Poor Fella

 Poor fella.

I am not referring to the 2 legged one wearing royal blue with the barb-wire hole in his britches.

Marvin does not have enough sense to run and hide from Wee One where he’ll be safe.

Marvin runs for cover inside Wee One’s bedroom…….definately not the safest place for him. He always runs into the SpongeBob tent and hides. Why not under the bed?

maybe he’ll smarten up soon.

Miss Thang..I mean Miss Kitty is coming around, very slowly.

Marvin has 2 fats rolls on his belly, big ones…….Hubby asked me if he had kittens recently because his belly looked like he’d been nursing kittens.

Marvin has feline man boobs.

 BTW, my ugly dark blue carpet is not dirty or stained up, BUT it looks like it when I take photos sometimes.

I hate that…..



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19 responses to “Poor Fella

  1. Yay!!! I’m first!!! Your cats, as well as Wee One (as always) are just too cute!!! I LOVE Marvin. I’m just a sucker for fat cats, though :0)

  2. Just before I logged on to your blog a big fluffy puff of tessy fur came floating over my face and across the screen. Unless it was Marvins.

  3. There’s no better sign of a little country boy (or girl, for that matter) than a barbed-wire hole in their britches!

    That Marvin is one fat cat!

  4. christy-thnx!

    pamela-could have very well been. I made son #1 brush Marvin lsat night. ack, the hair

    donna-your right about the wire holes. Yes, Marvin is fat! He breathes very loud, like wheezing.

  5. BTW My ugly light blue carpet is is dirty and stained up. When I take Christmas pictures of the kids opening gifts I throw a blanket down first because I’m real shallow and I worry what other people might think.

    My brother and I are looking into procuring a special discount for brother/sister breast reduction surgery. he’s at least a ‘C’ cup and the envy of every flat chested girl down at the neighborhood pool.

  6. lol Your carpet looks great now mine is like an ivory color, yeah it was here when we moved in and I knew it would attract stains and it does but my kids are young I’m not getting new carpet yet lol

  7. ewbl-I hate my carpet! I want hardwood…or ceramic tiles. I thnk Marvin is a ‘C’ cup too

    anne-ivory? oh my! I would wait until your kids got a bit older too…except, husbands can be just as hard on carpets as kids.

  8. Midlife Mom

    I practically have tears running down my face from laughing over your post! What a hoot! Feline man b**bs, now that is quite a thought! lol! My feline Morris, age 16, has them only his drag almost to the floor, I’m not kidding! He could roll his up like a sock and be a C cup!

    I’ve had my share of holes in the britches from crawling under the barbed wire at my grandparents farm when I was a kid too!

  9. Love, love, love the first two pictures, especially the way the feet are crossed in the second. And speaking of feet, love the self-portrait of the foot in the last one.

  10. Marvin may have man boobs but he has to be the prettiest kitty I’ve ever seen!

  11. Rach

    Love the kitty pics!

  12. Lu

    I am not sure about the cats….however that carpet is not ugly!

  13. Aniin BG,

    Back at work. 😦

    Just trying to go around and catch up with posts.

  14. MM-I bet Morris was a sight

    swampwitch-thnx, I did not mean to have my foot in the photo…

    slackermommy-aww Marv is pretty isnt he?


    lu-dont like cats? suprisingly they are very clean

    brian-eww work = bad word. Howd your appt go?

  15. nice socks! and i love the hole in the jammies from the barb wire. and no matter what, if you have kids, the carpets are far from pristine.

    kitty man boobs… :giggles:

  16. Rebecca

    I LOVE the kitty pics!!!
    Thank you for sharing!

    Hey you are just telling us how well you feed ALL of your babies if they are feeling a bit plump these days…. = )

    Barb wire huh? Too cute.

  17. I have a fat cat too. I have to throw Buddy outside and let the other cats eat or he will eat too. !@ pounds now and not getting smaller!. He acts like he is starving all the time.
    Oh Lordy i have barbed wire holes in everything I think.

  18. melanie-my socks are white! they are new, thats why..sigh

    rebecca-I think we should all go on a diet here at the Res…

    celeste-barbwire holes are very chic….I have many, a few in clothing I had no business being around horses in too. Like my favorite khaki long skirt-grrr

  19. Looks so spacious there 🙂 And your carpet looked fine to me.

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