Spring Fever

 I had a blogging anniversary last week and did not even realize it until today.

Sunday morning, Wee One and his daddy read books inside the SpongeBob tent. Wee One was having a blast. They were so loud, I don’t think much quality reading went on in there.

No, hubby doesnt have a huge upper lip like the picture appears, he was sticking out his tongue. No wonder my kids are brats!

Son #1 fished most of the weekend with his cousin B. and his Uncle W. Now we are planning a fish fry. I have a turkey fryer that doubles as a fish fryer outside. No fuss, no mess, no smell inside the house-perfect way to cook fish.

The big tree is budding. Not the best picture I could have taken…..

Yesterday, I was tired of being cooped up indoors with this stupid sickness. I went outside and strolled around with my camera. Guess what? no gusting wind! Only a breeze. It was such a beautiful day…until I started to feel like crap again and need to come back inside.

I fed the Old Guy some apple slices and graham crackers. He was hanging out in the trees for some crazy reason.


Hubby got out the grill and cleaned it up so I could throw on a pork roast for dinner, it was good.

My front yard looks awful after winter.

 There is a lot of green grass starting to grow. I have many ideas for planting a few shrubs and making a couple of flower beds. I should have started yesterday….. 






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15 responses to “Spring Fever

  1. Aniin BG,

    What was the anniversary??? I guess Scooter can’t find any more burrs, so know he is in the trees.

    I hope you are seeing better today, and don’t feel bad, I haven’t planted anything in a couple of years. Maybe later this spring.

    Have a great Monday.

  2. brian-my 1 year blogging anniversary. Oh no, Scooter had another big wad of burs in his forelock. Hubby was nice enough to comb them out last night.

  3. Hmm, I thought I left a comment but it isn’t showing. Anyhow, we’ll have green showing in the pasture after this week. Temps are supposed to be near 60, and there’s rain toward the end of the week. Three days on Amoxicillon has really helped my sinus infection. Finally! (If I end up leaving two similar comments, kindly delete one of them).

  4. Happy Anniversary. Happy Anniversary. 🙄

    When is the party ❓

    BTW, if you go to Arvel’s website link on my post, you can see his schedule. He’ll be in AZ and NM many times, and TX once. FL a bunch too.

    You need a burr free pasture. 😀

  5. Rebecca

    Wee One and the tent is too precious! It made me smile the instant I saw it!!! TOO CUTE. Now can you convince them to camp out in the wilderness any time soon??? Just a thought or a nudge.

    Again you are so good to the old guy. HE’s loved and that is how animals should be treated. You could teach a course or something! = )

    Well, you picked out Alex in the line up. My friend with benefits and that’s not a good pic of him….HE looked really good Sat night at the club. I wish I had brought a camera. Our chemistry is just HOT. But my mind is taking me other places right now….

    Girl be glad you are not out in the world of dating, romancing (ok that has it’s perks), and Hunting for me…although the hunting part you may actually enjoy.

    I have a splinter tiny in the bottom of my foot after Greg got finished measuring my deck and my old hot tub…one of us pulled in junk off of my deck and tracked it into the house. Any idea what to use to get it out???? I put alcohol and a bandaid over it for today……

  6. donna-Im jealous you got to ride yesterday!!

    bri-thnx! I keep wanting to holler “my eye! my eye! my eye!” Im waiting for the MD to call me. Only one MD at the clinic today so Im sure theyll tell me to go to the ER like I should have done last night-gah!!!

    rebecca-I have a getaway planned for ME all by myself soon, dont worry. Alex is the one that caught my fancy, so he must have something about him, no? I always liked the hunt but afterwards, I got bored…I am so hard to please! the splinter, dont ask my sister J., once I removed a sticker in her foot with a pair of fingernail clippers at a scenic reststop. I missed my calling, I should have been a surgeon. Just kidding. Soak the splinter in warm water until it softens, then get a good pair of tweezers or a sharp pair of manicure scissors (make sure all are clean) then try to carefully removed the splinter, if it doesnt come out fairly easy, give it another day and soak it. Do not dig around(unless Im the one doing it), you may infect the splintered area. okay, did that help?

  7. Girl, take care of that illness first. Plant flowers later!

    Fish fry!!!???? I’ll be right over!! LOL Sounds like a good family oriented weekend was had by all! That’s great.

    Hope Monday proves short & sweet for ya! D 🙂

  8. I totally missed the tongue until you mentioned it I was focusing on the cute lil guy

    I have profound respect for dad now that I know he gets into the tent, too

  9. FF-its such a gorgeous day, I feel awful but I still think Im going to take Wee One outside later……my MD is too busy to see me until tomorrow anyhow.

    Pamela-hubby can be a big kid most of the time! he doesnt do tree houses tho, he doesnt like heights…..

  10. I’m itching to go outside and start planting too, or at least do some yardwork. I’ve got honeysuckle that’s threatening to take over the yard. Sigh.

    I love the smile and laughter on Wee One’s face. Adorable.

    And I always enjoy your horse pictures. 🙂

  11. The only bad thing about planting is the weeding that follows. Shrubs and flowers look great but why do the weeds have to come as a prerequisite?

  12. chickadee-I shouldnt have went outside today but I DID

    MiKael-I hate weeds….

  13. I LOVE the tent picture!

  14. I swear, Wee One is just too cute! I’m kinda envious of the spongebob tent– you know, I am a spongebob fan!

  15. I love the tent pic. I have spring fever too I want to get flowers planted but I dont want to keep up with weeds.

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