Snow In April And A Fat Cat


Before 7 pm yesterday in N.Central Oklahoma, SNOW. It kept it up for awhile, the ground was covered but it melted fast. I thought winter was over………..

Miss Kitty sleeps with whoever is sleeping or napping, no matter what time of the day or night.

I put the brown blanket on the dark blue comforter for her to sleep on so she would not get her cat hair all over. Somehow the brown blanket is sliding off the bed and her fat ass isnt no where near it.

When I got home from Florida, hubby said, “the cat eats too much, have you seen how fat she is? She ate 5 huge bowls of food a day.”

I answered, “why were you feeding her 5X a day!?!”

Hubby said, “she acted hungry all the time!”

And he wonders why she likes him so much. Duh!

I tried to show you her fat belly but she would not let me. After Wee one got up out of his bed yesterday morning she ran and jumped in his warm spot.


This rear view picture shows how ‘broad’ she has become. She’s been eating 9Lives Indoor Cat Formula dry food since the poisoned pet food scare. I’m a bit leary of trying anything new right now.

I think Miss Kitty was an outdoor cat before she came to live here because she tries to get outside and she spends a lot of time looking out the windows.

I wish I knew more about Miss Kitty’s past. The other day she was sitting near me and I was petting her, I felt 3 beebees embedded into her fur, healed over. The officer said Miss Kitty was abused, I never thought she had been shot….



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15 responses to “Snow In April And A Fat Cat

  1. We haven’t gotten any snow but I have gripped non stop about waking up to 42 degree weather with a high of 60 for the day…UGH.

  2. Snow!!!! It’s supposed to get down into the mid 40’s through the weekend. Highs only in the 60’s. Brrrrr

    Miss Kitty should only be eating two small meals a day. Too much is bad for her, cats will eat all the time if you let them. It’s good though that all of you are showing her so much love. 🙂

  3. I thought it was
    April showers
    Bring May Flowers…
    What do April snows bring?
    Miss Kitty is a cutie…achoo!
    Hey, about the tatoo, Min at MamaDrama is the one who is posting them.
    Just let her know you will be posting your tatoo and she’ll let everyone know Saturday.

  4. With Global Warming you need to expect more snow.

  5. I forgot to ask…can you have the vet take the bb’s out or is she ok living with them embedded like that?

  6. kelli-I think our high up here is int he 40’s not fair

    brian-I only feed the cat 2X a day. Everytime she squeaks out a Meow hubby or the boys are giving her food and treats-not good!

    swampy-I might have to join her contest! sounds like fun. Luckily no one here is allergic to our kitty. The beebees do not seem to bother miss kitty but I am going to ask my horse vet when she comes out in May just to be safe.

    john linna-surely your joking

  7. looks like a normal window cat to me. Our likes to sit in a bedroom window and watch the street.

    and if you set your clothes out.. she wants to go sleep on them.

  8. pamela-why do cats like clothing so much?

  9. Because it smells good. My work clothes are Punkin’s favorite and Tucker loves the clothes hot out of the dryer. Cats are very much into scent marking their people.

  10. Midlife Mom

    I’m going to send you some of our snow to go with that little bit that you got! heehee! Actually it is melting a bit today as the sun is out. Miss Kitty does look like she’s getting a little broad at the beam but they will act hungry any time of the day. If Husband gets up first and feeds mine they will act just as hungry when I get up. That makes me sick to hear about the BB’s! I’d like to see how the person would like it to have them shot into their back! Some people don’t use the brains God gave them!!!

  11. brian-then why does my sisters hateful cat who hates everyone but always sleeps in my suitcase when I visit?

    midlife mom-Im a bit angry about the beebees too. Im quite sure they are from a beebee gun because of the way they feel. Its not buckshot from a shotgun, I had hubby feel them to make sure. Ithink she’ll be okay w/ them in her. She doesnt act like they hurt. But Im sure they did when first inflicted-whoever did that needs slapped.

  12. brrrzzzz… you are making me colder! I’ve been chilled half the day!

    At least Miss Kitty has you now! 🙂 My brother once had a kitty that looked like yours.. muted calico with tiger stripes…

  13. Men are suckers!! I have a fat cat too. He will eat anytime anybody else eats. I have to lock him up so others can eat!

  14. I don’t think Sadie was abused, but I’ve LOVE to know what her first year of life was like, before I got her from the shelter.

  15. Doesn’t the site of snow in April just do something to your brain? You know like make you wanna cuss, or something other than go out and make a snow angel lol

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