Meat Pie Heaven With Drinks

Son #1 and I had Earth Day plans today…I bet our Native American function is cancelled, it is still raining buckets. Oklahoma is flooded.

Sometimes on Friday afternoons my favorite liquor store (yes, I am a regular at a certain establishment) has Osage Meat Pies.

They are delicious. I like mine a bit peppery and the gal who makes them gets it just right.

I cannot make meatpies, if I did I probably would not eat them. Click on the meatpie link to see why.

Now frybread is a whole other story. When I use redCornFrybread Mix my frybread is the best tasting ever.

I chow down on my own frybread, nearly as much as hubby and the boys.

When I make frybread from scratch, it just does not taste as good as the mix. So it is all I use nowadays.

I love this Folgers 100% Colombian coffee. It is a dark coffee, it brews quite strong….delicious.

I have tried other coffees in the past, nothing compares to this brand or flavor.

Do you have a favorite brew? Tell me about it.

Dasani bottled water in lemon flavor is my favorite.

I have found another flavored water that I can drink until I am about to burst and it is Aquafina’s Citrus Blend.

I have never, ever liked Aquafina’s water but bought an 8pk on a whim because it was on sale (sucker I am). 

It is good. Not as strong flavored as the Dasani water but the Citrus Blend is blended just right for a unique flavor. The hint of grapefruit is what I enjoy.

I am an addict to coffee, coca-cola classic in a can, bottled water…..

What drinks are you addicted to? 


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29 responses to “Meat Pie Heaven With Drinks

  1. Aniin BG, Good morning my friend. I’ll skip over the liquor, the meat pies, the coffee and the bottled water.

    Hmmmmmmm. Not much in common. 🙄

    Frybread though, that sounds good. Hope the weather clears for you.

    Love and ((((hugs))))

  2. bri-no meat pies? shucks! more for me. Gah! this rain again today. I have stalls to clean now. Oh well, it’ll get me out of the house and near my best equine friend.

  3. Coffee any kind, cappuccino, diet coke, diet cherry coke, water-i get those flavor packets from walmart to dump into the bottle mmmmm apple. lol

  4. Hey BG..just dropped in to say Hi..been missing you, I love meat pies, and my favoritest coffee is home brewed Dunking Donuts coffee. I love fry bread and enjoy Dasaini raspberry flavored water, although I drink lots and lots of regular bottles water, If I am going to have a soda which I do rarely I like Dr. Perpper..weird I know..:) Having a great time, B has gone out to do errands, Carol and Diane are lounged out reading so I took over the computer to stop by..take care..madd

  5. Tap water w/a Bud Light chaser to kill the micro- organisms in the water

    I make bierocks which look similar to Osage Meat Pies. (remove the Kidney Suet and add shredded cabbage or saurkraut)

  6. Hi Barngoddess,
    We had a grey and vert foggy start to the day
    but it had cleared by lunchtime

    Silver Birch won the Grand National
    the famous steeple chase at Aintree!

    Favourite beverage, I must confess
    I like coke “the real thing”
    Vodka and chocolate milk shake is a fave too
    But can’t beat a ‘real’ good bottle of red wine!

  7. anne-they make apple? I must have missed those kind, I LOVE apple flavor

    madd-Im glad your having a good visit. I like diet Vanilla dr.pepper

    jenny-ewww tap water, but of course budlight will ‘sterilize’ it perfectly.bierocks sound yummy.

    Q9-nothing beats a cold can of coca-cola classic. Silver Birch, at 7yo, is a winner! Im glad he did so well w/out injuries at that.

  8. I can’t have lunch without my Diet Pepsi W/Lime – or one of their new Jazz flavors. Also – Diet Dr. Pepper (Vanilla-Cherry).

    and as far as “brews” go – my fave is a Chambord Kamikaze. Yummy – lip smacking good.

  9. We drink Folgers Classic Roast for breakfast. But we have become addicted to Folgers Flavors French Vanilla after lunch every day. Especially Cliff.

    I’ve never tasted frybread, but would love to. You probably know by now that I’ve always wished I’d been born an Indian.

    Diet Coke and decaff sun tea are the soft drinks of choice here, and wine (Rhine, Franzia boxed, very cheap) is the weekend celebratory beverage.

    I’ve always wanted to go to one of those big Native American Pow-wows in Oklahoma. Do you take part in those?

  10. Dasani Lemon water is the BOMB! I love them. Have you tried any of the propel waters? I get the Lemon flavored ones in the pkg to add to my plain bottles of water, but you can buy them already mixed also.

    what else? Strawberry Lemonade, Coke, Mountain Dew…..

  11. SailorMoon

    I started hitting instant coffee big time. Its easy, there when I want it, and not to bad. I drink about 4-5 cups to get me out the door in the morning!! Now at work they have all the flavored coffees, but I like a good strong starbucks or that wolfang something or other. I drink a lot of water, plain really, and I love Mt. Dew!! Cold here today, heading out to Edgefest tomorrow. Big concert, My Chemical Romance, Jet, Papa Roach, and a bunch of other bands. Just my daughter and I. She got field (pit) tickets. Great, no seats and this is an all day/all night event. I’m too old, I’ll end up sitting in the old people section, wait, I’ll probably start out there. Wish me survival luck!!

  12. karmynR-dietdrpepper is good stuff, all flavors. Coke classic is still my fave soda but I like an occassional DP

    donna-Ive been tempted to try the flavored roasts. I might, I have a coupon! frybread is easy to make, I bet you’d love it. Try the RedCorn mix, you wont be sorry. Boxwine is my best friend L’s favorite. I drink that when I visit her at home, she keeps it ‘on tap’ in her new horse barn (seriously!) I like Turning Leaf brand wines…good. We attend the Osage dances (the yearly 3 local ceremonies: Grayhorse, Hominy, and Pawhuska) we have not been to a regular pow-wow in about a year. Maybe we’ll catch the next ‘fun’ pow-wow that is not a religious ceremonie type gathering…..those arent so ‘strict’ for the kiddies.

  13. SM-omg—-I LOVE Starbucks, not any around less than an hour drive. Probably a good thing. Id blow some serious cash there. Edgefest ROCKS, I am so jealous, how cool a mom are you? y’all have an AWESOME and SAFE time. Rock on chica….

  14. Rebecca

    Meat pies huh??? I have had two awesome experiences with meat pies. First, every year a booth at New Orleans Jazz and heritage festival makes a mean meat pie…..Second, this summer when I went to the Benefit for Katrina with Dr. Phil/Brooks & Dunn/ Jeff Foxworthy/Brian McKnight the tickets I bought were for the preparty with the celebs and it was catered. They had yummy mini meat pies.

    Yes, my purse is HUGE. It’s heavy as hell too. It was a gift from Mom at Christmas, and I need to declutter it or get something smaller that can accomodate “all” my junk.

    I LIVE on FRUIT 2 0 . I like Peach, Cherry, Strawberry and Lemon. I’m drinking a Tropical fruit at the moment. I must drink at least 3 a day. ZERO CALORIES

  15. rebecca-these meat pies are delicious. I want one today—I knew I should have bought more. Looking at your purse made my back hurt! it is a nice one tho, one I might use for traveling but not everyday. Dasani lemon is so far my favorite….the fruit20 is hard to get in my rural area…the local IGA has dasani. I need to make a trip to Wal-Mart soon…….as much as I hate to

  16. I like Seattle’s Best blends. I drink water from my pur filter.

    The fry bread makes my taste buds tweak out here.

    Not the meat, tho. I’ve lost my appetite for meat….

  17. kidney suet… ohhhhhhhhhhhh I don’t think so.

  18. Midlife Mom

    After reading all of the comments I feel so dull and boring! I like caffine free Diet Coke, hot chocolate and plain ole’ ice water out of the tap. I guess I need to get out more!

  19. pamela-well, Seattle is known for their coffee….sounds good. I wish I could survive w/out meat….I LOVE red meat. Yep, kidney suet, makes it an AWESOME meatpie 🙂

    midlifemom-you are not dull/boring. But the caffeine free wouldnt work for me, gotta have the feine to be motivated, not good for me either..

  20. So I got reallt excited about the meat pies until i clicked on the recipe, I don’t think I can do the kidney suet, I gag when I unwrap suet for the bird feeder. I ‘ll stick to the curried meat pies I make, sans suet.
    My beverage of choice, coffee, of course, whole bean, freshly ground, fair trade, (the big bag of Starbucks i get from Costco.)
    and water,we have access to an Artesian Spring,
    I’m spoiled, everything else tastes like sewer water now.
    Is your fry bread the same as Bannock, cause i love Bannock.

  21. So I got reallt excited about the meat pies until i clicked on the recipe, I don’t think I can do the kidney suet, I gag when I unwrap suet for the bird feeder. I ‘ll stick to the curried meat pies I make, sans suet.
    My beverage of choice, coffee, of course, whole bean, freshly ground, fair trade, (the big bag of Starbucks i get from Costco)
    and water,we have access to an Artesian Spring,
    I’m spoiled, everything else tastes like sewer water now.
    Is your fry bread the same as Bannock, cause i love Bannock.

  22. whoops, a little heavy on the left click!!!

  23. I am addicted to Arizona Green Tea with ginseng and honey, the kind in that green bottle with the little pink flowers.
    My red wine drinking days are over as it was triggering migraines. Just half a glass would do it.
    I love strong coffee, but limit the amount, and drink it with honey and milk. Am allergic to any diet drink…two sips and I’m off to the emergency room.
    Have never eaten meat pies with suet that I know of, but do love mincemeat pies at Thanksgiving. Is that the same ingredient?

  24. Brewed ice sugar, diet pepsi, in a bottle.
    Strong, black Folgers…til my hands get shaky !
    And because I have to, V8, Oj or damn stinky gator-ade. I don’t really like flavored drinks/water.
    Ice cream, on the other hand…they can never make too many flavors !

  25. The meat pie I would try.

    I don’t drink coffee or soda. Can’t remember the last time I had alcohol, LOL. My beverage is usually water or milk. I’ve tried the Aquafina flavored waters and really liked them.

  26. Thanks for stopping by my blog!! Nice to meet you!! Great blog btw!

  27. A&W diet cream soda. yea. bring it on! and of course plain ole (brita filtered) water. no flavorins…

    coffee sometimes at work, cuz its starbucks and its free.

  28. Stephanie

    Mmmmm… meat pies! I’m always in search of a good meat pie. Osage are the best in my humble opinion. I’m rarely in the right place at the right time. If you would be willing to share your source with me, I’d be so grateful! I live just southeast of the Osage rez.

  29. Stephanie-In Pawhuska, at the Liquer store near 2001 video (caddycorner from simplesimons pizza) they sometimes have them on Fridays.

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