Strangest Injury?

 My pictures are itty bitty because of my crappy connection and issues with AOL (aol needs to bite my hiney). I had to make them teeny tiny so it wouldn’t take forever and a day to upload.

 Scooter did not like me riding brother-in-law W’s 4 -wheeler. He stood there until I was finished.

This isn’t the best picture of the little filly that lives about 1 mile away. Actually she isnt all that little, she is pretty good sized, I bet she’ll mature to an easy 16 hands. 

The filly was wearing a ‘pretty pink’ halter…..poor thing. When I took my walk, she was running in her pasture all alone and acted like she was starved for company. She kept reaching over the fence for me and walked/ran along as far as she could with me. Her momma is a brown mare and she was gone. I am assuming her owners took her to get bred? maybe……I have no idea. The brown mare did not have a foal last year.


 Not much roping has been going on lately. Yesterday I picked up my rope and threw it some. Now my shoulder is achy. I am so out of shape it isn’t funny.

This reminds me of a MeMe that was sent to me awhile back. One of the questions was:


 I would have to say:  a pulled groin muscle.

One New Years Day, about 7 years ago, best friend L. and I entered a money roping. I was heeling. We did well and made it to the 2nd round. I stood up in my saddle and threw my loop (caught both heels too) but when I did, I twisted a certain way and……..boy howdy!

I felt like some one had kneed me in the crotch with a lead knee. Scooter put on the brakes like a good roping horse, my rope jerked tight and I nearly toppled out of the saddle.

It was a painful not to mention embarrassing injury.

I hope that never happens again….

Some more neighbors……………



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7 responses to “Strangest Injury?

  1. Rebecca

    Strangest injury? Nah just a micro chip that was inserted that apparently leads ALL assholes to me…like a fly on shit.


  2. rebecca-((hugs)) yep, men suck….

  3. Aniin BG,

    Not so fast my best friend. Weekend off doesn’t mean I don’t swing by the reservation for a cold one. 😆

    That is, if a man is safe around here ❓

    Strangest injury, done the groin pull bit, but, back when Bernard was about 13, we were sledding and walking back uphill, snapped a tendon in our foot. PAIN!!! I remember that.

    Have a great weekend, and I’ll be around.

  4. What tiny pictures you have. You need DSL in the worst way. I’ve had AOL for years, but I depend on them very little. They’re free now, you know, as long as you have your own provider. So I keep AOL for the e-mail address I use there, and for one chat room I enter about twice a week. Otherwise, I access my mail (and AOL) through my firefox browser.

  5. brian-well, you said you were taking the weekend off…….ask my husband about the man thing, he’d know more about that than me, heheh

    donna-my phone co. is a privately owned one, we just got our lines buried last summer now they say we might get DSL! I cant wait

  6. what happened to Rebecca?

    You are right, you rarely hear women talk about pulled groin muscle.

  7. A backward sommersault on the basement stairs while having an argument with my sister at around age 8. Today I can laugh. Other jewels include building ramps and running our bicycles off of them at 40 mph. Everything went well but the landing! How lucky you are to have access to that horse! She’s beautiful!!

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