Sweet Feed



I snapped this picture on Easter Sunday.


Scooter is loving all the green grass.

Anyone with an Older Horse knows, there is no secret to keeping an Old Horse healthy it is a combination of things like:

  • proper worming

  •  exercise

  •  I swear by Purina Equine Senior Feed

  •  vaccinations

  •  good equine dental care

  •  supplements for arthritis

  •  being vigilant of any health problems before they develop into something serious…

  • and so on.

And…I worry fitfully, obsessively about Scooter’s well being.

Here’s a small snapshot of part of Scooter’s AQHA papers. He’s got some fancy, famous relatives. 

 Scooter’s genetics play a huge part. He is naturally muscular.

In fact, right now he is in the flabbiest shape he has ever been in during his entire life……I am ashamed to say! except–that makes two of us.

Lately Scooter seemed to be getting burned out on eating his Equine Senior pellets. So I have cut his pellets back and have been indulging him in some 14% sweet feed 2X a day.

I have also been exercising him 2 -3 times a week. Since my schedule has been so crazy the last few weeks, Ive been lunging him for 30 minutes when I cannot take a trail ride.

Hubby still has not built my new round pen.

I am tired of looking at the pipe on the racks he laid out last Fall to build it with. I refuse to put up my panels again….I just took those heavy things down.

Why is it so hard to get husbands to do anything? grrr



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19 responses to “Sweet Feed

  1. Aniin BG,

    (((hugs))) I’ll be scarce this weekend but wanted to say hi. 🙂

  2. brian-have a good weekend, Ill see ya around

  3. Rebecca

    Kinda hard for me to answer about the hubby question….Are you kidding…I CAN”T FIND ONE who will sit around and do nothing. GRRRRR

    Happy Friday. I hope to have a restful weekend and stay off of my leg for a bit. IT HURTS!!!!!! = (

  4. rebecca-take care of the knee. Husbands who sit around = divorce. My hubby isnt much on sitting around, he stays busy all the time but just NOT doing the things I want him to do around here…its thunderstorming bad here, I want to be outside today, I need the sun asap.

  5. Awesome photos. Makes me miss my horse

  6. I have an older horse that I am really having a hard time keeping weight on. I am aware of the struggle – your fellow looks great!

  7. lael-thnx!

    anne-thnx..aww, no one should be w/out a horse

    CindyDiane-I swear by Purina Equine Senior horse feed….it is the BEST feed out there for older horses.

  8. Midlife Mom

    Great post! Love the pictures! The one of his papers is great, I love the Two Eyed Jack line! He really looks good, how old did you say he is? My old guy luckily is a very easy keeper at age 26 and I have to keep his grain down or he will blow right up fat as a pig. Two qts. a day of Horse 10 works good for him or just crimped oats. My Thoroughbred/Welsh is my hard one to put weight on, he is on 6 qts. a day plus hay and still is slim. Not ribby by any stretch but not round and cute like my other two Welsh ponies. I tried to change my comment thing so that you could leave an annonymous comment, hope it works, if not e-mail me and I will try again.

  9. midlifemom-Scooter is 28yo. He loves sweetfeed. Sometimes he gets picky and leaves his Equine Senior when there is green grass..so I spoil him w/ the sweet stuff so he’ll not get out of his routine…I am such a pushover.

  10. During golf season, I tape his to do list on his golf storage cupboard….. during the winter months, a big sheet of paper taped on the flat screen…..
    does it work, not great, but you could always try my back up line…….
    ” it really turns me on when I see you break a sweat, wink, wink”
    (a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do 🙂 )

  11. I am beginning tho think hubbys are good for one thing only! Sex is not it.
    Scooter looks good. So many older horses get skinny. It is nice to see one with a bit of a belly on them especially after winter!
    How did the trimming go? Precious will not eat sweet feed, she turns over the feeder! LOL Crystal will stomp you for it!

  12. Rebecca

    I hope your storms passed. We are supposed to get some rain tomorrow.

    I am just getting home *sigh*. I’ve been out of the house for 16 1/2 hours now. I need a shower and a kitty and the remote.


  13. Well, at least you are getting some horse time in!
    3 days a week I work doubles so I just feed and say hello in the dark! Scooter looks great! I like the Senior as well although I haven’t used it in years since my two oldest guys are coming eleven this year. We’ve been getting to much rain.. all mud and slop… although the grass is growing great outside of the fence!

  14. celeste-paycheck? hahaha! thats what mine is good for. The farrier cant come out until 4/27 now! grrr that is okay, Scooter’s feet are in great shape. Crystal sounds like a hog…one good thing about when a horse is a hog, you know they are getting their share.

    rebecca-its still stormy this morning-grr And we had a big Earth Day thing planned at the Indian Nation 😦 hope your knee is better

    katie-not enough horse time..of course I could be around horses 24/7 and be in heaven. Your pic of Sackett is gorgeous BTW

  15. horsingaround


    thanks for the post.

    i agree with your post on old horses. i have a 22 year connemara mare and she’s in great shape. But it takes alotta work!

    talk to you soon

    thanks again for the post


  16. sandra-yep, it is work, but well worth the effort.

  17. husbands do quickly the things that are important to them!!!….(:

  18. CountryJenn

    Hi everyone,

    what a neat site! I just adopted a 20 year old Tennessee Walker with arthritis and am looking around to get tips on exercise, lunging, etc and came across all ya’all.

    I just moved from California to the boondocks in North Carolina.

    I’ve been doing quite a bit of reading but some first hand accounts/experience would be helpful and appreciated!


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