The Neighbors

My neighbors, The Goat Ranchers, had a whole crop of new baby goats a month or so ago.

 They have downsized their herd of adults last Fall but now they have a lot of tiny babies running around.

They are so cute! They run and jump and play all day long…..they are kinda loud tho. 

This one in the pictures is my favorite. He/She (not sure of it’s sex)  has got the coolest looking markings on it’s legs. It is also the most active and inquisitive of the bunch.

No, I do not want a goat.

 Once I read somewhere that goats had worms all the time-ewww. Even after de-worming them, supposedly they still even then had a few worms. I am no expert on goats so I only know what I’ve read.

 I keep Scooter on a strict worming regimen…..the last thing I want my horse to have is worms!

When we bought our new house last summer, we also figured in a new roof in the price. Our new home’s roof was damaged last spring during this storm before we purchased. The storm was a very bad one, the worst we saw all year ’round my part of Oklahoma.

Yesterday morning, as I was walking out the door to go to Vinita, Oklahoma to son #1’s track meet ……..the roofers showed up.

The roofers were all Mexicans. Their boss, I suspect, was the only one who spoke English fluently. He barely had an accent but the others never let me hear them speak.

The boss and 1 other worker were kind of hot in a dark Mexican buff body sort of way……

I sound like a racist dont I? Maybe I am…..hmmmm. I find that a bit ironic, a racist Native American.

I called hubby and left him a voicemail that the roofers showed up, then I got my butt and Wee One’s butt on the highway. Afterall, we had nearly a 2 hour one way drive ahead of us.

Let Hubby deal with it….

Yesterday was so NOT my day.

It was Son#1’s day. He placed 2nd in 2 events at his track meet and hit 2 home runs at his baseball game! 



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22 responses to “The Neighbors

  1. Aniin BG.

    Way to go son #1. Congrats on his continued academic and athletic prowess. And of course, congrats to the number #1 beach babe mom. 😉

    We had a new roof put on a couple of months ago. Diane was very pleased with their work.

    Speaking of, Diane wants a goat; she thinks they are cute.

    Still raw, not as cold, barely 60 degrees, but cloudy with thunderstorms later in the day/evening.

    ((((Hugs)))) and lotsa love my friend.

  2. aniin bri-Im not so sure I agree with the beach babe part…I think I resembled more like a beached whale, lol just kidding. I hope it warms up for you in FL asap. Tell Diane about the worms, maybe that’ll change her mind.

  3. Rebecca

    Well at least you have some sort of visual to watch roof wise….

    The goats were cute! I liked the markings too.
    I wanna see more vacation pics!

    Keep checking on Rach too, she needs our support and prayers right now.

    You are one busy MOM. I wish I had your energy.
    I woke up at 6 refused to get out of bed til 7:15. I need more sleep in the evenings!

  4. Those goats are so cute!! I love the way they gamble about – a lot like toddlers !

    mmm buff is buff! 😉

    Hope you have a fabulous day!

  5. rebecca-I posted tons of pics..maybe you missed because YOU were on vacation too 🙂

    katie-lol, your right buff is buff!

  6. Where in “northern” OK are you? I’ll bet we’re not far from each other…

  7. hot roofers, goats and home runs… now there is a great blog!

  8. burg-I sent ya an email. I bet we arent 🙂

    melanie-flattery will get you everywhere ’round here.

  9. Goats are cute! He/She looks like it has knee pads on.

    Congrats to Son#1!

    Even here in Wisconsin, if I had a roofing job done, I’d say there’s an 85% chance the workers would be Mexican, likely illegal.

  10. Beautiful animals, but I know so little about them. I can remember my late Cousin (who had three horses) telling me about the dangers of worms. I’ll bet Oklahoma is beautiful country!

  11. Midlife Mom

    The goats are soooooo cute! We had one once when I was a child but he got into everything so we had to give him away. I’d like to have one here but I can hear the neighbors now, “she has horses now she’s got goats!” Due to city restrictions I can only have horses even though I have 400 acres of land out back, technically I am in a development under rules. Had to jump through hoops just to get the horses.

  12. momto3cubs-gah, illegals! I hope the ones that were on my roof had their greencards

    michaelmanning-OK is very pretty. Worms, yuck.

    midlifemom-omg, 400 acres and your neighbors complain! they would not last 5 minutes in my hood. In Oklahoma anyone can have a horse anywhere as long as it is taken care of properly……..even Tulsa~

  13. lol.. I find it amusing ( most of the time ) that Hispanic people automatically start talking to me in Spanish. Sometimes I understand.. other times I simply look stunned or blank – especially when I’m lost in my head ( which is normal for me! ).

    When I crossed the border the last time to pop back into the US from Mexico, they searched everything, asked me over and over where I was from, saw my DL, birth certificate and SS card. They still looked like they doubted me. They say it is because of the colour of my eyes and the fact that I tan well… lol…

    I read your older post – Tornadoes are very scary!

  14. I luuuurrrve the baby goats too! Your favorite looks like he has knee pads on. Maybe a closet skateboarder when nanny goat and billy goat gruff aren’t keeping an eye on him?

  15. a co-worker sold her horse to someone who had fainting goats. Her horse figured out how to sneak up on them and snort… and make the goats faint.

    They are cute, and the old ones pee in their beards to attract the ladies. I’m glad I’m n-a-a–aaaaat a goat,

  16. and a big laugh and PS about your comment on my recycling being classy. The hubby is the neat nik in our house. He is an artist with the yard … I help.
    I’m an artist on paper… but my house looks like a flipped palette. I HATE to house clean.

  17. I have a goat. He gets wormed when the horses do. He has no problem with worms.

  18. katie-tornados are scary for me since I became a mother…never bothered me before!

    elasticwaistbandlady-isnt my favorite just adorable? he is very active…hang ten type of goat fer sure

    pamela-lol, I could not help the comment! your work is good by the way

    celeste-its obvious your horses are healthy and worm free. Maybe what I read about goats was goats in herds? I know nothing about goats…only horses and cattle.

  19. The boss and 1 other worker were kind of hot in a dark Mexican buff body sort of way……

    hee hee, my favorite!!

  20. Joy

    I have 13 pyrenees puppies I need to give away… Would you ask your neighbor if they need a couple of good watch dogs for their goats. If they don’t do you need a good watch dog for your kiddos….These are great dogs…Our mother dog went over the limit this time…lol I love your blog and note to the barngoddess….Ardmore passed a law last year that they no longer allow horses in city limits. So sad they made several families move out of town…At least that is what the news reported.. I am in Durant and there are lots of people here that have livestock…Take care and God Bless Everyone!!!

  21. joy-omg! 13pups?!?!? wow!! my neighbors already have a guard dog, he is a pyrenee, I think. I wish I had time for a pup right now. When I do, I am leaning towards a lab or a pyrenee.

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