Room Chaos


Everything has turned green and is budded out here in Oklahoma. Achooooo!

Spring is a beautiful sight.

Fall is still my favorite season though.

Wee One made a holy hell mess in our living room yesterday.

He just sort of dragged his toys out of his room thru out the early morning. Before long, it was an obstacle course.

The cat loved it, naturally. She spent most of the day playing with Wee One and his toys. She raced thru out the rooms of the house in a dark blur.

It seemed like it took us both forever to get the damn things back in his room…..why?

Miss Kitty is a witch. When she wants attention, she reaches up and carefully pokes me with one extended claw…..just enough to get my attention but not hard enough to hurt.

She is very playful….much more playful than I first thought she might be. I also thought she was an older cat, more laid back……..wrong again.



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18 responses to “Room Chaos

  1. Aniin BG,

    Meow ? Meow ?

    She’s just being a cat in a house where she knows she is safe and loved. 🙂

  2. I think Wee One needed a cat that could keep up with him.

  3. Rebecca

    I am sooooooo glad Miss kitty found her a good *loving* exciting* playful* nurturing* home. May she have many many more days with your family.

    Kitty’s can be quicker than dogs…Wee one could get worn out chasing her. Just a thought for nap time.

    My eyes and nose have been driving me crazy for 3 days now. Funny too, cause we had a COOL spell and I loved it, but the plants and trees around me shriveled up a bit. = ( So I am surprised with all the pollen we have had in the last month—that it is just now hitting me.

    I’ll back and look up some of the posts I missed to find awesome pics of your WELL DESERVED break. Gotta love sis.

  4. brian-meow, she is still a witch, I am used to having a dog dammit

    donna-of only I had 1/2 his energy

    rebecca-miss kitty keeps trying to get outside, why is that?

  5. Midlife Mom

    I find that my new kitties are great for wearing out the grand kids and then they take a good nap!lol! Are those your horses too? I thought you just had Scooter???? I’m going up to do some more brushing with the shedder blade on BigBud my wooly mammoth. Wish I could sell that hair, I’d make a fortune!

  6. What beautiful eyes! I miss my kitty. We had to give him up because my asthmatic son is allergic.

  7. Marvin wants to come live with you too.

  8. Aw, Miss Kitty is just showing you that she respects your authority by choosing you as the “Momma” cat. The attention giver. She learned this thru Wee One.

    Glad that Miss K is such a well adjusted kitty. She IS, ya know. You could have a screamer, biter or shredder on your hands.

    She obviously loves Wee One, she’s not irritated or afraid of him. VERY good.

    Cats can be trained just as dogs can, if you’re up to the task. She is very smart.

    D 🙂

  9. midlifemom-nope, I only have Scooter. Those horses belong to a friend of mines mother. Nice paint huh?

    slackermommy-awwww sorry about your kitty. No one is allergic to cats here, I hope it stays that way

    jenny-Marvin has arrived

    FF-train Ms.Thang? I dont think she’ll learn very easily.its a good thing shes not any of those bad things you said or back to the pound she’d have went……:)

  10. I love how your cat plays with Wee One
    like that. Too cute!
    My cat plays with Ciari like that too
    and it always amazes me…brave cats!

  11. MM-thnx! not my best by far

    lael-ms.kitty has no fear…she is too mean to be scared.

  12. SailorMoon

    I’m so glad you are enjoying Miss Kitty. My one cat wakes me up every morning about 5:30, purring and wanting to be fed. My kids and I have all been sick, my 13yo son is out of school til Friday he’s got bronchitis so bad. Spent Friday am in ER with my little one, he’s never sick, but he ran a fever for 2 days and was just lifeless. So scary to see those active boys just lay. Anyway, working for a firm that doesn’t let me access message boards. I’ve found a way around it and can read, but scared to comment because it will find my back door!! Just wanted to say hey! And what a nice present your sis gave you. Well deserved indeed.

  13. what green eyes that little witch kitty has!!
    Our Contessa has blue eyes. I have no idea what her breeding is … as we got her at the animal shelter.
    She was spade and declawed,

  14. BG, Miss Kitty has the most amazing eyes ! She is adorable!
    Wee one…what can I say…other than you are sooo blessed….such a doll, and kids are great exercise !
    Your pics are always so heartwarming 🙂

    ps…another half foot of freakin’ snow tonite. Don’tcha just miss this state ? :-p

  15. You can borrow one of my cats, then you could see how much a cat can get into. I haven’t even had time to post all the things the newest one has gotten into. If you’d like a dog; I can sell you one of my Chihuahua’s. The older ones get out of the way real quick.

  16. everything is coming up green here too unfortunately its wilted due to the cold that comes in at night grrrrr

  17. SM-ohno, I hope your boys get better asap, its scary when they are so sick like that. Both my boys have the cough, but trying to keep them indoors or dressed properly for the outdoors is performing the impossible round here.

    pamela-your contessa is gorgeous!

    magz-I watched y’alls weather about 2 am-it sucks! hell no I dont miss it 🙂

    poogie-no thnx! I think hubby would stroke out if I got another cat, he doesnt even like cats

    anne-I did not bring in my plants last nite, I hope they are okay…

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