America’s Children And Terrorism


Right now our Country isn’t winning a popularity contest. It feels like the USA and us USA citizens have a huge red target right in the middle of our backs.

Frankly, I could give a hoot less about being popular….especially with the Countries and their gun waving barbaric citizens that promote and accept terrorism. It is hard for me to comprehend the fact that they believe terrorism, car bombs, suicide bombs, slaughtering innocent children, is right.

What I do care about is our Nation’s safety. The safety of those of us living within our Nation’s borders.

The whole war going on in Iraq has given me mixed feelings about the people who lead our Country. I do stand behind our President and for what our Nation believes in, Freedom. I am, however, getting a tiny nagging voice in the back of my mind every time I see or hear about another casualty from our Troops. It is time to wrap it up over in Iraq and bring our troops home. We cannot babysit another country for much longer. Our troops need to come home.

Now to the point I am actually getting act!

Last week was a busy week for me. I read/watched very little news. I caught the beginning of Glenn Beck Tuesday evening and I was a bit suprised when he rattled off his first story.

It seems the FBI released a bulletin last Friday to local law enforcement warning Some extremists driving school buses.  

The bulletin, sent to local police officials, cited recent suspicious activity by foreigners who either drive school buses or are licensed to drive them, including some with ties to extremist groups

Glenn Beck is a TV personality on Headline News that is controversial. My husband enjoys Beck’s program. I think Beck is sorta an asshole. I do not always agree with his ideas or attitude but at the same time I like him. Beck is someone who I would probably enjoy hanging out with….am I making sense?

I am disturbed by the thought of our Nation’s children being a direct target.

Counterterror officials have recently warned that suspected members of Islamic extremist groups have signed up to be school bus drivers in America.

RED flag….doesn’t this sound familiar? too much like the 9/11 Muslims taking pilot lessons.

Ive said this before………..I do not believe in coincidences. Why would a bunch of Muslims with ties to Islamic extremist groups want to drive around America’s children? School Bus Drivers aren’t known for their 6 figure income or cushy job benefits……

It is obvious as black and white. I try to be politcally correct and usually end up failing miserably. So I am going to stop ranting and rambling here because I think I got my point across.

It is time to stop worrying about ‘offending‘ people.

It is time to be vigilant and aware of the people and happenings around us…..especially for the innocents who cannot yet watch out for themselves.




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17 responses to “America’s Children And Terrorism

  1. Lindie Mitchell

    Just so you know. The “Zodiac Killer” decided way back in the late 60s he was going to shoot children off the school buses. I lived in Marin Co, CA and watched one noon time program where he called the mayor of San Francisco and went on and on about his next target, and all of us with small children went nuts

  2. Rebecca

    Popularity should not be the isssue. SAFETY should be the issue. The war is a no win situation. I don’t think Bush has made the best decisions. I do think his heart was in the right place.

    One of my kids lost his house the other day in a fire. Luckily, his parents have insurance. They are setting them up in an apt asap.

    Speaking of terror, one of my co-workers, her student was jumped by some PARENTS. She was assaulted by a parent with a weapon. Several parents were arrested for assault. We wonder why our kids are screwed up. Look at their parents!

  3. Aniin BG,

    Do you remember the kids killed in Scotland by the scout leader? Terror comes in all shapes and colors. The problem I see, is that all the media is focused on the rumors rather than reporting on solutions and holding people accountable.

    I completely opposed invading Iraq at the time, and now we have created a crisis that will go on for a hundred years or more. U.S. troops will be in Iraq for decades to come.

    Did you read the article on Blackwater? The private army that has been hired by the President?

  4. I feel the same way you do about Iraq. And I didn’t always feel this way, but enough is enough.

  5. lindiemitchell-yes, I know about the Zodiac threatening to snipe children, Ive read a few books about the killer

    rebecca-Im shocked that Muslims with extremist ties are driving school buses, even it it is just a handful…..terrorism comes in all forms. How awful for the teacher. What is wrong w/ these parents!?!?!

    Brian-I guess I didnt get my point across like I wanted. I understand that terorism comes in all forms. I am focusing on something that was shoved to the back burner by the media last Friday.For the sake of being politically correct, Muslims in American are being ‘handled’ so they are not offended. There is no reason a Muslim with Islamic extremist group ties to be driving our children around, in fact there is NO REASON they should be allowed in the USA(the extremists).

    Donna-I agree, Iraq needs left to their own now..they’ll either sink or swim. We need to bring our troops home, theyve done their jobs and quite well too.

  6. You know I was for it when it all started but the longer they are there you would think it would be less dangerous, not so, its more dangerous cause more keep popping up, so basically the more they take out the more pop up. Time to bring home the troops and close the US down if they don’t like us they need to stay out

  7. That’s true, but my point is that all Muslims are not extremists. And, if we give up tolerance and freedom, then we all will be living in a totalitarian police state. Every religion and ethnic group has been persecuted at one time in this country.

    Security should not mean that we all live in a climate of hatred and fear.

  8. Brian-I do not think Muslims should be persecuted either, since I believe in Freedom and Rights and all that but tolerance-no way! Thats how we ended up w/ 9/11. The US should NOT tolerate Islamic extremists as school bus drivers or even residing within our borders.

  9. anne-I agree. Our borders are wide open. It is not like it was in the past, we need to close our doors and think safety first.

  10. I’m with you girl, why would they suddenly be taking jobs as school bus drivers, it smells fishy. If they think the US are aggressors now wait until they start targeting our children! (not that our soldiers aren’t our children)

  11. Quasar9

    Hi BarnGoddess,
    War is cruel, vietnamese villages burnt to the ground in the name of ‘freedom’ – the ‘innocent’ (women & children) killed by the barbarities & attrocities from both sides

    We can only win the war by showing that we care for their children too – or as STING said (sung)
    “Do the Russians not love their children too?”

  12. jenny-yep, its a screwed up world.

    FF-amen back at ya!

    Quasar9-it is a no win situation. Do we allow tyrants to end freedom and take over? or do we fight for what is right? either way, blood will be shed. I prefer my freedom to living under a ruler like Saddam.

  13. I got your point and all I have to say is DAMN RIGHT!

  14. i hear ya! these people that run our country are fighting people that have no respect for life, and see that their way of defending their beliefs is that slaughtering children is going to help their cause?

    sighs. I wish we could all find a way to live together in harmony, I know that peace is out of the question, but come on. Power is a fucking illusion to weak ass oppressed individuals. I feel sorriest for the poor little children in Africa.

    now you got me started. Good on you Goddess… :huggles:

  15. pinky-damn right girl!!

    melanie-I agree, world peace would be the best thing ever but not likely with the idiots like Saddam,Kim Jong il, Hilters, and the countless others….who have to ruin it for everyone.

  16. SailorMoon

    How bizarre. I did not know this. Hmmm.

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