An evening a few days back,I was outside piddling around in the yard. I groomed Scooter and cleaned the water tank, scrubbed a bucket that the birds crapped all over…stupid birds.

After I finished, I brought Scooter out into the yard and sat in a lawn chair while he ate his grain. The windows through out the house were open and I could hear hubby, son #1, and wee one in the kitchen after their dinner.

Here’s some of the conversation I overheard:

Son #1, “dad, what does kosher mean?”

Hubby,” kosher? like pickles or Jewish strict ritual beliefs?”

Son #1, ” I dont know, someone said they could not eat something because it was not kosher.”

Hubby, “maybe it was a Jewish person who could not eat store bought beef.”

Son #1, “huh?”

Hubby, “Wee One, what are you doing? are you pooping? do you need to use the potty?”

Son #1, “I think the people wouldn’t eat cookies. Dad! Sammy looks like he has to take a dump!”

Wee One, “no, gimme my juice!”

Hubby, “wee one! do you need to go to the potty?”

Wee One,” No!”

Son #1. “He does so Dad.”

Wee One, “No!”

Son #1, “ewww, he smells Dad!”

Wee One, “Bubba (what he calls his brother) I farted! smell, Im stinky.”

Hubby, “wheres your mother?”

See why I seem a bit ‘unhinged‘ at times?



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17 responses to “Kosher

  1. Oh!! LOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!

    that’s hilarious! You deal with that on a constant basis??? You poor dear! Helpless and hapless!

    Men! D 🙂

  2. Aniin BG, I have to agree with FF. MEN ❗ ❗

    Hope you have a better day today.

    Love you. 😀

  3. Funny stuff! I love that picture in todays entry, by the way.

  4. You’re outnumbered and surrounded, BG, even Scooter is a guy.

  5. SailorMoon

    That’s hilarious!! Thanks for the morning laugh, I needed that. The things we mom’s hear and talk about. Can’t make this stuff up!!

  6. FF-your right, MEN!

    brian-cant live with ’em cant live w/out ’em


    jenny-do you have to remind me?

    SM-oh my, some conversations that go one ’round here are something else.

  7. BG..ROFLMAO…oh my goodness need some time off..attitude adjustment I have to say that I love hearing conversations like this they are usually too funny to be made up and besides no one would believe you if you, take care..m

  8. Yup, sounds like that around here, too. At least you were able to escape outside in the first place. The part about sitting outside in a lawn chair sounded nice 🙂

  9. Too funny! Why is it that moms ALWAYS get called when something smells bad?

  10. rachel

    you with 3 males….’nough said:)

  11. HAHAHAHAHAH that little monologue was CUTE!!! Although I can see why you are unhinged sometimes!!!

    Wonderful picture of the horsie!!!

    (See I came to visit!!!).

  12. *LOL* That can ONLY be heard in a house full of men! *L*

  13. Quasar9

    lol BarnGoddess

    “…scrubbed a bucket that the birds crapped all over…stupid birds.”

    Wee One, “Bubba (what he calls his brother) I farted! smell, Im stinky.”

    Hubby, “wheres your mother?”

    Life is a comedy
    sometimes full of crap, but funny lol
    I fell off my throne (potty) reading this!

  14. Great picture. Ilove hearing these conversations. LOL

  15. I miss hearing those kind of conversations when my kids were young and at home.

    Now I have to hear 2nd hand stories about what my grandkids are saying.

    And… reading yours

  16. Thanks for the laughter !!!!

  17. I love this picture!

    Funny kids!

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