Nothing In Particular

This post is about nothing in particular, just unorganized thoughts from my unorganized brain.

The weather was great today, close to 80 degrees and sunny. A strong breeze but it felt good.

Son #1 did okay at today’s track meet. He took two 3rd places. He was disappointed in himself. I was not because it was regional finals, the competition was hard and he competed against 8th graders.

Wee One took a nap today too! This was the highlight of my day. One whole hour, it was peaceful…sigh. The last 2-3 days Wee One has refused to take a nap. I cannot even begin to tell you how awful things are when Wee One does not take a nap.

Early this afternoon, my father-in-law (FIL) came over and mowed our massive yard. He just showed up, he was bored, and wanted to try out his spiffy new riding mower. The man is almost 77 yo and never stops, he just goes and goes….

Our yard was needing mowed badly. It was too wet to mow last weekend, hubby has had to work until nearly dark all week. I’m not allowed near hubby’s riding lawn mower (long story there). Otherwise, I would have already mowed the yard myself. I sure as heck am not push mowing it…maybe the ditches but not the whole yard.

I went outside and picked up all the toys, balls, bikes, and lawn chairs. FIL got busy mowing, Wee One and I left for the track meet early so we could take Son #1 some food before the bus he was riding left the school.

Why are  kids starving right after school?

We arrived home from the track meet about 7:40pm, I was walking out to the barn and noticed my spinning bird yard ornaments had been plowed over and chopped up into tiny bits….all 5 of them!  damn, I guess I forgot to pick them up and FIL mowed them down. I really liked them too…

Wee One and I were riding in the car to the track meet in a town about 15 minutes from our house, I looked over at him and he was singing outloud the AC/DC song playing on the radio (KMOD). He looked so cute, he knew the words and was tapping his feet to the beat of the music.

I said, “Wee One your so cute.” 

Wee One never missed a beat, during a guitar solo he answered, “I know it.”

Sometimes, I wonder where Wee One comes up with his sayings….

This week has went by fast. I’m glad, it’s been one of those weeks where I cannot get my act together. I am not sure what my problem is, hopefully I am over it.



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18 responses to “Nothing In Particular

  1. You’ve given Wee One self-confidence; that’s why “he knows it”. Keep up the good work.

  2. wordsyouwant

    Hi, I stumbled across your post and couldn’t help but notice you were listening to KMOD. I thought to myself that there is only one place that has that station – Tulsa! I grew up in Oklahoma too. I now live in Amarillo, but there is a lot that I miss about Oklahoma. We lived a little bit of everywhere, Owasso, Broken Arrow and my mom now lives in Locust Grove. I love that it out there! It sounds like you had a nice day.

  3. Do you know where Spavinaw is? Thats where my brother lives.

  4. Sounds like a wonderful life! 🙂

  5. Midlife Mom

    We all have those weeks where it seems like we just can’t get our act together but you probably accomplished a whole lot more then you realize. Mom’s are like the Energizer Bunny they just keep going and going and going!

  6. kaylie’s the same way when she gets home, right to the food. I have to wonder if she eats her entire lunch of if I am just paying for her to eat one thing. grrrr
    Keith never takes a nap until I start supper then he’s out. You know when I am busy and can’t just sit and relax lol

  7. Aniin BG

    ((((hugs)))) Must be because the big day is next week. I think it’s great that son #1 is disappointed because that shows that he wants to get better and challenge himself. Wee One is very strong willed, I think he’ll be a fun kid growing up.

    Have a great weekend. 😀

  8. donna-thnx, yep he is sure of himself, always when hes w/ me. When he is with others he isnt so much, Im afraid he’ll be shy like his father is.

    wordsyouwant-KMOD rocks, I love that station. You should see Owasso now, it has grown..better shopping than Tulsa nowadays.

    Pamela-yep sure do! Spavinaw is about 2 1/2 hours SE of me. Im dont think Ive been there before, except for driving thru

    katie-thnx..sometimes it is

    MM-what happens when our batteries run out?

    anne-exactly! I rarely can take a nap but whenI can, Wee One will decide he isnt taking one that day,grrr

    brian-oh, dont remind me….yes Wee One does what Wee One wants, I need The Nanny to come live w/ me for a few days

  9. Blame it all on Spring Fever! I have a million excuses for feeling out of it. Spring Fever is number #888. Milli Vanilli told everyone to “Blame It On The Rain.” Meh, I only ranked that at #999,999 on my list.

  10. Rebecca

    Kids are hungry because they spend so much time yakking at lunch they don’t take the time to eat.

    I am having a crappy day! MEOW MEOW MEOW

  11. Just another day in Paradise!
    Little ones they grow – their minds too
    they come to ‘grasp’ the world around
    soon there’s no time for sleep, so much to see
    always hungry for food & everything new too!

  12. sorry about the birds.. but you lawn did get mowed!!

    wee one sings AC/DC! that is hilarious! mine still sings kids tunes. But that saying has to e from you…

    my kid says, “Good Idea” and Not yet… both from me. 😉

  13. My son’s eating schedule hasn’t changed since his birth…… every two hours 🙂

  14. I’m TOTALLY envious of the 80 degree weather! We had a cold snap a few weeks back, and it’s still not warmed back up completely :0(

    I’m CRACKING up over Wee One singing to the AC/DC song– that’s PRICELESS!!! I wish I could’ve seen it :0)

  15. BG…I absolutely love this post ! (and the pic )
    I’m laughing as I think of my kids singing at that age….precious memories !

  16. I love the pic. Sounds like son#1 did great at a larger scale track meet.

  17. Hi Barngoddess 🙂
    I remember the days when the nap or lack of nap made a huge difference in my day. Neither one of my kids were great nappers so it was always a treat when things worked out.

    As to your question. I have no idea why the kids are starving at the end of school but they are voracious!! 🙂

  18. Rebecca

    No weekend comments


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