Arabs vs. Quarter Horses vs. Saddle Breds And So On..

My friend E.T. ‘s mother called me Saturday and said she bought a new horse. A gray Arab. Mrs. E.T. had back surgery not too long ago. She said she cant ride her obese Palomino because…..Im not exactly sure why. I don’t think she ever gave me a reason.

She offered to let me ride her gelding (the Palomino) whenever I wanted. I will probably take her up on the offer.

The Palomino is a nice tempered and well broke horse.

Mrs. E.T. now thinks Arabians are the best breed of horses to walk the earth. She used to say this about Quarter Horses too.

I like Arabians. I think they are gorgeous horses. ( I like all horse breeds to be truthful )

For me personally, I prefer QH.

I have shown a Saddle Bred one season (Puke). He was like riding silk. Smooth and fluid. I took english lessons off of Ollie a huge Arab with a winning personality. One year during 4H I showed a grade paint gelding named Buckshot. The spring before I moved from N.MI I exercised regularly a 15.3 Tennessee Walker mare named Suzy for my friend Joanie who was ill. I often rode out the ‘kinks‘ on a Morgan cross named Tasha (she was a witch) one of the boarders horses back home in N.MI.

When I get old and crippled, I am going to buy an Icelandic horse or also called Icelandic Pony to ride around on. Simple and short, good horses. No fuss.

I rode one of these ruggedly loveable ponies in Wichita. I have never forgotten the experience……. great, short, stocky, strong little equines. A powerhouse of a horse in a tidy package.

I have been fortunate to ride many different breed of horses. 

I cant say that one breed is better than the other, each breed has it’s own special qualities………



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18 responses to “Arabs vs. Quarter Horses vs. Saddle Breds And So On..

  1. Well, I have a little problem with Arabians because the ones I’ve known were more spirited than I like, and also because of a bad experience with one my daughter was going to buy. (

    Other than that, I pretty much like all horses if they are trustworthy.

    When selecting one for myself, though, I’ve always chosen some type of gaited horse simply because I’m not the greatest rider in the world, and I don’t like bumping and bouncing.

  2. I haven’t a clue as to most of this. I don’t know anything about horses, but I do know love when I hear it. Girl, you got love all over you. Glad you found something that makes you that happy. Have a super Monday!

  3. Aniin BG,

    Thanks for the equine lesson this morning. Hope your weekend was great and you were able to drag your old and crippled ass out riding at least once. 😉

    Beautiful weather this morning again, the week is supposed to be great.

    Love you.

  4. donna-Im off to read about the Arab experience. Ive known spirited Arabs and spirited QH’s also deadheads in both breeds….Scooter (myQH)can be a bit ‘spirited’ not dangerous or crazy, he just likes to GO..well maybe notso much now that hes elderly.

    Pinky-my poor husband has to put up w/ my horse craziness…..he deals pretty well tho

    Brian-you forget FAT, old and crippled ass. Its rainy, wet and muddy here but we need the rain, I aint complaining after the great weather we’ve had.

  5. I know nothing about horses except that I love coming here and looking at these exquisite pics and reading about them.
    You know what, I’ll be back in OK in May. Wanna get together?
    BG, I had fully intended to try to get in touch with you while I was there, but after my week from Hell-o, it totally escaped me. DUH!

  6. I’m with you… I pretty much love all horses. Instead of being attached to a particular breed I tend to become attached to particular -horses-. Just like people there are good and bad in every race, creed and color Each horse has his own personality, good/bad/or indifferent. I’ve always had a small problem with people who either love or hate a certain breed… they can be so judgmental and often pass up the opportunity to fall in love with a wonderful -individual- horse!

  7. Aniin BG. If you are fat, then I’m a rodeo clown. 😉

    We need rain too, but the rainy season starts May/June. Until then, only cold fronts trigger rain.

  8. astaryth-very well said! I hate hearing when people ‘label’ horse breeds. I know quite a few good cowhorses that dont have a drop of QH blood in them.

    Brian-ha! you look good in polkadots and a huge red nose

  9. Well, I was born and raised in the city so my knowledge of horses is limited. I’ve ridden one years ago. I like to watch Clydesdales though. Dale Earnhardt started buying retired Clydesdales (I’m a DJ fan but still thought it was cool) and I always thought that was neat. I like the way they look for some reason (it’s not the Bud connection; I promise. On South Beach I can drink wine but not beer.)

  10. Swampwitch-lol, I was just giving you a hard time 🙂 Murphys? yummy! their hot hamburgers are good but I like their plain ole cheeseburgers better.

    Rachel-Clydesdales are are gorgeous horses! DE has good taste in draft horses, hes cute too..

  11. I’ve had friends with horses — but rarely ever been on the back of one.

    I wonder what I missed when I read about your riding varieties.

  12. SailorMoon

    I know nothing about horses, although some have always been within a block of me most of my life, but your love of them spreads happiness to a lot of us!! Neighbors horses hang their head over and visit when I walk with my little one, but just never had family or friends that were horse people. Well, my kids are on spring break, older 2 are at 6 flags today, got their season passes, their friends parents drop them off and I get pick up duty. Damn, will cut into my watching 24 again. I’m on a happy dance, I had work last week, this week and just got a call that I have work next week! Woo hoo!! I can pay those bills!!

    BTW, I love Madtv and Saturday Night live, but my fat ass can’t manage to stay awake to watch them much anymore.

  13. Just beautiful horses. I am horse deficient. can’t tell the differences! A horse is a horse, of course, of course! LOL D 🙂

  14. Wow BarnGoddess,
    beautiful white, is that in your field?

    That Top Pic is a great black & white portrait.
    I’m gonna have to restart my Saturday horses posts, and add these two pics in the future (if that’s ok with you).

  15. pamela-you missed a lot!

    sailormoon-feed your neighbors lots of carrots and apple slices, they’ll love you for it!

    FF- a horse is a horse of course!

    quasar9-nope, only my little bay qh Scooter.

  16. DaBich

    Aren’t quarter horses those really big ones?? I hear they are good natured.

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