Dirty Horse Rant



This is a rant


I took this picture of Scooter yesterday about noonish. As soon as I turned him out in the morning, he must have made a beeline for the first mud hole he could find and wallered in it. He was filthy! It took me forever to get him groomed and looking half way decent.

My house is a holy hell mess. This weekend my family has messed it up horribly. Wee One has strung out his toys thru out the entire house. Hubby has a stack of junk mail I am going to pitch. Why does he save that crap? I have no idea. As soon as he leaves for work, I am shredding then pitching it.

The Downey fabric softner taste is almost gone completely from the dishwasher…..Over 1 week ago, I was gone for 2 hours. Wee One was home with hubby. Wee One put Downey in the soap container of the dishwasher and turned it on. Hubby cant keep Wee One for 2 hours without a disaster. I was so po’ed over that I nearly went out and charged a brand new dishwasher at Lowes! but then my common sense got the better of me…..dammit.

Wind! Gah! I am sooooooo sick of wind I could scream my fool head off. I am not talking about a 10-20 mph breeze. I am referring to the constant 30mph blowing with gusts upwards of 40+ mph. It has continually howled like this for nearly 1 week. It needs to cease and desist before I lose the rest of my mind.

When I sit down and watch TV, which is not often, I like to be able to actually watch and hear what is on the TV. But, this is not the case, ever. I usually have a running commentary from either hubby AND/ OR son #1. I want to yell, “shut up!.”  How do people stay married for 50 years? I wonder of I’ll make it to 20……?

The last rant is a biggie.

Y’all know how I feel about the immigration thing. It is time to ship the illegals back home and lock the doors on the good ole USA for awhile. Yes I am native American, but the other half of me came from immigrants of Europe 100 years ago. I think that is great and glad they rode the boat here. That was THEN this is NOW, 2007. Time to get serious about our Nation’s future.

Okay, this is sort of like Part 2 of the above rant. Have y’all heard about Border Patrol Agents Jose Compean and Ignacio “Nacho” Ramos? They have been unjustly prosecuted and incarcerated by OUR Government for doing their jobs. Please go HERE, read the facts and then sign the petition for President Bush to pardon these officers who were only doing their job. This story has been on my mind since it was aired in the media. I have a SPECIAL FRIEND who is working out of Laredo as a border patrol agent. He is a good man. I hate to think of something unjust happening to him like it has to Agents Compean and Ramos. 



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18 responses to “Dirty Horse Rant

  1. Aniin BG

    (((((HUGS))))) or as Pinky does, ((((SMUSH))))

    That’s one of my peeves, talking during TV or a movie.

    The rest, sorry I can’t help you. The vacation room is still available though. 🙂

  2. I agree about that latter. It’s criminal, what is being done to those fellows.

    As to the muddy horse? I have two. What really gets me is in summer, I use the hose on Blue after a long, hot ride, to wash the salty sweat off him and cool him off. And of course, he runs straight to the nearest dirt-mud rolling place. Every time.

    I think you need another TV, in a room with a door you can close (and possibly lock). Oh yeah, you have a Wee One. That makes it difficult.

  3. Precious is the same way. That horse will stay as muddy as she can! Lucky for her she actuallt likes baths!
    I agree with the last one. My son in law does too. He says it is the illegials that cause all the troubles. He is from South America. Been here 40 years. Says it is wrong to do everything in Spanish. They should speak and read English in public.

  4. SailorMoon

    I’m with you on the immigration thing. I mean what we’ve done was great, but there are way too many people here now. I think back to the days when I grew up every one had a home, and a job and it was Beaver Cleaver perfect. Well, not quite, but you get the idea. Thanks for the link..heading over there now to sign it.

  5. SailorMoon

    Forgot to comment on the wind. My 13yo son had soccer practice Sat. at 3pm. 50mph wind. We were all sandblasted. The dirt that was in my face was unbelievable. I’d push my 5yo in the swing and he would just almost stop in mid air it was that strong.

  6. Rebecca

    Sorry about the chaos in your home and in your leisurely moments around the house.

    Deep breathing helps, locking people out of the house could help too….You need a weekend for you! What about the camping trip for all the guys? Why not schedule it for them!!!!! Pack and all….or you just take off with a girlfriend or a family member (say that at least) and call it much needed DOWN time!!!!

  7. My husband has the same skill level when he watches the kids.
    Pisses me off!
    I just think they’re wired differently,the bastards;p

  8. brian-yep, especially in a movie theatre

    donna-now the jurors are sorry they found them guilty AFTER hearing all the real facts. Why must our horses roll?

    celeste-sometimes I think the Old Guy likes being filthy! Press 1 for spanish press 2 for english-grrrr that makes me mad!

    SM-its time we locked the doors to new immigrants and booted out the ones who are here illegally. We cannot even take care of OUR OWN people for pete’s sake!

    rebecca-easier said than DONE

    lael-definately wired differently….!

  9. rather than pardon them, they should be exonerrated. A pardon is forgiveness.

    In this case the Homeland security is the guys who need forgiveness. turds.

  10. ps
    I hate to tell you I laughed about the downy in the dishwasher.

    Have you tried a baking soda rinse?

  11. Hi BarnGoddess,
    as a European (from now, 2007)
    does that mean I’m not welcome in ‘your’ nation?
    Gosh, and I was thinking of moving into that ‘spooky’ farm and rennovating. lol!

  12. pamela-Ill try the baking soda the NEXT time it happens….

    quasar9-well…..if your going to be a good citizen, contribute to the good of society, and be a good contributing member to your community and not leach of our gov’t you are welcome in my part of the USA!

  13. Hey girl – I signed that petition when the Republican committee for Alabama sent it around.

    Gosh – the fabric softener is so funny. I mean, I know at the time it wasn’t but I am doubled over. One time my friend Paige’s twins were small and her husband is a pastor. They were out to eat with some friends and one twin dropped his fork. He says, “Damn!” and the other said, “Well, hell, pick it up.”

    She was mortified. I laughed until tears rolled down my cheeks. Kids say/do the darndest things!

  14. I am with you on the wind…sick of it. I am with you on immigration too!

  15. Oral

    You never come by anymore.

    That’s my rant for the day.

  16. Hope it made you feel better to get that all out! We all have problems/irritations that aren’t so different.

    I agree with you about the border, but I don’t think it’s going to improve, sigh. I wonder what will be left of this country in 30 or 50 years.

  17. Rant on Sister! That’s what we’re here for– you read enough of them over at my house ;0) Glad the Downy taste is finally going away– I bet you did shit when Wee One pulled that one!

  18. Midlife Mom

    I swore I’d never have another white horse because they are so hard to keep clean and guess what, my last one is palomino and LOVES to roll in the mud and HATES to have a bath. Great combo, eh?

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