This cold snap needs to end.

One of my kitchen counters is covered with my outdoor potted flowers and my few potted peppers/tomato plants.

Last night we had a heavy frost. I went outside about 7am to feed The Old Guy his grain and everything had a layer of frost over it.

Wee One was the 1st to wake up and find his Easter Basket…………he also found his brothers and helped himself to some of his brother’s candy.

This afternoon we might take a ride up North to the Prairie Reserve and check out the Bison herds. Then we are thinking about hiking the walking trails.

Of course this all depends on how long we are expected to stay at hubby’s parents house while we make our usual Easter Sunday visit. If all his brothers and his 1 sister are there with their children, then we’ll have to stay several hours……….hmm maybe we should take 2 cars so I can leave when my inlaws become too much for me. Do not get me wrong, I like my hubby’s family but sometimes I feel smothered when in their presence………..especially during Holidays.

Tomorrow Son #1 has an away track meet at a town over 100+ miles away. He has to leave his school at 6:30 am. To make matters even more difficult, Son #1’s first summer league baseball game is tomorrow evening. So I am going to have to drive nearly 2 hours one way to pick him at his track meet so he’ll make it to another town in time for his basball game. 

Gah! I wish I had a helicopter!



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8 responses to “Snap!

  1. Girl, I HEAR you about the cold weather needing to end! I’m sick as a dog (as usual for this time of year, hence why I’m writing on blogs instead of being at Easter Mass), we had SNOW yesterday and friday, SNOW IN APRIL IN TENNESSEE– Ok, I’ve gotta stop that rant.

    Anyway, I also hear you on the in-laws. Mine are ok, in small doses. I’d definitely take two cars (if ya haven’t already left).

    I’m CRACKING up over Wee One helping himself to his brother’s candy, too! That’s just priceless!

  2. Rebecca

    I hope the Easter festivities were to your liking. It makes a huge difference that you like Hubby’s family. I hope you were able to get out of there after a couple of hours. Yes, today is one of those days I relish being single. T and I went to one of the local steak houses for lunch. I tried to get him to go to church and he passed on it. So instead I watched all the military guys in uniform, and he watched the waitresses. He’s great for that kinda stuff. Besides, he bought lunch. = )

    Wee one at least knows to go after what he wants!

  3. I am ready for some warmer temps too!
    I agree that sometimes a helicopter would make things handy!

  4. christy-omg, no snow! I hope you feel better.

    rebecca-my visit was short and sweet, I escaped quite early.

    kelli-its too cold for Oklahoma, no?

  5. i haven’t planted anything but tulip bulbs so hoping those are okay. I want warm weather or I’m gonna throw a fit lol

  6. Aniin BG.

    I’m glad you had a Happy Easter. Warmer weather on the way soon.

    Back to work tomorrow. 😦

  7. I do smile at Wee One.! Smart child!

    Sounds like the day worked out quite well for you since you were able to leave early! 🙂

    My second granddaughter, Jayda helped herself to the chocolate … and launched herself into over tired too much candy mode. I only heard the crying over the phone. It did make me laugh…Still , such a big day for her… Easter bunny, Church, croquet and other games.. dinner being later…

    I was at the j.o.b. It is odd working a Holiday… but everyone is hundreds of miles away so.. shrugging..
    just another day. At least it’s over.. lol..

  8. when I hear about the games. …. I think you must be glad you are there instead of a that job you turned down

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