Are you superstitious?


Pronunciation: “sü-p&r-‘sti-sh&n
Function: noun

a: belief or practice resulting from ignorance, fear of the unknown, trust in magic or chance, or a false conception of causation

b: an irrational abject attitude of mind toward the supernatural, nature, or God resulting from superstition

A notion maintained despite evidence to the contrary

I am superstitious, to a certain  extent……a reasonable extent, I like to believe.

Back when I saw this owl, I thought to myself, “someone is going to die.”

Native Americans believe an owl either seen or heard means a person is going to die soon.

Sure enough, my friend B. suddenly passed away 1 week later.

Is this owl hanging around and B. dying connected? Im not 100% sure. Actually, I am not 100% sure about anything.

But, I do not believe in coincidences. I believe everything happens for a reason and all happenings are connected.

 The Owl came to me, I did not seek him out….


I have superstitions I believe in. Most are Native American oriented. Some are complicated and too hard to explain.

Here’s a list of some simple superstitions I believe in:

Sleep facing East

Surrounding my house with salt (wards off evil)

Hearing a crowing rooster at night means something bad is going to happen

Seeing an owl during daylight means a death is near (or hearing hooting near my home or someone elses home)

Seeing 1 crow means sorrow,2 crows mean joy, 3 crows a wedding, 4 crows a boy, 5 crows means silver, 6 crows mean gold, 7 crows means a story thats never been told

When borrowing someone’s pocketknife, hand it back how it was presented to you. If the blade was open, hand it back that way

Standing inside a circle will keep away evil spirits

It is bad to walk across someone’s grave

Cedar trees near my home are good luck

Houseplants give off positive energy

Pregnant women should avoid funerals and being around dead people

Do you have superstitions you believe in?

Share them! silly or not. Please…..


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24 responses to “Superstitions

  1. Rebecca

    I can be superstitous…I hate the number 13!! It creeps me out.

    Wish me luck on my field trip today!!!

  2. Aniin BG,

    I have no superstitions. Honestly, knock on wood. 😛

    I do sleep facing East, who knew? But it is also facing a mirror and I think in Feng Shui that is bad. 😦

    I have never heard about the owl, or crows or rooster before.

    Hope you are enjoying your free day today. How is your eye?????

    Love you

  3. not really, I have always been one of those types to tempt fate.

    We hear roosters all night long, I hear and see owl in the day almost every day, and have about a billion crows loitering in my yard.

  4. rebecca-13 has never bothered me, I dont like 7 tho. Good luck, wheres the field trip to?

    bri-eye is better but ouchy still 😦 ewww I could never sleep facing a mirror….

    phelan-wow, owls are a plenty where you live! I have a lot of crows too, it doesnt stop me from reciting my little poem, maybe I have OCD…

  5. We had an owl hooting all night long outside our bedroom window a couple of weeks ago. eeeks.

  6. SailorMoon

    Interesting. I swear these stupid roosters around me crow 24/7, now I’ll pay attention and see. This will be short, I’m off to buy a truck load of salt to put around my home. That’s what it’s been missing!! 🙂 Seriously though, I’m putting a circle around it. Can’t hurt. Too much freaking evil in this world these days.

  7. i have one main one – if a certain person’s name (satan incarnate) from a past job is mentioned, i HAVE to throw salt over my left shoulder and i make the person who said it do the same.

    otherwise, SWMNBN (she who must not be named) comes back into my life either throw an email, a phone call or someone saying “satan incarnate said….”

    she’s a crazy psycho beotch and i don’t want her around anymore evah!!

  8. jenny-gasp! oh no, maybe it was for one of your neighbors…….

    SM-I do not have any roosters near me, thank gawd. I hate those birds.

    rachel-satan incarnate sounds like a nasty b*tch!

  9. I knock wood all the time…but that’s about it.
    My in laws are crazy superstitious and it gets a little annoying at times because they FREAK about the stupidest(to me) things.
    I believe you make your own luck:)

  10. Hey!

    I usually knock on wood (my skull), don’t walk under ladders (afraid I’ll get fallen on) and salt over the shoulder for luck.

    Hope all is well in your hometown! Get better soon! That eye sounds really painful!

    Give TT a big ol’ bear huggie for us! LOL D 🙂

  11. “Pregnant women should avoid funerals and being around dead people”

    Angel Dust, This is more than an old wives tale.
    If you believe in new & old souls – reincarnation.
    Then must women would possibly want to give birth to a healthy baby or ‘new’ soul free of karma

    Whereas, in large urban hospitals where the maternity ward is too close to the ‘dying’ ward – then babies are born with a whole set of baggage or karma from a past life.

    Of course if you believe in reincarnation & karma you already believe that which child is born to which mother, and which mother gives birth to which child is pre-determined, in which case which hoapital they give birth in or are born is as predetermined as each star has its place in the sky.

    Wishing you a beautiful day!

  12. lael-I hope Im not driving my family crazy with any of my hangups!

    FF-salt is important in many ways 🙂 I agree about the ladders, who wants fell on?

    quasar9-I understand exactly what you mean, a new soul is as important as an old one.

  13. I have many. Thank you for the crow poem.
    To heck with my horoscope ….from now on I’m looking out my kitchen window and counting crows as I drink my morning coffee.
    I find these superstitions comforting.

  14. hope-the crow poem Ive known since I was about 6 yo, my Grandmother taught it to me. its my favorite!

  15. sorta I guess lol you know if you spill salt you throw it over your shoulder so you don’t have bad luck, don’t remember which one so I throw a pinch over each lol

  16. I’m never sure what is meant by “facing” a direction when you sleep. The direction the top of your head points? Your face?

    I don’t like hearing Christmas carols out of season, such as when there’s an old Christmas movie on TV late at night (it happens!). I throw salt over my left shoulder if I spill any, and I really do believe it keeps away bad spirits if you sprinkle some across a doorway. How loopy do I sound now?

    In Great Britain, people salute magpies whenever they see one but I can’t remember why.

  17. I guess I am pretty superstitious and this post kind of re-affirmed that. Here’s my list of oddities:

    Black cat crossing my path means something bad will happen.

    I knock on wood.

    I hold my breath when driving past a cemetery.

    I believe death comes in threes.

    I CANNOT sleep with any body part hanging off the bed.

    I will not step on someone’s grave!!

    I’m sure there are more, but these are just the immediates that came to mind! HA!

  18. anne-lol, I throw it over BOTH shoulders too!

    defrostindoors-Xmas carols, I agree. Only at Xmas time

    pinky-no body parts hanging off the bed, me too!

  19. jos

    hey i wonder if anyone knows anything about mirrors facing windows??
    please if anyone knows a bit about this could u tell me!?!

  20. Lord Umbarger

    How about the one dealing with knots and vampires? You know, they can not pass a knot until they until it? Many German families in the old country used to keep complex knots tied outside of thier homes to prevent vampiric invasions. At least that is what my Grandmother told me. Oh, yeah, and kosher salt on the threshold keeps out evil spirits.

  21. tracy b

    Hey, I don’t know if this helps anyone at all, but the number 13 is not evil… actually be thankful for it. In my culture, demons, ect can not count past the number twelve. If someone puts thirteen stones, pennies, whatever outside of their homes entrance, the spirit will be there all night long counting and recounting. So have no worrires when it comes to the number 13.

  22. Kess

    I NEVER sweep the floor after dark. (lots of Native American superstitions…..I can’t help it;)

  23. mercy

    I swear the hooting owl is true. I will always believe this one. I come from Africa and we believe if an owl hoots outside your house, someone is going to die. I remember when my mom was very ill, we were all struggling and trying everything to keep her alive. The day I heard the hooting owl, I knew the time had come, and sure enough, three days later, mom passed away. Also, we believe if you dream of a wedding, someone will die, or if you eat in your dream, especially meat, someone will die. This has been true every single time in my life. I’ve had way too many deaths in my family.

  24. Chris Jackson

    Putting your hat on the kitchen table is considered bad luck.
    Putting your elbows on the kitchen during meals is very disrespectful to the the person who prepared the meals and also who owns the place.

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