The Dust Bowl



In the early morning hours, the thunder storms marched thru and dumped some much needed rain on my part of Oklahoma. We could have NOT used the high winds but we faired the storms okay.

Thru out the entire day Saturday, the winds howled upwards to 50+ mph. To be outside was not much fun.

About 4 pm I went outside to get my evening chores done and to make the Old Guy comfy for the night. Scooter hates wind as much as I do and stayed inside his run-in shelter most of the afternoon.

Finally, I just put him inside his big stall for the night, giving him all the things he needs like fresh hay, a flake of alfalfa, his equine senior pellets, some sliced apples, and a bucket of fresh water. He was more than content, he was in horse heaven. I last checked him at 7pm, the Old Guy is a happy horse.

As I was crossing the yard to return indoors just before 5 pm, I looked up into the sky because it had gone eerily dark. It suddenly took an alarming cast that appeared similar to a rapidly moving grass fire.

It was not fire, I could not smell smoke. It was not clouds either…….it was dust.

One minute the sky was partly sunny and the next it was like dusk.

I raced inside and grabbed my camera. I quickly snapped these 2 pictures. I couldnt linger and take more because Wee One had woke up from his short nap.

I tuned into the 5pm Tulsa news and watched my favorite weatherman. He talked about the dust and informed it came all the way from NorthCentral Texas….I thought that was interesting.



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11 responses to “The Dust Bowl

  1. I’m remembering how Woody Guthrie sounds, singing, “I’m a dust bowl refugee…”.

    Oh yeah.

  2. That top photo scared me. I’m glad it was dust and not a tornado. Stay safe!

  3. Rebecca

    The old guy is a LUCKY horse….You left him all kinds of goodies to munch on!

    Sorry about the high winds. I went out myself today and their was a nice breeze but not 50 Mph. glad everyone faired well.

    Enjoy a peaceful Sunday…I hope too.

  4. Dust storm is one weather event I have not experienced and hope I never will…tho I wouldn’t mind swapping ya some snow for some dust. How long do they last BG ? Do they cause a lot of damage ?

  5. Aniin BG,

    No dust down here, but lots of brush fires. Getting ready to go out grocery shopping.

  6. I was wondering what was going on and finally caught the news that said it was out of Texas that pink tint was giving me the creeps…I was like okay is there a bad storm coming or what. We just got lots and lots and lots of WIND!

  7. donna-“They say I’m a dust bowl refugee
    And I ain’t gonna be treated this-a way.
    I’m going where them dust storms never blow”

    momto3cubs-the sky did have that tornado tint to it, but there werent any storm clouds, it was weird

    rebecca-I hope you have a peaceful SUnday, lord knows I need one badly today

    Magz-Ive never been in a TRUE dust storm but all this dust blowing around makes a big mess!

    brian-thise fires are awful and damaging. Have fun shopping.

    kelli-wasnt it scary looking? at first I thought, this cant be a tornado. The color was something like Ive never witnessed before. I am about sick of these 50 mph winds, arent you?

  8. Wow – we had some high winds all day yesterday and last night. The rain wasn’t so bad but the winds were high and mighty!

    Today is much prettier, thank goodness! Hope yours is too!

  9. The Grapes of Wrath starring Henry Fonda. Except I wread the book, too. Both were good.

    We get dust storms here, too. They taste awful.

  10. I have been in those storms where you could not see.
    Glad Scooter was in the barn.

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