Last night I watched MADTV before I went to bed. Omg, I laughed my silly head off. Laughter does a body good. I slept great, despite the loss of an hour of sleep……of course being exhausted had nothing to do with it…

Saturday was another perfect weather day. A light breeze, partly sunny, and warm.

Scooter thinks he should eat grain 24/7.

In the afternoon, I conned Nate and his friend into watching Wee One for 30 minutes. Scooter and I went for a short ride.

I rode bareback and got full of hair again.

I can remember when I used to ride bareback all the time. I once rode as well bareback as I did in any saddle. I have become out of shape. Maybe one day I’ll be back in tiptop riding shape.

Son #1, his friend K. and K.’s little brother P. who is 7 yo went with Wee One and I to the park. We took the big green kick ball. We had a good time. They ran my butt off……wait, no its still as big as ever, dammit.

As we drove past the local baseball field, the 2 older boys spied a local girl who Son #1 has been friends with since they were infants (literally). 

S.K. has…um… do I put this? matured.

S.K. was wearing a form fitting yellow shirt and pitching a ball to a similar dressed batter at the home plate. Both older boys did a double take, then looked at each other. I caught this and asked them if they wanted to play a game of baseball. Of course they said,”yes!”

The 2 younger boys and I hung around in the back field playing kickball. The other kids, about 8 of them played a game of ball.

 I thought it’d be a good idea to stick around and chaperone….

Teenage hormones-ack! I dont remember looking like that when I was 13 yo. In fact, I dont recall my friends looking like S.K. when they were 13 yo either!



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13 responses to “Saturday…

  1. Hello again!

    Thanks for the hasty reply 😉 I hadn’t realised your boy was 28! He’s looking awesome for his age! I have an 18 year old Qh x Arab gelding – have had him since he was 9. He’s an old grump but I love him to pieces – first pony, you see 😉

    Am riding all sorts at the moment as am working at two riding schools, looking to become qualified to teach, so am getting lots of lessons in – 3 a week on varied horses/ponies… learning lots!

    Enjoy the lovely weather you’ve been receiving!


  2. Annin BG,

    Glad you got a chance to ride and run around. I can tell your rear is shrinking as we speak. 😀

    Hope you are having a good Sunday.

    Love you.

  3. Sounds like you got some good exercise!

    Keep an eye on those boys!

  4. chris-yeah, when they get old, they get grumpy! I answered your question over at your place.

    Brian-you are too kind, no-my ass is growing!

    momto3cubs-my eyes are glued on those 2 boys…no misbehaving on my watch!

  5. I’ve yet to watch MAD TV….will try next week..laughter is great for the soul.
    Pics are great !
    re: teens
    Just remember they are all hormones with feet…24/7.

  6. Rebecca

    Hope you enjoyed the kick ball. I work with 11-13 yr olds all day..Geeze, I thought I had hormones.

    They can be so silly to watch = )

    Scooter is LOVED. He is quite the striking horse isn’t he?

  7. magz-MADTV is so stupid it is funny, mindless laughter…..

    Rebecca-yes, he is striking 🙂

  8. I truly hope Blue lives to such a ripe old age as your old guy. I have never loved a horse the way I love him, and he understands me better than most humans. I’d be 77 years old when he’s Scooter’s age. What a gift that would be!

  9. Donna-I hope Blue lives to a ripe old age too! funny, you and Blue are like Scooter and I. He has become cranky in old age..but so have I,lol

  10. funny…. the double take.
    and the big butt. I know what you mean. I’ve tried and tried and never really been able to laugh it off.

  11. Scooter is so beautiful! I don’t blame ya for getting out for a ride, especially on a beautiful day!

  12. Great blog, good job getting it all together 🙂

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