Arent Cats Supposed To be Low Maintenance?

Somebody forgot to inform Miss Kitty that staying up all night and snoozing all day arent how things are done ’round here.

Miss Kitty sits outside my bedroom door when I go to bed and meows until I open it or go lay on the couch with her. Then she thinks it is play time… around the house, batting at toys and running across the back of the furniture.

Eventually she sneaks off to Son #1’s room. If his door is closed she throws a fuss until someone opens it….the someone being me because I am the only light sleeper in the house.

I miss Elvis……when it was time to go to bed, he went to bed and did not move until someone kicked his lazy little ass out of their bed.

Dogs really are man’s best friend….Miss Kitty is a friend all right but shes a damn demanding one at that.

Yesterday was a beautiful day despite the clouds and threat of thunderstorms.

This morning it is thunderstorming again.

My lawn looks like crap.

The only flowers I have are some kind of huge marigolds that are in pots on the porch because I do not have the time to make flower beds.

The boys and I took advantage of the nice day. Poor Wee One and his allergies. While we were outside, his eyes started watering and he started sneezing. This happened last year. His outdoor allergies are awful, poor baby.

Wee One calls his trike his “dirt bike“.

Kinda hard peddling in the grass. I took Wee One up to the Assembly of God church’s parking lot that is the biggest and quite close. It is paved. Wee One rode all around fast and turning, ringing his little bell. I thought he was going wipe out a few times, but he did not.



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13 responses to “Arent Cats Supposed To be Low Maintenance?

  1. Rebecca

    I’m number 1. This is amazing…I am sitting after my homeroom munching on some AWESOME strawberries I bought at the store last night. I sprinkled some splenda on them over night and they are YUMMY!

    Miss kitty will calm down…make it a point when you see her snoozing during the day to wake up…sprinkle some kitty nip around her. If she is more active day wise, she will sleep more evening wise. My babies will cry if I try to close my bedroom door. I won’t…..they wanna know they have the option of sleeping with me. Give her the extra love (you give to scooter) and she will come around…also feed her in the evenings, it will help her sleep….
    TGIF! I get a few hours of “me” time….I gotta get thru my 8th period today first.

  2. Cats low maintenance??? Someone forgot to tell ours that. 😆

    Actually, they are usually quiet during the evening. You might try this, every time during the day when she is sleeping, get her up by playing. That way, she’ll have to sleep at night. Cats are vocal, some more than others. Tucker talks all the time and never stops purring. Punkin chirps at me when she sees me. It’s a daddy call only. Blessing yowls and yodels to himself.

    Wee One is so cute. I love his trike. 🙂 My allergies are really bad right now. So much pollen everywhere. Looks like he is trying to wash Scooter, what did Scooter about that idea?

    Bright blue skies and low 80’s, no rain now until May and the rainy season. I have never seen the lakes so low.

    Have a great weekend my friend.

  3. We’re having constant threats of rain here, with very little action. I think in the past week of clouds and drizzle, we may have gotten a total of 1/2 inch of rain. I’ll take what I can get!

  4. Midlife Mom

    My two new buddies (Noodles and Munchkin) like to sleep with us, they don’t want the door closed either. I play a lot with them during the evening and when it’s bedtime they seem to settle down until morning and then they are galloping through the house like mad. Miss Kitty will settle down, she’s still learning the lay of the land with her new home. Wee One’s hair is gorgeous! These are the first pics I ‘ve seen of him since I have been blogging. Did he spray Scooter? I am envious of your green grass, we still have snow although today is going to be in the high 50’s so it will drop fast.

  5. rebecca-miss kitty eats all day long, she meows until I out food in her dish, eating in evening only might be hard. I plan on keeping her awake today so she sleeps tonite.

    brian-miss kitty meows but she isnt too loud which is nice. Scooter likes drinking out of the garden hose, when someone is using it, he thinks he gets a drink.

    donna- we are flooded, Ill send some rain your way!

    midlife mom-everything has turn green the last week or so, it is nice. Wee One has cute curls but he already tries to flatten them 😦
    He gave Scooter a drink out of the hose but I wouldnt let Wee One spray him.

  6. My chihuahua, Binkie stays under the covers until 9 as she likes to sleep in. The two big dogs Bandera and Bella sleep outside most of the time – simply because they wake me up. Bella, my German Shepherd often thinks if I move it must be play time.

    My neighbors cat is going to have kittens soon. My granddaughter’s last kitten was orange striped and named Noodles.

    Your Wee One is so adorable!

  7. Great photos of Wee One. Too cute about his tricycle being his “dirt bike”, LOL.

  8. Cats are nocturnal, my friend. It’s their time. It’s when they hunt and play.

    Wake her during her naps. she’ll eventually adjust to your schedule, but make sure she knows who’s the boss.

    Ask son #1 to leave his door ajar for her at night, then you won’t have to get up. Try really hard to ignore her when she bothers you at night. She’ll get tired and give up. Get a water pistol or plant mister. give her a couple quick shots when she’s pesty. She’ll learn.

    Teach her “no” or “enough” and mean it when you say it – squirt her too. Eventually, she’ll recognize the word and quit what she’s doing.

    Make sure she has enough to do. Bored cats require more attention. Little toys – but not too many – milk jug rings, ping pong balls (golf balls make noise!) mice and shoe strings are good toys and cheap. Hae Wee One tire her out, make games for them to play together. Just so she doesn’t scratch him or hiss.

    Perhaps they could bat a ball back and forth or hshe could chase a string dangling from a pocket.

    Just some thoughts.

    Hope she calms herself & settles in for you.

    Wee One is just SO cute!! Lucky lady!

    Enjoy your time in FL, whenever it is you travel. Take care & have fun! D 🙂

  9. SailorMoon

    Miss Kitty is just settling in. Are you keeping her strictly indoors? My 2 cats are brothers, but have different play times and styles. I think girl cats can be more demanding. I’ve mostly had males.

    Oh, you say your yard looks like crap, I called from work to check on kids after school yesterday & was informed that my 13yo son was outside weedeating. Without being told, no one mentioned it. You know that’s bad!!

  10. I am right there withWee One! Last night I put so many hot compresses on my eyes to STOP me from clawing them out, I thought my skin was going to draw up. And even then, when I went to bed they were still so lovely and swollen and since mine are green – the red made such a nice contrast!!

    And let’s not EVEN discuss why Big Blue is now called Big Yeller! (the Mazda)

  11. The “dirt bike” cracks me up!

  12. BG>>How are you?? miss you..just remember one thing..”Cats allow us to own them” and they grace us with their presence, let us know when they want attention and when they don’t, we are here to take care of them and they condescend to be our if !!..after all that they are low, I have two who constantly remeind me of the rules…m

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