The Park


The one day last week we did not have gusting winds, Wee One and I went to the park. He had a good time. I got a work out running after him.

The park we went to was not fenced in and I needed all of my hands free to keep after him, so no pictures until we were leaving and he was safely strapped inside his car seat (for what thats worth).

The gray horse lived on the road to the park. He was not too impressed with people. I do not like to own a horse that isnt people friendly.

I once owned a Blue Roan Paso Fino mare who was a dream to ride but a witch. She hated people, she never really liked me, she just tolerated me. Needless to say, after a couple of years she found a new home, besides she was hateful to Scooter most of the time. The mare did not even like other horses!

When Scooter sees people, he wants to be right in the middle of them and be a part of what is going on. He has always liked people as long as they arent loud and obnoxious or annoying (guess hes been hanging around me too long!).


This last picture is of a huge hill at the park that Wee One almost escaped down. Why dont they fence off these parks!?!?!!

I nearly broke my neck snatching him away from the edge. Geesh.



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12 responses to “The Park

  1. Aniin BG,

    Great pics, as usual. Wee One is wearing you out! You need a full time nanny.

  2. SailorMoon

    Sometimes parks leave the biggest safety hazards wide open, while the rest of it is beautiful and so well designed. I was taking my dog out the other morning and got a shock, the neighbors small horse, don’t think its a minature, its a big one if so, but it was standing there by the dog house. Galloped off and scared the crap out of me! He’s lonely I guess, he jumped the other neighbors fence and went in w/their horses. I helped herd him in, but I’m clueless when it comes to horses. Supposed to be windy here today, my question is-how windy? Our normal Texas wind, or the freaking 50-60mph winds we’ve had? I don’t want my son’s bb goal crashing into my other van!! That’s all I would need, will wait and set it down if it appears to be gale force winds again!

  3. Blue and Libby both love people. I’ve had horses that didn’t seem to like people, but, like you, I would prefer they act as though they like me.

  4. Rebecca

    The park looks liks it could be dangerous!!! I bet you did get a workout…but think of the calories that you burned !!!

    Horses can be friendly at least the few that I have been around, my uncle used to have them….
    I think animals can sense when humans have *love* to share.

    Remember it’s Diane’s bday today… =)

  5. My Boo is almost too people friendly! He prefers people to other horses, always has. When I go over to feed the horses where he lives (I take care of the ladies other 7 for free board), he is standing at the gate because he knows he is going to get to come out and hang in the yard while I take care of things :p

  6. Sounds like you and Wee One had a blast!

  7. The miniature horses at my uncles’ farm are a little too friendly. They like to get reallllly close to you and it makes me slightly nervous. The cows are the same way, but the horses are a pain about it.

    No fences? WTF? Do they like children leaping off mountains? Sheesh!

  8. brian-a nanny would be a dream come true

    SM-that poor pony!

    donna-no matter what I did, that mare would not warm to me. She had never been mistreated that I knew of, she was just cranky tempered

    astaryth-lol, thats good! horses that think they are people crack me up 🙂

    rach-oh yeah, it was a blast

    pinky-I have my wonderful county commissioner to thank for no fences, the jerk!

  9. great save momma bear!

  10. Wee One is a fast one! Put him on the track squad! Thanks much for the B-day wishes! 43, I can’t believe I’ve been around that long! LOL D 🙂

  11. We had awful wind yesterday and then a 3am wake up with alarm sentences.
    Love the pics! As always!

  12. Great picture!
    Wee one sure is a hand full! Glad that you do not put him on a leash like some people would! Fences would be good. That is the perfect place for a predator to come up at.
    Is that posion sumac pods hanging in that tree.

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