Meet Marvin


blogger is not allowing me to comment today, Im trying to work it out…..stupid blogger anyhow.



This is Marvin….Marv for short.

I had a hard time taking a good picture of him yesterday because he was excited about his new home and running around checking it out.

and he was also putting up with Ms. Kitty’s hatefulness…..

Right now Marvin is living at The Res on a trial basis.

Marv’s parents just had a baby boy. Their 2 week old baby is highly allergic to Marvin, so Marvin had to find a new  home.

Marvin’s mom is a vet tech, so Marvin comes complete with everything: declawed, neutered, all shots (just had them) and even recently frontlined flea/tick treated and groomed.

Y’all know I did not want a long-haired cat but he is so sweet I could not pass him up.

Marvin is 3 years old. He is 1/2 Maine Coon and 1/2 Persian. He’s also a big fella, all 17 pounds of him.

If he and Miss Kitty (who should be called Ms. Thang these days because she thinks she is IT) get along and Marvin does not clog up the vacuum too often……………………. then he gets to stay.

Most importantly, he likes me better than anyone else around here….he knows who the boss is.

2 questions for my cat-people friends out there:

Is there such a thing as Alpha-Female in the world of cats? or does that just pertain to dogs?

How long will it take Miss Kitty to stop her growling, hissing, and fussing at Marvin?

okay, I know the answer to the last question may be never, she is such a witch. Have I already mantioned that?

Just for the record…….Marvin is going to be the last 4-legged creature to become a family member for a long while.

Unless of course I find some way to afford that gorgeous sorrel QH gelding that Ive had my eye on since Christmas…..sigh

Scooter isnt as lonely for another horse as I am, he likes being the only horse, he gets all the attention that way.



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23 responses to “Meet Marvin

  1. Aniin BG,

    He is gorgeous!!! Miss Kitty is just defending her territory, it will take time and they will work it out. Our three cats have been together for years and they still hiss and fight. Don’t worry about.

    As for the horse, how much do you need?


    Ree has some beautiful pictures of her wild mustangs today.

  3. Oh he is pretty……one of my cats is long haired like that and ugh that is the only thing that gets old really fast.

  4. Rebecca

    Welcome Marvin! Yeah Miss Kitty gets a play mate….I’m happy for her. REALLY I AM.
    It makes my heart smile when pets can have/find a good home. Wahooooo…. I want to fill every deserving home with a loving creature called the Kitty …

    Miss Kitty will have several weeks/months more than likely before she thinks about warming up. What is their difference in age? Sometimes that can play a factor in their likability factor. Try feeding them together, that way they get near each other (not the same bowl) and it during a “happy” time.

    Whisper one of my babies still hisses some at Harmony. But Harmony will back her into a corner, what do you expect her to do? Give them Time!

  5. brian-miss kitty is a witch. Funny, Wee One and I went over to the preserve yesterday and took pics of the wild stangs

    kelli-I did not want a longhaired cat…he needs special hairballformula food. Geesh.

  6. rebecca-marvin has to eat special hairball formula food. He has not ate anything yet, just a treat. I have no idea how old miss kitty is but I have all of Marvin’s papers. He is 3yo..miss kitty, ??? I have no idea!

  7. Marv is gorgeous! I’m sure they will eventually get along just fine.

    Boo is much of the same opinion as Scooter. He’s always preferred to be alone and prefers people to other horses. NOT the typical horsey attitude! LOL!

  8. I can’t comment on any blogger blogs that are set to blogger only since yesterday. Have you tried logging in to blogger with your old account?

  9. brian-yes, Ive tried everything. Signing into my old blogger account, eventually trying to make a new account but it wont let me because I SUPPOSEDLY already have an account under my email…..I am about to get a gun and blow blogger off my computer! not really but the thought makes me feel better…

  10. blogger bites.

    Maine coons rock! I had one for a while. great big cats.

    yea. I don’t like long haired cats either. you know, if you brush him regularly, it keeps the hairballs down. Doubt the other cat will ever get over you placing another in her domain, but she will learn to deal. 😉

  11. Marvin is gorgeous!!!! Oh, he’s a beauty!

    Miss K is just making it known that she was there first. She’s the A cat. She & Marvin will need time to work out the heirarchy, that’s all.

    Give them 2 weeks. Then it should be hissy fits once in a while. If he’s at all like Tucker, he’ll annoy her just for fun.

    I really am so happy for you. they will get along just fine. Let them fight it out – make sure it doesn;t get bloody. If it does, separate them into different rooms until they calm down.

    Email me if there’s anything you need that I didn’t cover.

    D 🙂

  12. melanie-marvin came w/ a brush. I bought a bag of his special food today, TEN friggin dollars!! Ms.Thang,I meant Miss Kitty’s indoor 9lives cat formula only costs about $4 a big bag…geesh.

    FF-thnx! Miss Kitty seems to be coming around slowly, no bloody fights or biting. Just lots of growling/hissing/posturing out of her. Marvin just ignores her or swishes his huge fluffy tail at her. He doesnt have claws so a scratching fight would be unfair for him….poor guy. Funny tho, whatever room Marvin is in Miss Kitty has to be very near him like she cant let him out of her sight.

  13. I hope they start getting along soon. I haven’t had a cat since before I was married so I don’t have any advice.

    (sorry about the blogger thingie)

  14. Love the cats from a distance. Ah-choo.
    The following was developed as a mental age assessment by the School of Psychiatry at Harvard. Take your time and see if you can read each line aloud without making a mistake. The average person over 40 years of age cannot do it.
    1. This is this cat.
    2. This is is cat.
    3. This is how cat.
    4. This is to cat.
    5. This is keep cat.
    6. This is an cat.
    7. This is old cat.
    8. This is fart cat.
    9. This is busy cat.
    10. This is for cat.
    11. This is forty cat.
    12. This is seconds cat.

    Now go back and read the third word in each line from the top down.


  15. jenny-omg blogger has realy pissed me off today-grrr

    swampwitch-how cool! I read it just fine but then, Ill only be 38 yo on the 26th heheh….

  16. kprsjohn

    when our daughter moved back in for a while with her female cat who used to be the resident goddess here, she hissed and curled her back and the fur rose as she put on this exhibition for our two boy cats who looked at her and either sat down in front of her and began to bathe themselves or would simply look at her like “wha…….” and just walk away. the when she wasn’t suspecting it they would come flying out of room at her and the chase was on. many amusing evenings there for a while. eventually she gave up and they slept within a foot or two every once in a while

  17. Hey there BG,
    If you don’t want to keep Marvin, drop him off here next time you visit cold country ! He reminds me of my Trooper…he lived to be 23, and won first place in a cat show in 77. Sweet memories !
    Yes, there are alpha cats….so it might get interesting for awhile til they sort it out.
    What does wee one think ?
    Animals bring so much comfort and joy ! Oh…did you see the horse rescue on Fox news today ? I couldn’t hardly believe he was ok ! The rescuers were just wonderful !

  18. Blogger must have farted today. It just posted all your October entries from your blogger journal in my RSS reader! LOL

  19. Miss Thang will settle down. Right now she is telling Marv who boss is! Let them work it out. He is beautiful!

  20. I love long haired cats! Marv is beautiful!

  21. Blogger is a pain in the butt sometimes…

  22. I agree, Blogger is stupid. Marvin is so pretty

  23. kprsjohn-glad the cats eventually got along, hope that happens here.

    magz-23yo, wow! that is old….bundle up way up there….I missed the horse rescue 😦

    celeste-grr blogger. Your right ms.thang is showing she is the boss


    burg-oh yeah, its terminal today

    anne-thnx, he is a bit slow I think tho, good thing hes pretty huh?

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