Nice Spring Days

The weather has been terrific. Wee One and I have been taking advantage of it every day. It is not helping me get over my sickness any faster but I can’t stay indoors on these gorgeous days we are having in Oklahoma…I just cant do it.

Yesterday we went for a walk.

Swimming anyone?                    no thanks!

This isnt the kind of water I’m used to (I think this is a branch of Bird creek). When I took this picture from the bridge there was a turtle or something poking it’s head out of the water to the lower right. I am assuming it was a turtle because it had a good sized head, maybe it was a fish? I did not get a good look. Last winter I used to see the same Bald Eagle fishing this creek, a little bit further in. I have not seen it this year.

The creeks in Oklahoma are not clean or safe. Safe meaning, SNAKES. Maybe not just yet, in a couple of weeks they’ll be out.

Growing up in Northern Michigan has spoiled me. I am used to the Great Lakes and fresh roaring rivers and twinkling clear streams. Oklahoma does not come close……altho I do have a fresh spring that runs at the back of my horse pasture that stays clear.

The Old Guy checking out some bike riders. I have upped his arthritis supplements this week, he has been awful sore. I have not ridden him much at all to make him sore. If he does not feel better in a week I’ll call the vet and see what she says. I still have a few tubes of Bute paste but I do not like to use it for a couple of different reasons.

Wee One and I were out in the yard, Scooter was mad because he could not have my undivided attention. Notice he has 2 burs stuck in his forelock. I suppose that is my punishment for not hanging out with him all day long. Before Wee One was born, he and I hung out all day long every day, especially when I was preggers. I guess he feels ‘neglected’.

I hope our great weather holds for a few more days. Unfortunately we’ll probably have to pay the price for it in the form of some severe thunderstorms…….



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15 responses to “Nice Spring Days

  1. Aniin BG, Water is not safe down here either, a little thing called gators. The natural springs at parks are normally safe within the boundaries.

    Sorry you are still feeling sick, my cough is terrible this week due to the cold weather. Seeing the quack tomorrow.

    Say hi to Scooter for me, and hope he feels better soon as well.

    Love you

  2. Rebecca

    Our weather is nice right now too!
    I am sooooo JEALOUS of your wide open spaces. I want to share them~ Well actually, I want my own but we could be neighbors….. = )

    You just gotta move south for me.

    I hope you get to feeling much better soon….Day care and at least a day off for you to snooze?

  3. I just love your photos! Hope you feel better soon.

  4. Oh, Scooter is such a beauty! Give him a nose pat for me! He is gorgeous!

    You’re right – Ted Bundy was handsome when younger and a registered Republican. The guy at WalMart was more like Robert Goullet (or however you spell it) but heavier.

    I’m a magnet – just a magnet. For the socially inept and the socially challenged. Yup, that’s ME.

  5. bri-ewww gators, I make one good meal for one thats fer sure

    rebecca-you need to come southwest and rope you a real cowboy


    rachel-mr. purdy is calling for you…

  6. I’m liking your pictures and your nice weather!
    I feel the same about it here and we have the same problems. Can’t swim in the lakes or creeks,everything’s different..lots of bears and cougars,can’t hike….I wanna go home:(
    Does the feeling ever go away? We’ve been here 2.5 years..

  7. lael-Ive been in Okla since ’89 and as much as I love OK, I miss MI something awful….so I cant say it gets any better. the only thing I DONT miss about MI is all the cold weather and SNOW.

  8. Quasar9

    Peaceful, Restful
    Yet so full of life
    trees waiting to burst into bloom
    horses waiting to run into a gallop
    all at the drop of a hat
    or a few degrees more from the sunlight!

  9. Oral

    You really have a gift with photography.

  10. I love the last one of Scooters head 🙂 He looks like he has a mohawk 🙂


  11. I loved the pics! The Old Guy is such a beautiful horse. I hope the upped dose of his medicine will help him. I hate to see animals in pain, and I know it has to be really hard for you, loving him as much as you do!

    I’m cracking up over Scooter being an attention whore! I have one of those here at home with me, now, in the form of a cat named Noah. Ah, ya gotta love them.

    I hope your weather stays good, and that you get to feeling better, soon! *hugs*

  12. glad to hear the wind stopped.

  13. ugh you’re making me jealous, our 50 degree weather should be here this weekend

  14. Hey!

    Glad spring is on the way! I never want to get in the water, just listen to it. So soothing.

    Glad you and Wee One are enjoying the good weather. Poor Scooter sounds jealous! He misses your attention. Maybe you could set a “date” day with him, when Wee One is in Daycare one week?

    Feel better soon! D 🙂

  15. Hi there!

    Just stumbled across your site searching for horse related stuff… Gotta ask, what sort of supplements do you use for arthritis for horses? Gorgeous looking old boy, nice photos 😀


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