Some Of My Favorite Things



Here are some of my favorite things and things I am thankful for listed in no particular order whatsoever:


Unicorns! (the photo: I took a close up picture of a published photo out of a Vavra book with my camera)

Hearing my horse’s whinny any time of the day or night.

Scooter’s soft and lush equine coat.

Flavored bottled water, yummy.

Hearing my boy’s laughter.

Seeing my boy’s smiles, especially in their eyes.

My husband’s work worn and calloused hands.

Popcorn, any and all kinds!

Coca-cola classic in a can.

Gov. Brad Henry of Oklahoma signed a Bill recently that allows anyone convicted twice for rape, sodomy or lewd molestation involving children under 14 years old can face the death penalty.

Money, I do not have nearly enough but Im happy for what I have.

Mike’s Hard Lemonade…..Limeade isnt bad either.

Receiving a package in the mail.

My car, I LOVE my car!

Books, I would perish without books to lose myself in.

Modern day appliances, makes a stay-at-home mom’s life A LOT easier.

Curel Ultra healing lotion.

Son #1 Youth Church Group-he loves it, so that makes me like it too.

My camera.

Michigan summers. Nothing better anywhere else in the whole world, ever.

Blogging, free therapy for me. Y’all know I need this outlet!

Hearing my Father looks forward to receiving his weekly snail mail letter and pictures from me.

Oklahoma’s wide open spaces.

My sister J. she rocks.

Living in the country, away from the hustle and bustle of too many people.

Best friend L.

L’Oreal Bare Natural Powdered Mineral Foundation. I have found my holy grail in makeup and it is cheaper than Bare Escentuals ID by a lot of $$.

I have many more favorites but these were the ones that came to mind in the short time I had to whip out this post.

Lately I think I’ve been kind of self-centered and whiney so I needed an attitude adjustment again.

Consider my attitude adjusted from today onwards……sorta, kinda

Wouldn’t it be something if they were real?




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12 responses to “Some Of My Favorite Things

  1. Aniin BG,

    I figured after the snakes yesterday, that you were going to say that unicorns moved in with the cows next door.

    Of course, if I remember my legends correctly, you would have to be a virgin to ride a unicorn. 😛

    Love your list, Coke and popcorn, blogging and books, summer and packages.

    We must be twins!!!! 😆

    Love you

  2. This is a wonderful entry, and many of your favorite things are mine (you keep the makeup, though; I don’t use it). I could make a list of a hundred things I like about horses alone! Most people think I’m nuts when I say “horse poop smells good.” Those who agree that it does, indeed, smell good, are certified horse-loving people.

    Just the springlike weather we’re having has given me a new attitude (temps a bit cool, but I have coveralls).

    I realize that with Wee One to care for, you are restricted from doing whatever you want, when you want. The day will come when you’ll be free to come and go as you please. Such freedom is wonderful. But you will also wish, sometimes, that you could have just one of these days you’re having now, back. Just one little hug from Wee One while he is indeed “wee”.

  3. brian-gasp! I am so a virgin!!!!!!!!

    Donna-you are 100% right, nothing about horses smell, even horse breath smells good! I would have to say that we are both what my husband calls “certifiably horse crazy”. Wee One will be heading to The Indian Nation’s Head Start next Fall, I cant wait!

  4. I used to collect everything unicorn.

    I like your list. I should take a page from your book and do one too, we should all remind ourselves of the good things in our lives every once in a while.

  5. Rebecca

    Reading this is helping. I am really on an emotional rollercoaster today. One of my kids just had an asthma attack and an ambulance had to come pick her up. Yesterday one of my fav kids from last year/ I have his sister this year. Social services came to pick her up yesterday. Their step dad is an alcoholic and tried to put their little sister through the wall the night before. MY student went after dad and mom had to hold him back in a choke hold he was going after step dad.

    I woke up worried about EVERYTHING I need to accomplish here at work before tomorrow and I have a fucking gala tonight here til 10. I’m about to lose it. Flo isn’t coming to town for another week why do i feel so EMOTIONAL.

  6. Well, if Brian’s comment is correct – no unicorn riding for any of us, ey??

    I love makeup and perfume! Love it! I love a good steak and a nice colddddddd Diet Mt. Dew.

    Man, now you got me thinking about things I love!

  7. Unicorns ARE real… But..

    “Some things have to be believed to be seen…”

    That’s a quote from somewhere.. I can’t remember where right this second, but I have it on a bookmark somewhere

  8. If Rachel ❓

    I will have you know that I am a certified expert in all things virgin. 😉

    Err, never mind. 😳

  9. jenny-Ive always wanted the Breyer Unicorn but never got it 😦 sometimes I need to kick myself in the ass to realize my life isnt all that bad.

    rebecca-stress and hormones, the hormone thing never ceases. How awful for you having to send one of your student to the hospt. I hope she is okay, and for the alcoholic step-dad……..gimme 5 minutes alone w/ him. Ill cure his disease.

    rachel-New York Strip cooked med-rare please………loaded baked potato yummy!

    astaryth-yes, they are real…arent they?

    brian-you WISH! heheh

  10. My oldest (43 soon ) has collected all things unicorn since she was a “wee” one. Unicorns and Barbie dolls…sigh…
    Hurray for your Govenor ! I would like a law that says the first time you offend, is the LAST time you offend. I hope I live long enough to see the DP in Mi.
    Michigan summers…yep…but you know BG, over the years, I’ve noticed a total lack of manners in tourists. Folks come up for a week or 2, party loudly all night, let their dogs run loose, leave garbage everywhere and on and on. Why? Those of us that live up north LIVE here…we don’t go downstate and trash your ‘hood, so why disrespect ours? Very sore spot for me.
    Nothing beats a diet pepsi in a bottle :-p
    Great post BG…I needed an attitude adjustment,too.

  11. Oooo!!! Girl, you & me & a HUGE bowl of kettle corn! YES!! Just love popcorn!

    I love packages, too – speaking of, sent one out to you today! You should have it by Saturday – Monday at the latest.

    Hope all is well and that the adjustment is completely successful! LOL D 🙂

  12. oooooh but may be they are real!
    We have Narwals..they have a unicorn like tusk…
    I’m going to believe they are real,lol,because I said so;p
    I like your list!
    We share some of the same favourites!

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