Working Weekend Away From Home

This past weekend, Wee One and I went with hubby up to KS. Hubby had a working weekend(not much of one, just kind of over-seeing things), so we went along for the short trip up North.

Son #1 already had plans for the entire weekend. He was gone working cattle, then sorting them, then helping to trailer them to a sale barn a few hours away.

 It’s a good thing he earned some money because he lost his $55 grammar book and his bitchy grammar teacher is squawking about it. He has had great teachers all year, in fact for the last few years, he has had super teachers but this lady is a cranky old witch that no one likes. I am happy she is retiring this year because if she is really as miserable as she acts, she better change something.

Wee One loves going to work with his dad. Can you tell?

 Wee One was stuck inside the truck with me until all the heavy equipment and vehicles were gone or parked for good. We did not want him getting run over! He was not too thrilled about having to watch with mom from the cab…….too bad!

The creek was running clear and beautiful. This picture doesn’t do it justice. We were crossing it when I snapped the picture from the truck.

This old, abandoned brick silo has interested me since I first laid eyes on it several years ago. I took this picture from quite a distance away. I stayed on the road because the first time we drove by it a big dark colored snake slithered into the tall grass. I was not taking any chances getting snake bit….not saying it was a poisonous snake but it may have been a water moccasin. The creek runs directly behind the old silo.

I took more pictures but Wee One somehow came into possession of my coveted camera and erased most of the pictures off my memory stick. Hubby was supposed to be keeping him out of my stuff when I ran into the store for a couple of things…..sometimes I have the overpowering urge to choke my husband.

Have I mentioned that before?



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23 responses to “Working Weekend Away From Home

  1. The picture of the stream turned out beautifully!

  2. Oh, I intended to mention how CUTE Wee One looks in the baseball cap. What a sweetie!

  3. Aniin BG. Love all the pictures. 🙂

  4. donna-thnx! hes not a sweetie today, he’s looking for Marvin and he has his round tipped plactic scissors in his hands, guess I better confiscate them now.


  5. My dad grew up in the Kansas City area… early 1900’s.

  6. Rebecca

    That first pic of Wee One is Cute cute cute!!!!!

    The creek is some place I would like to be this morning. If I have ever needed a personal day, TODAY IS IT.

    Teaching can be so stressful. I could lose my mind this morning. I am at wits end. This gawd awful rash isn’t helping.

    Husbands, you’re right today I would kill any and everyone! Let the hubby know he is lucky to have you!

  7. Hey there!

    Checking in quick b4 I run out to stamping! YAY!!

    WO is just tooo cute! Your pics are great. The silo is really intriguing to me, too.

    Too bad TT got ahold of the camera. Ah, men!

    Glad Marvin & Miss Kity are getting along, knew they would. Cats LOVElovelove to make noise – get used to it! LOL

    D 🙂

    Have a great day, my friend!

  8. Midlife Mom

    Great pictures! Wee One is soooooo adorable I could just reach out and pinch those cute cheeks! What was the old silo used for? The one of the stream is beautiful too. Wouldn’t want to mess with the snakes either. We just have little non biting ones and I’m glad. Most of them just can’t take the winters here.

  9. pamela-KS City MO? I got lost there once in 2002

    rebecca-damn girl, I hope your day gets better

    FF-have fun at stamping!

    MM-I think the silo was used for grain, an old railroad used to run thru there.

  10. I am always wondering about abandoned stuff – like that silo. Who put it there? What was it used for? What stories could it tell?

  11. Wow! love the pictures! Your son’s a cutie! 🙂

    The creek IS beautiful.. and the silo… very interesting! I’d like to peek inside! lol…

    Sounds like a great time was had by all!!

  12. Sounds like good times – I’ve been dying to go on a road trip.

  13. Isn’t spring wonderful:)

  14. hey there BG,
    Your pics are always a day brightener ! I ,too, wanna just grab those little cheeks ! I still say that child is plotting something very mischievious!
    They are such a blessing, regardless of how much they can get into !
    Oh and yeah…I’m very familiar with the urge to choke the neck off someone ! ( thank God it passes…I think I would look awful in prison orange ! )

  15. karmynR-mee too!

    katie-thnx, we had a nice time

    cindydiane-I used to take roadies all the time, not so much anymore..I miss them!

    hope-yes ma’am it is

    magz-he is soooo ornery. The prison jumpsuits + thongs would not flatter my fat ass that is for sure.

  16. LOL I often have the same urge.
    The photos turned out great!
    Up here we have bee-hive burners
    that look a wee bit like your silo.

  17. lol that’s how bruce keeps an eye on the kids here. They get into everything

  18. Great photos. Love that silo! And your boy is adorable! I’m sure your husband is to ; )

  19. SailorMoon

    Boy does WeeOne like working with his dad, that’s an understatement. I’d love to explore that silo. It looks it just needs to be done!! Wish my son would make some money!! Well, he did, he babysit while we rocked at Edgefest, we were in the moshpit and all!! He bought an amp for his guitar with his hard earned money!

  20. SailorMoon

    Sorry to double post, but I just read your stewing post. I streamed the MW trial at work the entire time. The way the defense was rude to Matthew’s mom was something else. And the shoe and the wig is what made her walk. All these women calling in about their own abusive relationships. Their abusive husbands/men were on trial, not Mary Winkler. Unbelievable watching. I’m always hooked on crime and mystery, I came across you on my favorite message board, but this took the cake!! Sorry for that o/t – carry on!!

  21. Ugh $55 for a book, yuck.
    Love the pics as always!

  22. Love the pics. Wee One is adorable. I love old silos. Wish I still had one attached to my house (converted barn).

  23. lael-do they burn beehives?

    anne-wee one gets into it all

    robin-hubby isnt so attractive today, grrrrr

    SM-I wondered how you survived the moshpit-yikes! as for MW, karma-shell get her karma one day.

    kelli-Yes $55!! craziness

    callie-your house sounds cool

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