Random Saturday Stuff

We are flooded. Most of the low water bridges are not passable because the water is so high. I have standing water everywhere. We needed the rain but…..now I am worried about mosquitos.

Yesterday Wee One chased frogs around the yard in his rubber boots…..yes frogs!

Scooter isnt too impressed with all the rain.

I love being able to be inside my house and look out a window and watch my horse graze lazily in the pasture……..it is like taking instant valium.

Since the weather is warm, when it is not pouring down rain, I have all the windows wide open. Sometimes when Scooter is near the house (usually under the big tree) he’ll nicker when he hears my voice…..usually talking or better yet, hollering at Wee One.


I was in the laundry room late Friday morning. The goat ranchers guinness (sp?) hens came over for one of their many daily visits. Wee One was playing with his trucks near the big front windows when the hens started making a huge fuss in the front of the pasture. Wee One came and got me to see the hens. By then, Scooter was over by the hens and looking at something on the ground, he spun away and right then I knew it was something up to no good. So I threw on my rubber boots and went to investigate. It was a baby garter snake. I left it alone, non-poisonous snakes dont bother me unless they are chasing me . They kill bugs and sometimes other poisonous snakes.

But, I think one of the hens killed the baby snake, the light gray one. This hen is kind of mean tempered and will chase…..not to mention it is the loudest in the flock.

If you have never been around these kinds of hens you might not know what I mean by loud. These guinness (sp?) hens are LOUD birds, especially when they get seperated from the flock or are annoyed.

I suppose I should not have been suprised because on Thursday when Son #1 and his friend fished the pond close by, he killed a water moccasin.

I think it is safe to say……..winter is over in Oklahoma. I may be wrong, I dont think so tho.



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17 responses to “Random Saturday Stuff

  1. Aniin BG,

    Just got up, I know, I am a moo cow today. 🙂

    Have a relaxed weekend,


  2. We are getting too much rain here too. Park has been shut down cause the creek has over ran its banks, bruce can’t golf cause the course is flooded, and with rain coming the rest of the week doesn’t look like it will godown very fast;;; wanna get together and build a boat lol

  3. brian-heck, Ive been up sonce 4am when Miss Kitty pounced on my head

    anne-we may need to meet in MO and build a boat!! Ill bring an Evinrude motor tho, Im too tiresd to oar or sail lately.

  4. Hurray!!!!
    Spring is also blessing us.
    We did it, we survived.

  5. I don’t care they you kept all our snow and cold but quit hogging the rain! It’s been threatening rain for days but we haven’t got any.

  6. It’s HOT! and not a drop of rain and we need it. BUT, I think all the stuff from your house is heading this way.

    Have a fun Saturday!

  7. Quasar9

    lol at least in snow form water is more ‘manageable’ – but when it melts it gets everywhere …
    Mosquitoes? what you living in a swamp – lol!
    Hope you are having fun
    Wishing you an easy weekend.

  8. I love Scooter! 🙂

  9. hope-another winter behind us!

    jenny-Im gonna do a rain dance and send this rain YOUR way….heheh get ready

    pinky-I think your right, it is comng your way

    quasar9-it looks like a swamp today

    katie-mee too!

  10. I’ve had guineas before; I love the racket they make! We’ve had a week of days when rain and thunderstorms were predicted, but all told we’ve only had 3/4 inch of rain. Now I know who is stealing our rainfall… it’s YOU.

  11. I agree I think winter is over….the thing I have noticed this year is the amount of bees out already and thick here…which is not good since Brae is allergic…ugh that and mosquitos seem to be thick already this year.

  12. donna-I am doing a little rain dance to send this rain YOUR way 🙂

    kelli-yes, the bees are abundant, so are those nasty red wasps.

  13. water moccosin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thats one thing you can keep in Oklahoma.
    We do have rattlers, but we rarely see them unless out by the river and rocks.

    raining here, too!!!

  14. Hey BG,
    Might storm here later…still lot of snow in the yard,and ground is rock solid…and slippery as hell.
    Good excuse to not do anything.
    We have not had a bad skeeter year in a loooong time..afraid we are overdue now. Has anyone ever figured out what skeeters are on this earth for…other than to force us to buy repellent?
    Have a great day !

  15. Midlife Mom

    Yikes! I don’t like the sound of those snakes! We just have little green garter snakes here and they don’t bite. We got more rain but I’m glad cause it’s taking the snow off. Scooter is gorgeous, how long have you had him? How old is he? Is he the only one you have? If so I’ll send you out a few of mine! heehee! They are so fat from their lazy winter they can hardly move.

  16. So sorry to hear about the flooding! I know about needing the rain, but when you get too much, it sucks– and mosquitos, those damn things have NO business even being alive this day in time! I wish I could’ve seen Wee One chasing the frog, that would’ve been too cute! Glad the snake wasn’t a poisonious one, though! :0)

  17. I had to smile picturing you and Scooter having a conversation through the window.

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