he’s enjoying a bit of sunshine there, half asleep with those droopy eyes 🙂

    Nice eagle shot!

  8. I say this all the time but I love the horse pics! They are so so so purdy! Even the droopy eyed one is purdy. I love horses.

    Well, just thought I’d share that with ya. Off to my dreary life, I mean, work.

  9. Stunning pictures. I feel sad for the horsey too.
    It’s warming up here, I’ll blow it your way.

  10. slackermommy-they are huge

    tracey-Ive always wanted a draft

    rachel-thnx. your life cant be any suckier than mine.

    hope-warm temps are needed

  11. lol BarnGoddess
    I bet he would love to be horsenapped by U too

  12. Awww,I’d be a willing partner to your rescue.
    Nice old guy…
    There’s a spot on the way to Grandma’s house that we drive by.and when we were there last I counted over 30 eagles. I remember a time when you rarely saw them,now they’re everywhere. YAY

  13. quasar9-hed be one happy, spoiled horse

    lael-I remember when Eagles were a rare sight too. Im glad those days are past.

  14. More great pictures, I love them. 🙂

    That horse does look some kind of sad. He needs a pick me up.

  15. beautiful old horse! I love seeing the eagles too.

  16. If I could read horses minds, and lets say that I did… I would say he saying “I want to go to your barn baby!”

  17. It looks as if the halter never comes off, sad.

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