Too Much, Too Little Time

Things have been crazy busy ’round here. If I could temporarily clone myself, I would….

Son #1 is on Spring Break.

I have already pulled 1 tick off the Old Guy! Yuck. I put some bug/tick dope on him. It should keep any future one’s from digging in for awhile.

We cannot treat the pasture since Scooter’s food grows there so I depend on a good Equine spray. It works well but needs reapplied often.

I have started and finished a few projects around the house. Maybe I’ll share them this week….

 It seems like there are not enough hours in the day sometimes.

But, I am liking the extra daylight hours!



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20 responses to “Too Much, Too Little Time

  1. Happy St Patricks Day…

    except to the Tick.

  2. When you’re thru with your projects, um, I have driving directions to 1313 Mockingbird Lane where I live and a “BG Do List”? 😉

  3. I hear ya honey.
    Our spring break happens the last week of March, at we are heading to Banff for a hockey tourney.
    google it, absolutely breathtaking, I’ve done a few rail rides there.
    If I were cloned they’d just double my list.

  4. sigh… typing to fast, not paying attention…… No, I have neber rode a train through Banff… I meant TRAIL rides, not rail rides….. though come to think of it…………………

  5. OMG!!!!
    no I am not impaired…… I actually should quit while I’m ahead

  6. Rebecca

    Well just know that you are a VIP. You have such skills that your family knows, depends on and attempts to learn from. You are a wonderful loving, patient mom and hell of a wife!

    Take a deep breathe, pat yourself on the back and try to take an hour or two a day just for YOU!

    Send the boys off on a picnic lunch you make as an excuse for “me” time…Just a thought….

  7. Pam

    Beautiful beautiful horses, top blog…thought it was xmas!
    Wandered in from Quasar who wandered in from Cindys!

    We have standardbreds and thoroughbreds, breed, train, educate, race them…a grand life, great association and passion for all horses….love your photos, dreamy stuff, look at the jaw on that horse, just want to reach and pat that forehead, all the best to you and your horses …great blog!


  8. Beautiful horse! I love the way the light highlights his face.

    I have a chestnut ~ Alijax… that looks like this one.

    I laughed at your post Wear Boots! 🙂
    Entertaining blog!

  9. Q9

    Hi BarnGoddess
    Love the colour, the light and the ‘look’.
    It is nice to have more hours in a day
    alas as the daylight ‘evenings’ get longer
    the nighttime ‘evenings’ get shorter
    never enough hours in a day – and yet
    some days can feeeeel soooo long (and hard).

    hope you are having fun!

  10. (((BG)))

    I think we are having a similar funk, must be spring. 🙂

  11. Ohhhhh that photo wants to make me reach out and scratch his nose so Beautiful

  12. We are already pulling ticks too. Got one off of Scampi this morning. It is going to be a bad year here because we did not have winter weather.

  13. There is never enough time in a day for me. I just told hubby that I was going to have to kick it to a new level and I could see him wince. I’m probably going to be cranky.

  14. I bet you do have your hands full with him on spring break! Sorry to hear about the Old Guy and the tick– I hope he doesn’t pick up anymore, those damn things are bad!!!

    PS: I’m LOVING the extra daylight, too! :0)

  15. Midlife Mom

    Ticks…Ugggg! I hate those things! Thankfully the horses don’t get them much but the cats do so I check them OFTEN. Love your horse picture, could just reach out and rub his nose, what a beauty! Mine are all still fuzzy as it has been cold but they will start shedding soon hopefully. I like your blog, stop by sometime and see my guys.

  16. SailorMoon

    I survived my kids spring break last week. Today was back to school, baby!!

    Don’t get me going about ticks. I already had to get my 13yo son to pull one out of MY head about 2-3 weeks ago. I mean, what the crap??? YUCK-OLA!! I haven’t had a tick since I was growing up in Illinois.

  17. My #1 son is also on spring break this week. I’ll send him over to look for ticks.

  18. Hi all!! Geesh, things are busy ’round here. This is the once instance I am for cloning-if I could clone myself, I would. I’ll be around soon…..

    midlife mom, you didnt give me a link!

  19. Ugh I am not ready for summer bugs…yuck.
    I agree too much to do and not enough time!

  20. Rebecca

    Hope all is well and just busy…For you not to post in a few days you are definately a woman in DEMAND.

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