The Dead Poet’s Society

Today I have some juggling to do.

I have to reschedule one of Wee One’s doctor’s appointments and the new ‘barefoot’ horse-shoer’s first visit because of Son #1’s track meet and baseball game.

I thought the day was free until I noticed no one changed my calendar to April, you can imagine my panic when I flipped March over to April and saw all the crap penciled in for today, dammit. I really want to dive back into my big, comfy, quilted bed and throw the covers over my head………but I cannot, dammit dammit dammit. 

Yet, still here I sit at my computer doing nothing except typing when I need to get my ass in gear. What is wrong with me?

Yesterday was a screwed up day. One good point was I did not get stuck at the in-laws for a very long time (bless their hearts).

I did get to catch 2/3’s of one of my favorite movies, ‘Dead Poets Society ‘ starring Robin Williams. I also liked Williams in ‘Good Will Hunting’.

Needless to say, we never made our drive up to the Prairie Reserve as planned. But thats okay, I’ll take the boys when the weather is much more warmer.

I’ve become a coffee addict. I have been drinking no less than 3 cups in the early morning. Then, I have taken to making a 1/2 of a pot in the early afternoon just for myself. I know all this coffee cannot be good for me…………but it tastes so good. Not to mention the added caffeine energy boost it gives me.

Miss Kitty has made it known that hubby is her all time favorite person. She can be sleeping happily next to me on the couch, as soon as hubby sits down, she leaves my side to be next to him. Same thing on our bed, she will switch sides of the bed, to the side where hubby is. Hubby does not even like cats, he just tolerates them. But, I think he really likes Miss Kitty.

I told hubby last night,”Im getting another cat. A neutered boy cat who will like me better!”

 Suprisingly he said, “fine!”

I may not tho, I’m not too crazy on the idea of another cat to clean up after……the whole litterbox thing and scooping up after one more cat might be enough to keep Miss Kitty a loner cat in our household.

Altho I must add, the litterbox has no odor. Nowadays with the new cat litters and deodorizers available, no one is wiser that we have a cat inside our home.


Who watched HBO’s first episode of the FINAL season of The Sopranos lastnight? I watched some of it……..I still cannot believe this is the FINAL season, damn. 



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13 responses to “The Dead Poet’s Society

  1. Yup its a Monday for you huh, busy busy. lol Hubs called and asked if I needed anything from the store so since I only needed a few things I had him do the shopping for the week lol. Don’t have much to do today other than laundry and house cleaning. Lucky me

  2. Aniin BG,

    Oh what a beautiful morning!!!!! NOT!!! Cold, rainy and raw. Perfect FL weather.

    Cats are fickle, they always pick up on the people that aren’t all over them. Hubby sounds like an aloof kinda guy, so Miss Kitty is gonna flirt like crazy. 😉

    Have a safe, sane day running around.

  3. I watched The Sopranos. The whole episode made me sick to my stomach. I kept waiting on one of the children to drown, either Janice’s daughter or AJ’s girlfriend’s kid, after they discussed the drowning of a neighbor’s kid.

  4. Midlife Mom

    Don’t ya hate it when that happens! The part about not having turned the calendar over to the next month! I’ve done that and thought I had a blissfully quiet day then oops I see I haven’t turned the darned calendar. Today I looked and I have my yearly physical, oh happy day, yeah right, I’ve eaten like a pig all weekend and probably gained 10 pounds and the first thing they do is slap you on the scales so they can write down in big letters how much you weigh. Sigh….

  5. What a way to start a Monday. Hope your day goes well. (Maybe trade the coffee for green tea? I keep meaning to add green tea to my diet.)

  6. anne-I wish we could skip Mondays

    brian-Im about to leave for my 6hours of driving-ack!

    jenny-I was waiting for one of the kids to drown too…..glad neither did. I like Tony, I think hes a selfish prick but at the same time I still like him.

    midlifemom-good luck at your MD appt. The nurse never looks at weight, she always asks me from her chair when I stand on the scale…heheheh

    momto3cubs-does green tea have loads of caffeine in it?

  7. Rebecca

    Rebecca is a HUGE Sopranos fan!!! I was *happy* it finally started again. I am bummed it’s the last season as well. I was a bit disappointed with last night. I was expecting more with Christopher and the real estate gal. I thought Tonys house would have been TORN up after the party his son had…What do you think of his girlfriend???

    I know I told you Tony was King of Bacchus this year. It is one of the biggest Mardi Gras parades. It rolls the Sunday before Mardi Gras. Tony was wasted and the local news showed him having to be seated and strapped into his King float. He had a hell of a time.

    Sorry, never been a coffee or a beer drinker, they are both too bitter for me. I like the sweet stuff.

  8. Loved that movie myself!

    I love coffee! I just broke my French press yesterday. Fortunately, we have wonderful coffee at the j.o.b. – I love Bold! .. then too I have three coffee pots here of various styles… drip types plus my camping coffee pot… lol…

    Bare foot shoer? As in trimming in the pattern of the wild ones .. dang.. what was his name? He studied the Pryor mountain mustangs before developing a technique and producing the… ——
    Natural horse trim.. but also for foundered horses.
    Ovincek … Equine Digit Support System..

    Although there are a few different peeps out there that do the natural trim…

  9. more n likely the cat is attracted to the hubby because once he sits down.. he stays down… whereas you probably get up to do this and get up to do that.
    The cat knows where the rest is.

    I never watched the Sopranos. Wasn’t good timing for me.

  10. Hey BG,
    Welcome to the wonderful world of coffee ! I’ve been a coffee junkie my whole life, strong,black and just fancy ass flavours !
    I found having 2 cats is no different than having one, really….and twice the fun !
    Never watched Sopranos..but I keep telling myself that now that it’s on A&E, I am going to start.
    Hope your week is less hectic than today !

  11. Did you make it through your busy day?
    We have two cats and hubby is always threatening to get rid of them.

  12. Please explain barefoot shoer.

  13. Celeste-Scooter has always had excellent feet. When I roped and rode him daily, I kept shoes on his feet year around. Since he is older and his arthritis is quite advanced but is still ridable at least once a week, I asked my horse vet what she recommended. She recommended a new technique in trimming that has helped horses with arthritis and navicular disease. The farrier is schooled in a special way of trimming, I have yet to see it done until our 1st appt. I heard it looks like a normal trim job. Ill let you know how Mr. H. work does for Scooter!

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