Miss Kitty

Spring Break has been full of Spring weather. Warm, humid, and stormy.

We need the rain.


 Meet Miss Kitty.

I rescued her from a kill shelter. She was free. No one knows anything about her. 

Miss Kitty was already spayed so all I needed to give her was a rabies shot and a dose of Frontline in case she had any fleas.

Miss Kitty is settling in okay. She is tolerating Wee One except she had enough of him yesterday afternoon and slapped the top of his head. No scratch but it shocked Wee One.

This morning after Wee One was done pestering her and turned his back, Miss Kitty stalked and attacked him. It was kinda funny…….

Miss Kitty bites when you quit petting her and tries to hold you down with her claws when you get up from sitting by her…….

Miss Kitty likes Son #1. He said she reminded him of my sister J’s cat Sassy. Ummm, that may not be a good thing. Remember Lewis the cat, Psycho kitty terrorizes neighbors ? Well, Sassy is Lewis’s twin in female form….so that might not be a good thing.

Miss Kitty seems to be fitting in so far. Hubby said he thought she was homely but she sorta grew on ya after awhile.




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15 responses to “Miss Kitty

  1. Redneckgirl

    Aww…….she’s a cutie! Her and your little guy will have a lot of fun together. Miss ya! Hugs and Love!

  2. Wonderful!!! Congratulations!

    What an evil place – a kill shelter – why do they even bother????

    You did the right thing, with the shot and frontline.

    LOL!!! She’ll let TT where the line is drawn! I think she thinks he’s IS a toy!

    Keep her claws clipped, it will save Wee One the marks! It’s easy to do.

    Enjoy Miss Kitty! D 🙂

  3. Aniin BG,

    Miss Kitty needs a new name, like Striped Stalker. 🙂

    She is very pretty though and looks happy in her new home.

    Around 80 this week but no rain, the pollen is exploding big time.

    If you like old ads, I’ll have one tonight and for PT.

    Love ya’ 😀

  4. Aw, she’s purrty. I bet she knows you saved her life.

  5. Aww she’s lovely!
    Congrats on your new family member!

  6. Rebecca

    Welcome Welcome Miss Kitty!!!
    You did such a wonderful RESCUE~ Yeah Lori!!!!

    Miss Kitty doesn’t know how lucky she is to have been invited into such a loving home environment. She will get lots of affection from your whole family~~~~

    Hug and kiss her for me. Hope you got good food ~

  7. Gorgeous girl, and way to go! Shelter cats rock. 🙂

  8. Midlife Mom

    As a ‘Mom’ to two rescue kitties I applaud you for getting them there and not at a pet shop in a mall! She will be a wonderful kitty for you and will adjust just fine. Good job!

  9. RNG-Wee One loves the cat..not sure if the feeling is quite mutual.

    FF-I thought about clipping her claws since you can hear her clicking across the kitchen tiles.

    Brian-striped stalker is too nice for Miss Kitty, she is kind of a witch actually.

    jenny-I was almost too late! If I had not bumped into the wife of a deputy friend I know from another town, poor Miss Kitty might have gotten the deep sleep soon.


    rebecca-Miss Kitty is getting her fair share of attention from both boys, she really likes son #1. I bought Meow Mix indoor cat formula and Fancy feast canned food. She isnt too wild about the dry food tho

    defrostindoors-better than paying $$ for one

    midlifemom-I really wanted a bald cat, one of those Shpinx (SP?) but they cost $800. Miss Kitty was free, not even an adoption fee.

  10. Oh what a beautiful kitty!!! I found a home for my brothers “Miss Kitty” and strangely enough your “Miss Kitty” and his “Miss Kitty” look almost alike!!!! He had kicked her out and she was 4 pawed declawed and couldn’t fend for herself on her own outside 😦 SO i found a home for her with and elderly lady that had to put her cat down of 18 years a couple of weeks before I gave her “Miss Kitty” I don’t know if she kept her name the same but she and “Miss Kitty” sure hit it off, soon as the cat saw the litter box and food she forgot I was even there, and she was attached to me for 2 hours….I’m so happy you have a kitty 🙂 Guess that is really what my whole point of this comment was LOL. I’m wordy today SORRY!!!

    And Yes Blondes do have more fun!

  11. um you can have our rain, supposed to water us all week, blah

  12. miss kitty looks pretty darned cute and somewhat aloof, but its a cat, what am i saying. don’t get me wrong we have two, two brothers about 3 years old now. yeah they grow on ya

    john for keepers

  13. Miss Kitty is beautiful! Hubby has no idea what he is talking about! that was very good that she popped him with no claws. That is a good cat.

  14. I like Miss Kitty. She looks like she has attitude and just enough sass to put up with Wee One.

  15. Cool, my kids love our cats. Cats are so neat with their “personality”.

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