Why Paint Cats?

Friday evening I received an email that contained some cool looking cat photos. You may have already seen these, if not I hope you like them.

This is what the email said:

“The book these came from said some of the paint jobs cost $15,000

and had to be repeated every 3 months as the cat’s hair grows out.

Must be nice to have $60,000 a year just to keep your cat painted!”

Since there was not a link to the book. I googled it.

This is the book:

Why Paint Cats: The Ethics of Feline Aesthetics: Books: Burton Silver,Heather Busch 

Adopting a cat is still on our family agenda. Losing Elvis so suddenly still has us all in a bit of a shock. When it is time, we’ll find our new family member. 

These are not all of the photos, just the ones I liked in particular. If you want the photos, Id be glad to send you the email of them.




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20 responses to “Why Paint Cats?

  1. Do the cats have to be put under for this or are they really dumb enough to stand and let some idiot with money to burn paint them lol

  2. anne-I thought the same thing! I was also thinking STENCILS. My old gray russian blue cat would have stayed still for me and only me to do anything to her but if anyone else tried, forget it. I think the painting of the cats is cool looking……but why!?!! why paint them?

  3. That is ludicrous, if true and not photo shopped. But then, we cat people are nuts. 🙂

    I posted pics today of the first Iris this year.

    Hope the wind has died down today. The rain here is passed, low 60’s and bright blue sun. We are going to the pow wow in a couple of hours, I hope to have enough pictures to use all this week.

    I’ll let you know how it was when we get back home.

    Love you. 😀

  4. brian-have a good time at the pow wow. They should let you take pictures. Usually pics are allowed at them but not at ceremonial dances.

  5. Anyone who has enough money to have their cat painted has too much money and not enough sense.

    But they are pretty.

  6. jenny-I agree! that is just crazy to pay that amount of $$. I find it hard to believe.

  7. So, when I read the post, the pictures were still downloading and i thought what a stupid, cruel thing to do. I almost have to knock my cat out to pick out burrs. But when they starting downloading the artistry blew me away. I’ll admit I was intersted enough towait for my Slowwwwwwwww dial up to view the pictures.
    Odd, but strangely engaging.

  8. Not something I would spend my money on. But interesting works of art.

  9. REbecca


  10. lu-they dont look too unhappy

    hope-I have slow dial up too. One day maybe I can get fast internet where I live! I usually make the pics smaller but these I did not change, sorry

    rebecca-your welcome! is your caps stuck?……

  11. You know, those are REALLY neat! I can’t imagine paying that much to have my cat painted, but the pics are cool!

  12. SailorMoon

    I ditto Hope’s comments!! And ditto the slow wireless, I’ve decided that when I get a job I will get wireless internet, my home phone is always busy anyway (someone’s online) and we all have cells so who needs a land line. Decent wireless is $49.99 a month, less than my phone bill and internet bill. Anyways…….

    But ZOMG, how freaking cool are those pics? thanks for sharing them. I am a cat person, have 2 at all times and I cnanot imagine having my orange and white cats painted!! My 15yo daugher just came out and said a couple of the pics were embarassing for the cat–she said, come on, mom, would you want to look like that? And I agree on a couple, but neat pics.

  13. Rebecca

    My keyboard tends to let the cap stick now and then…I just look beyond it.

    So sweet of you to come by the blog and post!! I’m just moody and REALLY fussy ….don’t take ith the wrong way. I am giving you a hard time.

    I hope you are feeling better in every aspect….down time, physically and mentally.

    May GOD get us thru this Monday.

  14. I got the Email… and wondered if there was any photoshoping

    I’m thinking we are all having our tails pulled.
    I don’t know one cat that would sit still long enough for one stroke of paint.

    maybe i’m just a skeptic

  15. DaBich

    I saw these, someone also sent me them in e-mail. $30,000 is a lot of money to paint a cat! Think how much FOOD it would buy!!! Plus, I can’t imagine a cat sitting for it lol! Too independent by far.
    Gorgeous in any case.
    Happy Monday!

  16. How odd, my kids would think this was the coolest thing evah though.

  17. It’s defnitely artsy but I, too, wonder if it’s real. If it is, you’d think the paint would be toxic to the cat. At least the stylist that used the horse for a demo of his work didn’t use any paint, just clippers, hair extensions and lots of hair products. I’ll have to find that link.

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  19. I so wish it was all true… but all a hoax/joke – even if it is a good one!

    But dogs DO paint (sort of) and then there is the real proper ‘artist’ Congo the chimp… (full details of both on my blog!)

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