The Deep Freeze

Thursday morning it was a bone-numbing minus 10 below windchill in Oklahoma. That is just wrong.

I have turned into a cold weather wuss.

Scooter didnt seem to mind. He was waiting impatiently for his feed. He’s been getting more alfalfa than usual this winter. 


But there is something to look forward to, our weather is warming up.


I wanted to take more pictures. I did not.

I snapped these from the front porch. It was too cold to take anymore.

I hurried up with my outside morning chores… lingering for me in the freezing cold.

It appears a tiny, light-footed feline visited me after the flurries.




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13 responses to “The Deep Freeze

  1. Aniin BG.

    Well, that cold weather is sliding our way tonight. Freeze warning and cover the flowers. Got out yesterday briefly, feeling better, except for pain in my left hip that is flaring up now. It never ends, one thing after another.

    At least Scooter seems to be more active than earlier in the winter.

    Take care, see you later.

  2. BG,,bbuuurrr..just looks COLD! don’t miss that at all. I always liked seeing the different little paw prints left in the snow and trying to figure out who had come by for a visit..stay warm..m

  3. From one wuss to another, hang in there! I used to spend over an hour in the morning and another hour in the evening, milking cows. All year around. Now I can barely stand the cold while I take my dog out to pee.

  4. brian-stay warm. Scooter runs/bucks but hes on the lazy side in the pasture, when riding-he steps right out at a fast pace.

    madd-Im tired of wearing coveralls

    donna-Ive never liked cold weather. It never bothered as bad as it does now, guess cuz Im older.

  5. I have a friend coming soon to visit from Pennsylvania and she was like okay you are suppose to be warmer there I get the cold weather here. So hoping it warms up in the next few weeks.

  6. -9 here this morning. I’m ready to hop a plane to warmer climate or Spring time better come in soon lol

  7. cute cat paws….
    maybe it’s looking for a warm home and hearth?

  8. Lost one of my kitties last night. Found it in the stall this morning. I suspect it was stepped on. So ready for spring

  9. I think you may already have a kitty.

    I’ll take the heat and humidity we had last summer over this crap.

  10. Aww I love the footprints.
    Spring is coming to my neck of the woods.
    It’s not exactly warm but things they are a changing!

  11. Spring will be here not soon enough!

  12. You’re right, it shouldn’t get that cold down there.

    I’m really tired of the below zero wind chills here in Wisconsin.

    Glad Scooter is doing alright.

  13. I think you are sending the cold my way. Take care and have a nice weekend.

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