Please bear with me. I may have or may not have been visiting my regular reads.

My AOL software is having connectivity issues, which in turn has caused me to have issues with AOL and their non-english speaking people who they employ.

I ordered a new disc to install….so until it arrives in the snail mail, I will be zooming around the internet at a turtle’s pace….not really, I refuse to surf slowly. I’d rather NOT surf at all.

Wee One has cut me no slack while trying to trouble shoot my stupid computer problems.


I am 2 seconds from screaming………..




Im not sure what!



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16 responses to “Issues

  1. Do you connect thru AOL?? If not, throw their software out the door, download Firefox and do everything you ever did thru AOL by going thru…. It’s all much faster that way. The AOL software is very bloated and often a pain….. If you DO connect thru AOL…. we’ll be waiting to hear from you!

  2. SailorMoon

    I ditched AOL, well, it was mutual, but they are a pain. And hear I thought Sprint employed all the nonenglish speaking people! Kids can be aggravating at times, but I know you love them and with WeeOne’s smile, you have to just melt! Just read your blog yesterday about unicorns. My 15yo daughter loves them. I’m always showing her your pics and stuff and showed her the unicorns and she said, see, I told you they were real. Nobody could draw those!! 🙂 Snail mail unexpectedly flies sometimes, maybe your disc will!

  3. Hey BG..I have missed you..been missing my regular stop bys as well..hope the puter gets better soon..:) take care..m

  4. Nothing worse than cornpooter problems, no matter what causes them…usually mine are caused by me.
    Haven’t been visiting blogs lately, and won’t have much time this month, but just wanted to say hello and wish you a nice day.

  5. I’m lucky to have someone who is more in tuned to the guts of the machine.

    When in doubt, I shout.

  6. DaBich

    Wee ones are a headache at times, but when they get bigger, they are bigger problems! lol
    Enjoy them while they’re “wee” 🙂

  7. I was hooked on aol forever then my husband got me onto firefox and it is so much better.

  8. Aniin BG,

    Sorry about the continuing problems with AOL. Everything that I have heard about them is bad.

  9. ACK!!!!!

    ‘puter problems!!!!!

    Just go out on the porch and SCREAM for 45 seconds. Just let it out. It’ll do you good and no one will know the difference!

    Have a peaceful Frdiay! D 🙂

  10. Rebecca

    I’m sorry, and I have given you grief over the last week. I know how losing your fast capability can make me INSANE… You have young children on top of that~

    Last weekend when the tornadoes hit not having internet at home i went crazy. Amazing how disruption can cause such unhappiness.

    Have a calming Friday.

  11. Thnx for the advice and sympathy! Im ready to reach into my PC and choke some AOL wqorker unconscious. I did call my privately owned phone company about when the new DSL will be available out here to me. It looks good and maybe soon Ill be kissing off AOL forever:)

  12. You’ll be so happy with DSL when it comes around your way. Audio, video, all the cool stuff. 😉

  13. I LOVE that picture of Wee One!

    I hope you get relief soon.
    I panic when I can’t scoot around the internet
    like usual;p

  14. That has to be the cutest pic of Wee One- ever! Sorry to hear your internet is sucking– I have Charter, and here in Cowtown, it’s a big hit or miss deal. Anyway, here’s to hoping it gets fixed soon!

  15. kt

    omg..weeone is so fricken cute!

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