On The Road Again




This sorrel horse and pony live about 1 mile from me.

Every time I’ve rode by on the Old Guy, the pony comes out to greet us but the horse with the big hay belly acts like he’s never laid eyes on a human before. I know he has because I see them getting fed by their owners all the time.


Most often I dislike driving up/down the roads.

Here lately, I am not minding it so much.

One question:

How come on Saturdays, when I do not have to fly out of bed at the crack of dawn, my eyes open at 5 am?

I am incapable of sleeping in.

I am jealous of anyone who does.



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17 responses to “On The Road Again

  1. Aniin BG,

    You just feel the call of the sun. I can’t sleep in either, so no worries. I did a post today. Surprised?


  2. I can’t sleep in either and it drives me insane those that can….like hubby who can and he can also just lay there with his eyes closed and enjoy laying there not me if I am awake I am up and doing something (checking email is something!).

  3. Quasar9

    That is what Saturdays & Sundays
    were invented for –
    even the dairy cows should be allowed to rest

  4. When I can…I can’t.
    And when I can’t.. I can.

    It’s a mystery.

  5. I woke up at 11 am this morning.
    Don’t hate me. 😉

  6. There’s a 5am ????
    Damn !


  7. I can’t sleep in either. Most of the time I’m glad, half the day is spent when you don’t wake up until noon, but sometimes…please…just give me one more hour!

  8. I try to sleep in, I really do. But it never works and I feel guilty for doing it.

    perhaps I shouldn’t read PostSecret before I comment on other people’s blogs. heh.

  9. brian-I wish the sun would not call so early

    kelli-thats exactly what I do, I just cant lay there, I gotta get up and do something

    quasar9-umm the dairy cows might not agree 🙂

    pamela-why is that?

    hope-Im not mad, jealous

    magz-yes there is, want me to call you at 5am ? just kidding!

    jenny-I hear ya. I get most of my stuff done between 7am-noon anyhow.

    pinky-I feel guilty too, even sitting around reading or on the PC.I am thinking: need to be doing something, washing the mirrors, folding laundry, sweeping the floors. I wish that voice would shut up!

  10. SailorMoon

    I can’t sleep in either. I wake up at 5, then maybe, doze until 6:30, and then I did lay in the bed until 8:50 Saturday morning, but I should have been up doing something and not wasting my time. My not being able to sleep in came with my 3rd child, maybe something to do with having a child at such an old age maybe???????????

  11. You know, I’m kinda jealous of those who can actually get up early. I’m one who any given day of the week will sleep until all hours of the day!

  12. I am back in the saddle again! /feeling better and lasting for longer stretches!

    Sleeping in is NOT all it’s carcked up to be. Personally, I’d rather be active. But then again, I’ve HAD to take it easy for several weeks now. Cabin fever. D 🙂

  13. sailormoon-it just might have something to do w/ having a child later in life.

    bc26-glad to see your back ’round!

    christy-sleeping in does waste most of the better part of the day

    FF-glad you feel better

  14. 5 a.m.? You should wash your mouth out with soap for even saying that is a real time. It’s not nice to lie, you know…..

  15. Oh me too! Sleeping in general actually,lol
    It’s like I’m driven by a motor or in a constant state of readiness.

  16. I love the early morning. It used to be the best part of my night! LOL

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