Rain, Rain..

All day yesterday it rained and thunderstormed. Everything is flooded and a big muddy mess. I took this picture from the front porch as another storm rolled in.

About 5 pm I looked out the window and saw Scooter making a mad dash to his shelter in a huge down pour. Yes, those are more f%*%ing cockleburs in his mane.

 I spent Sunday evening grooming Scooter for nearly an hour. I curried off a bunch of winter hair, trimmed his whiskers, combed out his tail, cleaned his hooves, trimmed off any long stray straggly hairs that looked awful. When I was done, he looked mighty handsome…now he is dirty and wet…..still handsome but in a dirty way.

I took this picture on my way to feed Scooter his dinner. He was fussing because I was not moving fast enough…..brat.

Why is it that walking in rubber boots seems harder than in any other kind of boot? they slow me down….not that I am some kind of speedy gonzales or anything.

Also, my rain slicker….why are they so awkward and stiff? not to mention I have a pretty bright yellow one that makes me look like Big Bird from Sesame Street.

I have this vision in my mind of me walking across the yard to the barns looking like an obese Big Bird in rubber boots.


Wee One and Miss Kitty played in/out of the Sponge Bob tent all afternoon. Then they both took an hour long nap. How nice for me!



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16 responses to “Rain, Rain..

  1. Our rain has been coming slowly and sporadically. We’ve been so dry for so many years, I’ll take it any way we can get it.

  2. Rebecca

    Again, I like Miss Kitty.

    Sorry about your spring showers. Today is officially spring. Our forecast says it may hit 80 here today. I am not ready for our HEAT wave. I actually put on a sweater this morning and pray I will not regret it by noon. No rain for us for at least a week…..I don’t mind so much on a week day or a Sunday, I like my Saturdays to shop.

  3. Aniin BG,

    That must be the best thing ever, a cat babysitter. 🙂

    Scooter is my kinda horse, a brat. 😛

  4. Midlife Mom

    Don’t you just hate it when you get them all fluffed up and then they go out and roll in the mud or something ?! Mine haven’t started the spring shedding yet and I am not looking forward to it. Each year I swear I am going to haul out the body clippers but then never do. Here in Maine the horses get some REALLY significant coats on them and it takes weeks to get it off but I hate blanketing them so I put up with it. Only blanketed the new guy who came from down south and this was his first winter here. Glad you stopped by, come by again. When we move the guys home from the riding stable in a month or so there will be lots more horse posts and pics.

  5. kt

    rain and naps go hand and hand! that kitty looks ticked off in the last pic 🙂

  6. We have snow today but so far it is light. I recall burrs on the farm when we walked or sprayed beans and corn fields. Deadly weeds! The inventor of velcroe – however you spell it – got the idea from the burrs.

    Hope all is well!

  7. Oral

    Kitty is cute. Did she get along with Sponge bob?

    How’s the whole family adjusting?

    I’ll take some rain if it cools things off here. It was 82 today. Yuk

  8. Wow, and I thought little boys were hard to keep clean 😉

    It rained here most of the day today. The sun is coming out now, yay.

  9. Great pics, BG !
    Snow here, rain and thunder tonite. 40’s tomorrow !!!!
    Are Kitty’s eyes really that blue or is my screen displaying things not there…wow…gorgeous.
    I wish I still had a wee one around….then remember how fast I cannot run after the grands and am kinda glad they are grown.
    Stay warm and dry !

  10. donna-we needed the rain too, I hope our summer isnt as dry as last year.

    rebecca-its been in the mid- high 70’s here,not bad but high humidity

    brian-the cat is a brat too…

    midlifemom-ohh, Maine, how gorgeous but cold right now! brrr, your horses would freeze w/out their winter coats. The Old Guy likes to hang onto his for quite awhile, I help him shed it faster if I can, he is miserable with it in these almost 80 degree temps.

    kt-nope, kitty just looks cranky all the time

    KM-the velcoe inventer got the right idea!

    oral-so far so good for Miss Kitty 🙂

    momto3cubs-oh yeah, horses are just like little boys, show them some dirt and they’ll get into it…or atleast my boys and horses always do

    magz-heatwave!!!!!!!!!!!!her eyes are green, I think it was my camera

  11. DaBich

    LOL…A big Bird, you? No way!

    The cats are gorgeous!

  12. Damn rain sucks, doesn’t it? I’ve had enough of it! Anyway, sorry to hear Scooter has been in the cockleburrs again. I think he knows it annoys you, and does it on purpose!

    Miss Kitty is just too cute!

  13. kitties, my grandma’s cat could play in a paper sack for hours on end.

  14. Ha! Scooter loved the attention, I know it! He wants you to live in the barn with him so he can have your attention all the time. (Why’d you even HAVE kids – you got a horse! LOL)

    Miss Kitty is too cute! I’m glad she & Wee One have a good relationship. She seems to be a laid back easy going kinda baby. Miss kitty is kinda a lame name, though. She needs something more purrrsonal. she’s got too much attitude for plain old Miss Kitty.

    Have a great day! D 🙂

  15. You got all the rain up there, we just got your leftover clouds down here.

  16. Miss Kitty is doing good it looks like!
    I hate those cockleburrs too. Crystal’s tail was full of them. Precious is a mud roller. She will also stay out in the rain unless it is so hard that it knocks her down! LOL
    I wear mudboots and they suck my socks off. I quit wearing the slicker because I could not move in them and I kept ripping them on the fence.

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