Cattle Explosion

My neighborhood had a cattle explosion.

This pasture was empty when I went to bed Tuesday night. Come Wednesday, there was a huge herd mooing around.

I snapped this picture of Son #1 after his track practice. If it is sports oriented, Son #1 is involved. Im glad he loves sports like he does except it makes him into is such a jock……

Yesterday the winds blew mercilessly again. It was warm, 76 degrees. A cold front with severe storms hit about 12:30 am this morning, now its back to chilly 55 degrees!

Wee One has insisted on watching the same stinking Sponge Bob DVD over and over for the last 2 days. Im not sure I can handle much more. Time for it to make a disappearing act to save my sanity.

 Scooter’s winter coat has reached ‘the crappy looking‘ stage. All the very warm weather we’ve had has put his physiology into a tail spin. I want to take the shedder to him but I wont until the warm weather is here to stay. I can see his new sleek coat peeking out from the winter fuzz, its looking mighty shiny.



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14 responses to “Cattle Explosion

  1. Aniin BG. I am sure you know that spring wind exists around the world. That’s where the term malaise came from, from the French wind off the mountains every spring.

    You need a nanny, then you can ride Scooter anytime you need.

    Funny about the cows, do you think the black helicopters dropped them off?

    Son #1 is quite the athlete. You must be so proud. 🙂

  2. I read a book called The Wind a long time ago about a Texas pioneer woman who went crazy from the wind and loneliness. I identified.

    Sponge Bob drives me batty too.


  3. brian-yep, he is a good kid. I am lucky!

    jenny-like you, I can relate to the pioneer woman in the book. This wind is slowly etching away my mind….with a little help from Sponge Bob.

  4. I like jock kids. At least they’re doing something besides sitting on the couch playing video games.

    Both my horses are shedding, big time. Early spring, perhaps?

  5. Rebecca

    Scooter has to feel loved. You take such good care of him….Son #1 could be getting ready for the big leagues ?!?!
    Sponge Bob Geeze, I am sorry. Some of my 6th graders here like to draw Sponge bob pics! Can you beliee I actually have 3 6th graders who still suck their thumb?
    Have you ever been to a MAC counter at Dillard’s, Macy’s? What’s your take on them?

  6. SailorMoon

    Ditto here on the weather. Thinking I’ll leave the sweats on until my 5 yo’s soccer practice. And on the cattle, weird, about 100 or so of them “appeared” down the road from me about 3 weeks ago. I think they just parachute in and land from the sky.

    Spring break is coming up, alas…kids home from school all week. You got any break plans?

  7. I’m laughing at Wee One’s love of that DVD.
    When Dev was little it was Homeward Bound.

  8. What beautiful blue skies…….
    I love Sponge Bob.
    In fact I could use a good dose of the couch and Sponge Bob right now.

  9. Hey – when Son was little, he watched Lion King so many freaking times, I thought the same thing! I finally did hide it but he was so sad, I got it back out.

    I love moo moos! I just did a powder blue teapot and fired a “moo moo” decal on it and I have titled it “Blue Cow”.

    Go see Mr. Purdy on my blog.

  10. Yay!! Many, MANY Moos! You know the way to my heart! :0) As for the Spongebob DVD, I can’t say anything, I was Spongebob on a daily basis *L*

  11. so they just Mooooved in… those bovine did?
    There went the Neeeeeiiighborhood.

    I read that The Wind book some years ago, too.

  12. donna-dont let him fool you, he plays lots of video games!

    rebecca-omg thats old to be thumb sucking, yikes! Im pretty sure Ive never tried MAC….pretty sure, if I did nothing about the line jumped out and worked for me.

    SM-spring break already?!?!!

    lael-our homeward bound #2 bit the dust

    hope-Sponge Bob is okay in moderation.

    rachel-k,ill beby

    christy-were you a sponge bob addict? wee one gets mad when I call sponge bob, sponge boob

    pamela-yeah, fresh cow patties galore…cattle stink

  13. We’ve got those winds too right now. We’re supposed to have them all weekend. Quite annoying to say the least.

    Where did all the cows come from? Did a rancher move his herd or buy a new herd?

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