I Wanna Be A Beach Bum!

The Atlantic Ocean was a bit nippy when I was in it, but that did not bother me much. I loved every minute I spent in the water and on the beach or in the pool.


The Post Office that was not too far from our condo….it was right near the liquor store.


DJ’s is a great place to eat. They have great cocktails too!

It was windy and the waves were big.

Nasty little buggers. A few kids and even one adult (that I knew of) who were body surfing were stung……they got sprayed with vinegar.

I was tempted to touch it…why? I have no idea!

Sharp looking old car.

The Lifeguard to the North of our beach. She was busy keeping people in close.

Guess someone should have cleaned their camera lens before they took a picture of the moon.

The beach is definately the place to hang when a frazzled mind needs regrouped. The sun was a great sedative. Nothing like sitting on a beautiful beach surrounded by my sisters who kept my sides in stitches from giggling.

My sisters and I are so very different but so very much alike it is strange. I am very fortunate to share the same genes as J.K. and M. We may live miles apart but we have a bind between us like steel.

Hmm, I wonder if our only brother felt left out. Too bad.

I cant wait until our next little sisters only get-together;    maybe M. wont lose her underwear again, K. wont lose her bra either, we’ll make sure the camera is pointing the right way when we set the timer then huddle for our group picture, we will get J. falling down drunk then take blackmail  pictures of her……..not that she is an angel or anything, she just comes across like a goody-two-shoes, dont let her fool ya!

I hope our next sisters only get together is not too far off…………..


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17 responses to “I Wanna Be A Beach Bum!

  1. Aniin BG.

    You sound so much better after lazing around on the beach for days. 🙂 Come back in the summer during a hurricane, then you can see really big waves. 😉

    Hope the homestead is doing well.

  2. Well, at least they used vinegar…there is another ‘cure’ for that particular sting…What was the car doing on the beach? Love the pics. Just what I needed…a quick trip to the beach compliments of Barngoddess. When are we going back?

  3. Lost underwear? Sounds like some wild party! Great pictures.

  4. Glad you had a great time and made it home safe.

    I LOVE the beach photos. (It’s cold and blustery and snowing here today, yuck!)

    How did Wee One do while you were gone?

  5. WHAT THE HELL IS THAT THING IN THE SAND. Glad you had a good time. 🙂

  6. I love the moon shot! It looks like it’s filled with millions of tiny orbs.

  7. brian-no thnx on the hurricane offer…..

    swampwitch-after the tide goes back out, you can pay $5 or 10 and drive along the beach, speed limit is 10mph

    donna-yep, it was crazy with the Panic sisters and their antics

    momto3cubs- Wee One went to work w/ hubby. It was hot here now we have a freeze warning tonite.

    defrostindoors-jellyfish, manowars

    jenny-it does look kinda cool huh? I should have edited it, it might have turned out better.

  8. So glad you had fun, and thanx for sharing the pics…looove the moon one.
    When I went home for my b-day in Jan…it was so hard because we lost a sister 3 years ago…I mean it was fun, but Terri missing was like an elephant in the room. Then we started talking about her and ended up dancing, singing and giggling like when we were younger. Cherish the memories!

  9. oops…ps…I’ll see your freeze warning and raise you a raging blizzard :-p

  10. I love the pics! I love big waves, too. I can’t swim but I can “jump” into the wave! Sounds like you had fun!

  11. Sounds like a lot of fun and good sister memories.

  12. katie

    What a fabulous time you all shared!

    I’m a water baby too!

  13. I am so glad you had what sounds like a wonderful and renewing time..awesome..take care, m

  14. This is the THIRD blog I’ve opened in the last hour where someone’s talking about their beach vacation. I’m starting to get jealous. Much better than a few days at a mall!

  15. oh i just love the water shots

  16. magz-no thnx! They did call for flurries tonite but I think they changed it to rain…I hope!

    rach-lol, those waves are fun

    kelli-it was!

    katie-since we grew up w/ the great Lakes in our back yard, my sisters and I love huge bodies of water….

    madd-yep, we had a good time

    heather-well…..yeah the beach rocks but you DID go to The Mall of America

    Anne-thnx, got lots of them

  17. our sisters trip to the ocean was in January… and ended in a car being totaled.

    But we vowed not to wait so long to do so again.

    It’s comforting to be around the ones that knew you when you were snot nosed —

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