Blue Skys


These two beauties Wee One and I saw yesterday afternoon.

There were more cows in the pasture but they werent very photogenic. The baby calfs were all sleeping not too far away from their mommas in the warmth of the sunshine.

It was a beautiful 72 degrees and barely a breeze.


Creepy House.

This house gives me a creepy feeling.

Whenever I drive by it, I feel the urge to speed up and get by it as fast as possible.




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17 responses to “Blue Skys

  1. 72? Whoa! We had near 60. I think we’ll go for a motorcycle ride today.

  2. My grandson wore shorts to school this morning! It was 80 here yesterday! I’m loving it.

    That house IS creepy looking.

  3. Rebecca

    The house looks old …i’m not quite creeped out . It’s 70 here and I wore a long sleeved turtleneck…HOT HOT HOT…I am however HOT natured!

  4. Aniin BG,

    MOOOOOOO!!! Diane always yells that out the car window when we drive past cows. 😆

  5. donna-enjoy your ride!

    jenny-so did son #1, 2 days in a row. The house IS creepy

    rebecca-time to get out the spring wardrobe

    brian-does diane speak the bovine language?

  6. donna-enjoy your ride!

    jenny-so did son #1, 2 days in a row. The house IS creepy

    rebecca-time to get out the spring wardrobe

    brian-does diane speak the bovine language?

  7. Hey! That was MY comment, Brian!

    I MOO at all available cows we pass. They look up at me like I’m crazed. We used to live in a very rural area, so I’ve done this a lot! LOL

    That house renids me of Psycho – the motel – ewwwwww! I agree, creepy. Is it lived in? D 🙂

  8. Just my kinda place
    Do you know if its empty
    There’s a lot I could do with such a place

  9. Nearly 80 here and it’s HOT!

    Yes, that house is really freaking creepy. 8)

  10. I always moo at cows.
    I’ve mentioned that in one of the Meme’s that asked about weird things.

    I’m not so weird afterall.

    So, what is it exactly about the house that gives you the jeebies. ?? a feeling? something you know? … the color? hnmmmm

  11. hey its me i love the pics ,but i know what you mean about that house that thing is not’ right i can tell just by looking at the pic that thing is evale its retten all over it whne you look at it so i know why you want to drive by as fast as you can. if i ever seen that house in person i would more then likely run away on foot i sure wouldent stp by it at all. well anyway i’m off to post something new on my site see you later.

  12. SailorMoon

    I agree, the house does seem a bit creepy. Warm here too, went out barefooted today, haven’t done that in a while. A day without running my electric heat is a joy. And I dang sure am not turning on the a/c yet.

  13. FF-not for a long time, someone died inside and laid in it for over a week in the dead of summer……I think the smell could not be removed

    quasar9-dont expect me to visit!

    pinky-its warm here too

    pamela-it first creeped me out back in ’89 once when I was coon hunting (not alone) and we had to cross near it.


    sailormoon-its nice to have all the windows open, fresh air

  14. The house looks abandoned…I”m assuming it is? That picture does convey a feeling of abandonment and creepiness.

    And I love calves…just want to hug them!

  15. Wow, it sure warmed up there. I thought 40 degrees here was warm–the kids played outside without jackets.

    I wonder what’s in that house.

  16. First of all, I’d like to say, MOO!!! Yay!!! You posted Moos! They’re my favorite! Love the pics of the moos. Also, that house is AWESOME. Is it abandoned? I’d LOVE to go up in there! I can only imagine the stories those walls could tell.

    And 72 degrees? DAMN! It was 60 here today!

  17. Ooo, I love that house! Christy, I’ll go exploring in there with ya. 😉 I just love abandoned buildings for some inexplicable reason.

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