First Thunderstorm

These are pictures of the first thunderstorms of Spring in Oklahoma.

I took them back in March.

We were under a tornado watch on that day but luckily, we did not have any….just high winds.

Thunderstorms and tornados do not scare me.

But since I became a mother, I tend to pay more attention to the threat of severe weather because I worry about keeping my boys safe.

The local weatherman promised some severe weather in the next several days.

I hope we are lucky and do not get any tornados or high winds.

That is not my ratty fence in the picture, well maybe 1/2 of it is.

Remember me complaining about the old cow farmer that lives behind me?

I mentioned to him again about building a new fence in that tiny piece when I rode by his house on Scooter last weekend. He just nodded his head. Gah! people irritate me sometimes…..

It is not like I asked him for money or anything! I’ll go now before I am off into an all out rant about the small piece of fence that looks like crap and does not match the rest of my fencing.



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20 responses to “First Thunderstorm

  1. It was sunny and nice over this way..

  2. Wow, that is a pretty ratty fence. I can relate to poor neighbors and their fences; mine put up a fence between our property…only it was 50 feet into our side. Yeah…neighbors!

    How’d the thunderstorm go?

  3. I’m fascinated by tornado’s. I want to see one.

    And then the opposite side of me wants to sleep on the 3rd floor when we go to the beach — in case of an earthquake.

    how can one person be so conflicted ha hha

    lovely storm photo, by the way,. looks almost like it wanted to twist into a funnel,

  4. burg-I took these photos in MARCH

    tracey-neighbors, sometimes I wish I didnt have any

    pamela-your crazy, lol. you need to visit Oklahoma…..

  5. Midlife Mom

    Yeah I’d be irritated over the ratty fence with the barbed wire too! Great photos though of the storm. We saw a strange sight in the sky yesterday……….the sun for a few minutes! Supposed to get up to 60* this weekend! yippee!!

  6. Aniin BG, Hope you are doing well this morning. Between appts right now. 🙂

  7. I really missed thunderstorms when we lived in New Mexico, the part of NM we lived in didn’t get many storms.

  8. Just wait ’til the winds we had last night and early this morning blow your way…talk about “and the wind comes sweepin’ down the plain…”
    Pamela, are your crazy? Go visit the storm chasers at Oklahoma University…I’m sure they would be glad to take you along for a ride.

  9. Rach

    Those are pretty pictures, even if it’s a storm coming in! Do you have a storm shelter? The house I rent has a “safe” room that is actually the master bedroom. It goes back underground – so there’s no windows but hey! Means I don’t have to buy curtains!

    S loves it cuz it’s a huge room with a big ole walk-in closet so I let him “choose” from the 2 bedrooms and that one is his. He’s so excited. Now, to get custody…..

  10. What a beautiful view.
    I want to live there.

  11. Rebecca

    Sorry about the threat of storms. I LOVE to listen to the rain, pitter patter on the roof. I somtimes wish I had a tin roof, or at least one room with a tin roof so I could go in there and enjoy.

    Tell Wee One when he’s older he can build you a house just like that one!!!! Then he can build me one = )

    It is an awesome view.

  12. Ah, one other thing about OK that frightens me – besides the tarantulas, tornadoes.

    Finally posted about the surgery, etc. News is great!

    See ya over at my place! D 🙂

  13. Those are some wicked photos

  14. MM-heat wave! you guys deserve it, badly

    bri-glad all went well w/ diane

    jenny-I like a good boomer, but without damaging winds. You get some dandies where you live now

    swampwitch-your winds I am sure are sweeping my way! Pamela is nuts, no?

    rach-oh, glad you have a safe room. We have a cellar, but I wouldnt venture into it, probably get snake bit!

    michele-it is a great view. Looking for a job? I need a nanny–of course I cant afford to pay much….

    rebecca-ther next day or so looks nice until the weekend 🙂 Im glad about that!

    FF-tarantulas are scary, especially when they jump at you. In the summer I like to drive over them when they are on the hot pavement out by the lake –pop, pop, pop, pop they go as they are squished into mush

    anne-the one photo is scary w/ the low cloud.

  15. off to son #1’s track meet, wish us luck!!!

  16. Barngoddess: I love the header photo! Incredible. And the photos are great too!!

  17. Great photos. Thanks for your message.
    I work for a small winery. Check it out:


  18. Hey Gal…will be filling your request later this evening when things quieten down here at The Asylum…something about ‘a package’…no?

  19. michaelmanning-thnx

    robin-thnx for the link!

    swampwitch-alright! Ill be over to check ‘it’ out…..oh yeah.

  20. A nanny?? OH YES, I just read that Wee One sings along to AC/DC, a music lover. Made my heart smile!

    Great kids, great views, salary could be negotiated.

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