Even though I was crazy busy all weekend, I’ve been stewing about something since last Friday. I gotta get this off my chest before I get busy cleaning my filthy house.

Friday there were new developments in a missing persons case I have been following. I quickly checked the thread about the case for new information and was disappointed that the new developments were nothing of value. (damn). It was then I noticed the verdict was in on the State of Tennessee vs Mary Winkler .

The jury found Mary Winkler, guilty of Voluntary Manslaughter.

Penalty for this conviction: 3-6 years incarceration. My gut tells me she’ll see no more than 2 years in prison.

My own personal opinion is Mary Winkler killed her preacher husband in premeditated cold blood.

She shot her sleeping husband in his bed while he slept. Mary Winkler was less than 3 feet from her sleeping husband when she fired his .12 gauge shotgun into his back. Mathew Winkler was not quite dead, close but not dead yet….so Mary Winkler ripped the telephone cord out of the wall., just incase Mathew Winkler tried to call for help. Then she ran.

At first, she said she did not pull the trigger, she  heard a big boom, she had no idea how the gun discharged. Then she stated she allegedly tripped over a pillow which made the gun fire. Oh please. I have watched her on TV, she knew exactly what she was doing, this was something she thought about and did not do it ‘in a fit of passion’. If he was attacking her or one of their children, sure I can certainly justify Mary Winkler pulling that trigger but the man was sleeping, he was not even facing her.

Mary Winkler cries, abuse. She claims he was furious over her getting scammed in a check fraud scheme and owing thousands of dollars in hot checks. She claims her husband Mathew Winkler made her dress up in a wig and platform heels, look at porn on his computer, and have unnatural sex. She claims Mathew Winkler beat her, called her fat, and verbally abused her constantly.

Mary Winkler’s story is NOT a ‘Burning Bed’ type tale. A far cry from it…. 

On the day she murdered Mathew Winkler, she stated she caught him allegedly trying to smother their baby. Why didnt she take action the minute she witnessed this? Why wait until he is sleeping with his back to her before she attempts to confront him of this sort of thing? Why not call 911 immediately or load up the girls and get away from Mathew Winkler as soon as she witnessed him allegedly trying to harm one of their daughters?

Mathew Winkler may have been an abusive person. From the evidence presented during the trial, I did not see any horrible abusive behavior that warranted his murder in order for Mary Winkler and their daughters to escape an awful way of life. Their 9yo daughter took the stand and stated she had never witnessed her father mistreating her mother, Mary Winkler.

The prosecution dropped the ball on this trial. The jury was fooled by Mary Winkler’s acting skills and her humble, pathetic act of the abused wife while she was on the stand. I do have to give Mary Winkler’s defense counsel kudos, they were very impressive. Excellent defense.

As for Mary Winkler, she deserves an Oscar. Look out Hollywood.

Mary Winkler is in a relationship with her manager of the dry cleaning business she works at now. Of course, this is fine, shes a widow after all. She continues to go on while out on bail until her sentencing in May, leaving her free to roam about flipping off people and asking them if they would like to be ‘next‘.

Y’all know that I am the first person to take up for the abused or murdered. If I truly thought Mathew Winkler was an abusive, sex maniac who beat and raped Mary Winkler daily. I would say, “good for you Mary, now your free

But my instincts say, Mary Winkler wanted out, the easiest way out. She got it too.

Sorry about the typos and poor grammar, I whipped this out in a huge hurry. I’ll be around to see y’all in between chores today.

Have a super Monday.



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16 responses to “Stewing

  1. There is a much easier way to be free than to murder someone. I have thankfully not been watching this case. Karma’s gonna get Ms. Mary someday, too bad it didn’t happen immediately.

    tripped and set off a gun? pulllleeez. Do you feel better now?

  2. Rebecca

    She seems like a real charmer.
    Too bad you can’t be on the jury…

    Hope you Monday chores were not too demanding!

  3. I didn’t realize the verdict was in and I haven’t paid much attention to the trial but after reading your opinion and knowing how you champion the abused, I have to wonder about her “innocence” too.

  4. I followed this case from day one and I knew that she’d get off when I found out who her lawyers were. Steve Farese Jr and Leslie Ballin are two of the best criminal defense lawyers in the state of Tennessee. They took the case pro bono no less. I think they just wanted the publicity and to prove that they can get anybody off. BTW: Ballin was my ex-boyfriends lawyer in Memphis so I had first hand knowledge of how well he accomplishes getting guilty people out of jail time.

  5. I hadn’t heard the verdict, now I can be good and mad about this one all day. I totally don’t agree with it, I agree she wanted out.

  6. memsahib-yes, I feel better getting my gripe out. Karma, I hope she gets it full force….

    rebecca-lucky for her I wasnt on the jury.

    jenny-the first time I heard about this case, I thought “wow, her husband must be really abusive, maybe hurt their daughters” something along those lines. Then, the truth comes out-she’s a murderer, plain and simple.

    poogie-thnx for that inside info on the defense counsel. Honestly, they did a great job. The prosecution should have had this case open and shut. I believe it was premeditated AND it was no accident, she ripped the phone out of the wall for petes sake, WTF is wrong w/ that jury???!?!!??!

    kelli-I am so quickly losing what little faith Ive had in our judicial system, it scares even ME

  7. My instincts have been the same as yours for some time now; the stuff that came out at the trial simply confirmed it.

  8. Ugh the whole things sucks. Those poor kids,imagine how they must feel..

  9. As an advocate for abused women, I take crisis calls and listen while they tell me their stories, and help them find safe places to go, find counseling, job services, legal help,etc.

    I have been an abused wife, I talk to abused women, but I have to say, I struggle with this myself.

    Besides the DV stuff, I am a child advocate for kids in foster care, I go to court on their behalf so I have first hand knowledge of our legal system from a few different perspectives, as an abused woman, as an advocate for abused women and sometimes the children that have been taken away because of it.

    Our legal system? Sucks Ass!

    I despise people who lie about abuse for any reason, it only ends up hurting the women who really need our help.

    I also believe in karma, that keeps me going.

  10. donna-wasnt her demeanor a dead giveaway? how could the jury miss it? geesh!

    lael-those girls have a hard road ahead of them.

    michele-then you’d know first hand what kind of precedent this case has made. The Duke Rape case also has hurt women with the accusor lying about the whole rape incident.

  11. The judgment was far too lenient. Any man who killed his wife so callously would have gotten a one way ticket to Death Row.

    I was also relieved to learn that these folks were not related to Henry “The Fonz” Winkler. Heeeeyyyyyyy…….*thumbs up sign*

  12. She appears to me as a cold, heartless person and probably has an underlying mental illness.

  13. with her dry clearner? no way.

    I’ve been following the case of a kid that is in prison for 10 years (Georgia I think) for oral sex with underage girl at a high school party. He was 18, and she was a bit younger. It was consenual – and he got 10 years. He was an honor student – and hadn’t been in trouble b4.

    Anyway, she kills, gets 3 years??? and he has some sexual experimentation with a girl very close to his age and gets thrown away.

    I’m ranting in harmony with you.

  14. That just ticks me off when they get out after two years. My friends dad molested her practically all her life then he got sentenced to like 10 years, (not enough in my opinion) but he got out after two. WTF. Maybe instead of letting people out they should build more prisons and quit giving the criminals gyms, tvs, and other perks that us working people can’t even afford.

    I tagged you on my blog

  15. EWBL-right on, if the tables were turned and the shooter was a man, lethal injection would be the result! omg, The Fonz….I watched him briefly the other day in the movie ‘Scream’

    slackermommy-yes, I agree. She has a cold dead look in her eyes and its not the kind that is usually caused from abuse. I believe she is just an evil person.

    pamela-our fine judicial system at work again huh? I think I saw this kids story on a talk show last year. Our legal sytem needs overhauled in a serius manner.

    anne-thnx for the link! thats sad about your friend. After 2 years a child molester is free to walk the streets. This is just wrong! they deserve nothing short of life in prison or death in many cases. I believe pedos cannot be rehabilitated and will offend, hurt children again. They should NOT be given the chance to do this.

  16. I have always believed in her guilt!

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