Not At All Like I Had Planned…

Today was a day I had planned all week.

Wee One went to his daycare and had a blast.

I met best friend L. for lunch and we celebrated her upcoming birthday (it is next week). We had a relaxing lunch and finally caught up with each other. No kids or men to interrupt us, except we only had an hour since she was working…

I had a few errands and a short road trip with hubby on todays agenda but those were waylaid. 

The rest of the afternoon was spent helping out a friend’s family.

Last night I received some sad news. A friend of mine was dying and not expected to last the day today.

She passed away at 2:30 pm. this afternoon.

1 week ago Brenda found out she had cancer through out her entire body.

It killed her today.

 I just saw Brenda a few weeks ago, we chatted in our tiny town’s store/gas station parking lot. Brenda shook hands with Wee One and admired his curls, commenting on how much he looks like his father (who Brenda has known his entire life).

Brenda’s bright blue eyes were full of life the last time we saw each other. Their vibrant light overpowering her pallor. Her pale color, that I assumed was from her heart condition.

I worked next to Brenda for 6 1/2 years, been her friend much longer. We rode together for half of those years, chain smoking in my silver oldsmobile or chevy truck,driving in good weather, bad weather, sharing cranky moods, happy times, and our lives.

Brenda hated when people popped their chewing gum, she hated even more when people used the ‘F’ word in her presence.

Brenda was far from perfect, but she was a damn good friend.

People come, people go.

Our lives are touched by people who cross our paths in a hundred plus different ways. Some good, some bad……

Brenda was definately a good one.



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15 responses to “Not At All Like I Had Planned…

  1. I’m so sorry for your loss. 😦 She sounds like one of the people to be grateful for. *hugs*

  2. It’s such a shock when you hear of somebody you just saw recently dying an unexpected death. I just had that happen, not to a really close friend, but someone Cliff and I saw and talked with almost weekly. Car wreck killed him. He was there last week at his place of business. This week he’s gone. It’s hard to grasp.

  3. Aniin BG


    I am so sorry for your loss of your friend Brenda. Please know that I am thinking of her and her family. And I am thinking of you, my friend. 😥

  4. defrostindoors-thnx

    donna-you are right, it is a shock.

    brian-thnx, she went quick with very little suffering.

  5. It is so shocking to lose someone that you didn’t even know was that sick. It happened recently to us. A good friend (he was only 53) went in and laid down for a nap and never woke up. It is little solace, but at least he didn’t suffer…

    Your friend, her family, and you are in my thoughts as you come to terms with this…

  6. So sorry. One week – that’s SO quick! Prayers for those who loved her.

  7. A reminder that we also should bring positive things to those we cross paths with. One never knows when it will be the last, or what difference it would have made.

  8. I am so VERY sorry to hear of your friend’s passing. It is so difficult to lose someone so dear to us, especially a co-worker/former co-worker. My thoughts and prayers are with you, and her family/friends *hugs*

  9. SailorMoon

    Gosh. That’s a sobering read. You just never know. I’m glad your last memory of her was good. My prayers go out for her family and friends.

  10. I’m s0 sorry for your loss. That was a lovely tribute to your friend. I’m thinking of you.

  11. BG, I’m so sorry for your loss, your friend Brenda sounded like a wonderful person. If you ever need anything please let me know, I’m here for you. *hugs, and Love ya*

  12. astaryth-no suffering, its the only way to go

    heather-yes, quick but in a good way

    hope-I agree 100%





  13. Thank you Everyone for your kind words.

    Brenda wasnt one for frills or fuss. If she could see now all the hoopla and tears going on over her she is most likely saying, “oh get over it already, aint y’all got anything better to do than sitting around and discussing me?”

    Yep, that is exactly what she would say if she could!

  14. Midlife Mom

    So sorry to hear of your loss. A special friend is hard to lose under any circumstances but to have it happen so fast is especially hard. Remember those good times always.

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